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5 Items Every Woman Should Have in Their Wardrobe




Pretty Pleats, Please: Yes, my style mavens, pleats are making a comeback. However, think of the high-waisted trousers that Katharine Hepburn made uber chic in the ’30s instead of the unflattering silhouettes often associated with school uniforms. Luckily, pleats are being placed on such a variety of style staples that you can either pay homage to the Hollywood starlet’s enviable style by donning a pair of wide leg trousers with a higher waistline, or you can embrace a more feminine approach by trying out a mid-length dress boasting pleats. Just remember to keep the rest of your look simple so that you aren’t adding unnecessary volume to the rest of your silhouette.

_mg_9101Make It a Mule: If you only invest in one piece of footwear this season, make it a mule. Originating in the 17th century as a slipper and heel hybrid, this versatile shoe is still relevant today. The style can be found on loafers, pumps, sandals and even sneakers. However, it is its ability to effortlessly transition from season to season that has kept it relevant for so many years. Choose a heeled, embellished pair for a night out, or a simple black loafer version for lunch with friends. With the mule, the options are really endless when it comes design and how you wear them.


The Constant Companion: If there is one accessory that repeatedly makes its way back into our fashion repertoire, it’s the silk scarf. It is a truly versatile accessory that keeps us style mavens coming back for more. Right now, it is all about printed confections. I suggest investing in a piece that boasts a classic floral print in a mostly neutral color palette so that it will transition effortlessly from season to season. Neutral florals also pair nicely with other prints, such as the classic stripe, and even mix well with other florals. Still not sure how to style it? Tie the scarf into your ponytail for an instantly chic look or use it as a headband for something more playful. You can also add some serious panache to a simple top and jeans by donning it around your neck. Fashion should not only be about self-expression, but also about having fun. The silk scarf is a piece that reminds us of that.

_mg_8965A Not So New Neckline: There are few fashion trends from the nineties that truly have a timeless sense of style appeal. The mock neck – a design that resides somewhere between a turtleneck and the crew style – is a collar that was popularized during the era and has been revisited time and time again. For some, this crossbred neckline seems quite confusing, but I believe it is this middle ground that makes the mock neck such a transitional piece. How so? You don’t have to commit to the full turtleneck in the fall and have an extra inch or two of warmth on those cooler days in the spring. Did I also mention that you can easily layer a mock neck for colder weather and still look oh-so-chic? Sounds like a win-win to me.

All Tied Up

Story and Photos by Miranda McDonald

Starting and maintaining a small business is always a challenge. However, what if you needed to factor in homework, extracurricular activities and the usual social angst that comes along with being a teenager? Meet Ethan Thomas: a 15-year-old entrepreneur who recently launched his first company, All Tied Up, and is proving that success doesn’t have to come after a certain age.

tie3Even as a young child, Ethan had a deep appreciation for fashion. His eye for mixing fabrics and knack for building interesting outfits is something the young business owner has always prided himself on.

Wanting to add some panache to his wardrobe, Ethan bought his first pre-tied bowtie and instantly fell in love with the accessory. “I got to a point where I wore a different bow tie to school every day for a full year,” he explained.

However, as a young fashion enthusiast with limited income, his affection for the accessory became costly. So out of necessity, he decided to start making his own. “Eventually, people started telling me how much they really loved my bow ties and that I should sell them,” said Ethan. That is when he decided to setup his first booth at a local craft show last year. “I did a lot better than I was expecting, so things just kind of evolved into something much bigger from there.”

Now, Ethan regularly sets up booths at craft fairs and art-related shows – like the Flea Off Market – and fields orders for custom creations from those who hear about his company through social media or by word of mouth. This year, he is even expanding his line of products to include skinny ties, pocket squares and cufflinks that will all be made by hand.

However, even with this expansion of products, Ethan is still determined to stay tie2true to his mission of creating accessories that are handcrafted from interesting materials. Many of his fabrics are sourced from local shops, but some are so unique that they date back as far as 70 years in age. He attributes the acquisition of these one-of-a-kind fabrics to a family friend named Mary Norris.

Ethan met Norris when his first sewing machine broke down. Her husband, Bill Norris, not only gifted Ethan with a high quality sewing machine from the1940s, but he also became a mentor to the young business owner. Because of this relationship, Ethan regularly pulls from Mary’s carefully-curated collection of fabrics. He was even able to acquire a fabric which features a colorful Van Gogh print he used to construct his favorite bow tie.

Choosing the right fabric is just a first step in the process of making a bow tie though. “After I choose the fabric, I cut out the pattern. Then I sew it, flip it and iron it out,” explained Thomas.

However, the process doesn’t stop there either. Thomas also handles the marketing of each of his custom pieces. His passion for selling at such an early age is extremely rare, but it is what has allowed Thomas to successfully grow his business in such a short amount of time. His motto? Everyone should “give a bow tie a try once.”

All Tied Up by Ethan Thomas

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/ATUbowties

Instagram: @alltiedup_bowties

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alltiedupbowties


*Please message Ethan Thomas directly for orders and details.

Quills Coffee

Creative fuel for the distinguished taste 

Story and Photos by Grant Vance

Writers and creatives are oft stereotyped for their studio away from home studio – the atmospheric and expresso-equipped shelter best known as the coffee shop. Quills Coffee fully embraces its place as the creative’s shelter, aptly naming the shop to embrace the writer’s antiquated tool. Certainly rolls off the tongue better than Keyboards.

quills2Quills of Downtown New Albany, located on Market right across the street from The Grand, is a welcome treat to Southern Indiana, offering uniquely crafted brews every day of the week, even the well-known barren business day, Monday. Their other locations are located on Bardstown Road, downtown Louisville and Indianapolis.

Originally started in 2007, Quills branched from Germantown into the Highlands, eventually making way to New Albany. Although the name appropriately fits as an allusion to writing, it also derives from founder Nathan Quillo’s last name.

As far as options go, Quills offers just about everything you’d expect from your average, run-of-the-bean coffee shop: in-house coffee, espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, cortado —and then some. If you plan on staying awhile, you can even order a bottomless option for just a dollar more than a cup of the in-house brew.

The manual brew option, described as a “fuller, more precise expression of flavors,” quills3offers seasonal brews of all different varieties to choose from. The back of the menu lists each, as well as the prominent tastes, including the farm and region the bean was grown, its process (washed, natural, etc.) and when it was harvested.

The manual brew is a fancy edition to the menu, but the fancy doesn’t end here. Like any well-accomplished coffee joint, Quills offer their very own signature drinks, including the Bourbon Latte, The Alchemist and Café Miele.

Quills’ predominantly wooden interior is as relaxing as it is aesthetically pleasing, decorated with old typewriters and an alternating wall displaying art for sale from local artists found adjacent to the barista’s headquarters behind the counter.

quills4Opposite the wall on the other side of the counter is a shelf full of Quills’ merch, including hats, shirts and mugs, as well as bags of coffee for the home brewers out there. Also offered are delicious pastries, including but not limited to toaster tarts, muffins, donuts and bagels.

An additional feature that sets Quills in Downtown New Albany apart is the style of music. Baristas alternate vinyl records, adding to the vintage, analog feel of the shop. All thee who dig an album from start to finish, rather than the typical shuffled variety approach taken by most other shops, enter here.quills5

The combination of unique atmosphere and great, distinctly cared for coffee sets Quills apart as a coffee shop going above and beyond the standard. Though it caters to the creatives in us all, you need not require the creative bug to enjoy all Quills has to offer.

But, after your second or third cup of bottomless coffee, who knows what can happen.


137 E. Market St.

New Albany