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Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy and Laurie | Episode 3: Archways and Covered Bridges

Extol Magazine
Extol Magazine
Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy and Laurie | Episode 3: Archways and Covered Bridges

Kristy and Laurie host their podcast at the beautiful Covered Bridge Golf Club and they dish about a trend becoming the new norm.  The backdrop is set and now all was needed is the archway, which Tara Dye from Occasions Splendid Event Rentals was happy to bring.

Kristy, the socialite. Laurie, the expert. Together, we dish about all things event-related…. From the current trends to the when, where and how to have it — Along with who to use!

Eventfully Yours with Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag is brought to you by Eventful 203 and presented by Extol Podcasting.

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eventful203LOGO (3) webLocated in beautiful, historic New Albany, Indiana, Eventful 203 is a truly unique Meeting and Wedding Planning Resource Center focused on creating a relaxed and inspired way of planning your events.

Laurie Hagglaurie@eventful203.com | 502.905.3054 | www.eventful203.com

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Occasions Kentuckiana
Contact: Tara Dye | 217.318.9992 | www.occasionskentuckiana.com
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Fuzzy Golf Weddings Webpage

Contact Erin Whooley | Food & Beverage Director | 812.246.8880 ext. 25 | events@coveredbridge.com

For Covered Bridge Golf Coure’s wedding brochure, please click here.

Podcast Photos:

Photos by Brook Hollis Photography

Barn Wood Archway Cynthia Archway

Julianna Doors Rustic Archway and Barn Gates Scottland Mantle

Photos below taken during podcast:

WP_20160525_17_39_47_Rich WP_20160525_17_40_13_Rich

WP_20160525_17_40_29_Rich WP_20160525_17_40_38_Rich WP_20160525_17_41_04_Rich

WP_20160525_17_41_38_Rich WP_20160525_17_41_42_Rich WP_20160525_17_44_11_Rich

WP_20160525_17_44_28_Rich WP_20160525_17_44_35_Rich WP_20160525_17_51_52_Rich

WP_20160525_17_52_00_Rich WP_20160525_17_52_18_Rich WP_20160525_17_52_42_Rich

WP_20160525_17_52_59_Rich WP_20160525_17_53_23_Rich WP_20160525_17_53_39_Rich

WP_20160525_17_53_56_Rich WP_20160525_18_08_05_Rich WP_20160525_18_08_11_Rich

WP_20160525_18_40_42_Rich WP_20160525_18_08_23_Rich WP_20160525_18_08_32_Rich