Celebrating IN Style at Extol’s Launch Party



We launched our first issue of Extol at The Exchange Pub + Kitchen on March 18 with a red carpet welcome that so many of you rocked. From casual comfort to designer duds and everything in between, these are a few of our favorite looks.

By Miranda McDonald  |  Photographs by Tony Bennett



Jacques Mugnier & Allison Myers >   Style1 Style2


From Dana Siegel’s vintage purse and canary yellow blazer from Express, to the brocade Balenciaga smoking jacket that Jacques Mugner dressed down with a pair of jeans, the partygoers at the Exol magazine launch party proved that a fashion statement can be made with a variety of colors and silhouettes, and at any price point.

Allison Myers mastered the art of high-low dressing by layering her H&M jumpsuit and Just Fab heels with a perfectly tailored blazer from The Limited. The uber fashionable Lauren Becher also mixed pieces from H&M, Macy’s and Kate Spade for a layered look that is simply perfect for spring. And while mixing in pricier pieces with more affordable ones was a total hit when it came to getting dressed for the occasion, so was the idea that vintage can be your best fashion accessory. Nathan Myers topped off his look from Target with a vintage fedora, and Kara Taylor accessorized her outfit with a beautiful vintage necklace from Nitty Gritty.

There were also guests who played with pieces from big name fashion labels. Deena Adams donned an Armani skirt, and Terri Cardwell’s Calvin Klein dress was a total hit on the red carpet as well. Debbie Burdorf also took her look to the next level when she wore a crystal embellished blouse from Ann Taylor. However, it wasn’t the labels or designers that made each looks so fashionable. It was the confidence and personality that each guest accessorized with that truly made the statement.


extollaunchparty-34a                    extollaunchparty-30a

Dana and Chris Seigel.                          Lauren Becher, Morgan Gould and Lindsey Prichard.


extollaunchparty-32aextollaunchparty-37a extollaunchparty-41aextollaunchparty-12a

(Clockwise from top left)

Jon Freels and Kara Taylor.  |  Terri Cadwell and Jason Jennings.   |  Deena Adams, Debbie Burdorf, Donna Wilson and Alexa Wilson.  |

Elizabeth Myers and Nathan Myers.