A LETTER FROM JASON APPLEGATE: Candidate for Floyd County Commissioner

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commissioners-meetingSince announcing my candidacy for Floyd County Commissioner, I have attended every County Commissioner’s meeting. I have gone to the County Council meetings (the county’s fiscal branch) and only missed one of those because I had a fundraiser I couldn’t reschedule. I also have attended Planning Commission and Zoning Appeals meetings as well as Storm Water and Solid Waste meetings, in addition to the two Special Session Workshops the commissioners and council jointly held to go over funding details for the jail project.

Last week, after attending the National Day of Prayer in New Albany, I met Sheriff Frank Loop at the jail to go on a tour. Why? Because he offered, and I wanted to know exactly what is proposed, why the renovation project was proposed and what it is all about.

But before any of this, I spent nearly a year researching the role of county commissioner and speaking with people from all over the county: politicians, business owners and residents alike. I asked questions and listened. Sought input and investigated concerns. Then, I declared my candidacy and continued to get to work understanding the role and interacting with the community I wish to serve.

mvi_2145-00_00_25_04-still003I grew up in New Albany the youngest of four boys with parents who valued hard work. We didn’t have much, but we had enough and each other. When we fell in love with golf – our late father’s passion – we worked at the New Albany Country Club so we could play for free. That valuable lesson learned at a young age helped develop my work ethic today. So did the relationships we cultivated at the golf course: No matter what someone’s background is, their financial means or political affiliation, we all want to see our community thrive.

I have a long history in working for and owning businesses in Southern Indiana. Today, my wife and I own Extol Magazine, a business we started after scratching out our plan on a napkin while sitting at Tucker’s in the fall of 2014. We invested everything we had in what we called “a magazine on a mission” with the goal of celebrating the people and places of our burgeoning region. Now, I want to do more and help my fellow Floyd County residents by getting to work and affecting change, which is why I’m running for office.

The county commissioner seat that I seek is one of great responsibility. Smart growth is imperative. So is putting aside politics for the good of the people. I thank you for the support and please remember: Every vote matters.

Jason Applegate



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