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Love Bling? We Do.

Pick your pleasure at our favorite jewelry shop, the family-owned Koerber’s that has been a part of our community for more than three decades

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us it’s hold tightly to those you love. Speaking of which, we’re in love with these beautiful baubles, which are merely a glimpse of what Koerber’s Fine Jewelry has to offer. Even though nuptial planning may look a tad different right now, choosing a unique symbol of a new union remains a constant. Stay tuned for our annual Extol Weddings issue, out in August, but in the meantime, enjoy these gems from Koerber’s.


3095 Blackiston Mill Road New Albany

(812) 945-5959



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Picture Perfect

ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_24_Image_0001By Laura Ross

Photos by Christian Watson

When tinkering turns terrific, magic happens – and a business is born.

That’s the lesson Lori Unruh discovered when she took her hobby and turned it into Cadella’s, a thriving jewelry design business.

“I started tinkering around making handmade jewelry gifts for friends and family, and once I saw the joy the jewelry brought them, I realized I needed to take this hobby to a larger scale,” said Unruh, a Southern Indiana native and mom of two wildly talented kids – Ella, 15, and Cade, 14 – who lives in Floyds Knobs with her husband, Chad, CEO of MAC Construction.

Cadella’s, which is a compilation of the names of Unruh’s teens, offers handcrafted jewelry, including bangles, cuffs and necklaces, with interchangeable photo tiles chosen by customers that often feature families, friends, and furry loved ones. It’s a unique design that Unruh created and, recently, patented, too.

A successful hairdresser for 18 years, Unruh decided to take time off about five years ago and focus solely on raising her children. To keep her creative juices flowing, the avid photographer designed bangle bracelets for fun, using photos of her children and friends placed in tiny frames. She later developed the concept of the interchangeable photo tiles and tried out the designs on her friends and family.

“I would host parties at first where friends would customize their bracelets,” she explained. “As the jewelry got out there, boutiques reached out, but there was just no way to customize the bangles without coming up with a design to make interchangeable photos. I worked for a year on the design with some amazing people, trying out molds until we found the design, which allows people to interchange their blessings and memories into different pieces of jewelry.”


Unruh started with bangles and then added leather and fur cuffs, necklaces and even cuff bands that fit the Apple Watch. The photo tiles, which are designed and personalized online, fit into tiny picture frames crafted onto the jewelry. Once created, boutiques lined up with more than 40 shops in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan selling the Cadella’s line. Unruh and her team also designed an online shop (www. cadellas.com) and sales skyrocketed.

“It makes for such a unique piece of jewelry ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_23_Image_0004because you can constantly change the photos to fit your memories,” said Unruh. “If you have a child in sports, you can wear a sports photo. If you’re a grandparent, you can change out different grandchildren, or if you are going out with your girlfriends, you can wear pictures reflecting your friendship.”

Customers select their jewelry, either in boutiques or online, then edit and upload their photos to Cadella’s website. Unruh’s team creates the photo tiles in-house and ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_25_Image_0002ships them to customers within three to five business days. “That’s the beauty of this,” she said, “If you have a special event coming up, you can always add new uploaded photos, and we’ll send them to you quickly.”

An entrepreneur at heart, Unruh has shared Cadella’s success with the Southern Indiana community. She launched the Cadella’s Favorite Things fundraiser in November, where she partnered with several local businesses to give away 100 items per business to 100 guests who paid $100 each to attend the fundraiser held at Joe Huber’s Family Farm. “It’s a spin on Oprah’s Favorite Things, where guests take home unique gifts,” said Unruh. “All proceeds went toward Miles for Merry Miracles in support of the Southern Indiana Angel Tree program.”

ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_26_Image_0002As 2020 dawns, Unruh is looking forward to a busy year with her jewelry, which she calls “inside-out love lockets.”


“Your blessings are on the outside for all to see,” she said. “Photo albums get stored away, but with Cadella’s, you have a fashionable way to wear the memories. You can take photo memories that otherwise might fade away, wear them as jewelry and be reminded of the blessings every day.”


It’s not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but Lori Unruh has much to be thankful for this year. She leapt at the chance to share some of her favorite things.

My absolute favorite thing of all: Being a mom and wife, and snuggling with my children, Cade and Ella.

My favorite guilty pleasure: A cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer and a peanut butter bagel dipped in Nutella each morning.

My favorite way to find quiet time: A daily dose of hot yoga.

My favorite reason for laughing: Listening to my two witty teenagers figure out life challenges (I learn from them daily).

My favorite kind of evening: I adore my girlfriends and cherish laughing over dinner with them.

My favorite charitable cause: Of course, it’s my Cadella’s Favorite Things event! It’s an amazing event that spoils everyone who attends with gifts donated by some of the most generous professional and business owners in our community. Most importantly, 100% of the ticket sales go to a chosen charity in our community.

My favorite poem:

Time Tested Beauty Tips

By Sam Levenson

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.


@cadellasjewelry on Instagram

@cadellas on Facebook


A Beautiful Adventure

Koerber’s baubles make every
life event a keepsake

Photos by Danny Alexander
Model: Jacquelyn Koerber
All jewelry available at Koerber’s Fine Jewelry


Koerber’s Fine Jewelry
3095 Blackiston Mill Road
New Albany





By Mariah Kline
Photos by Christian Watson

Adam Kleinert has no idea what to expect.

The talented artist, who has made a name for himself as a sought-after graphic designer whose clients include both local and national companies, recently began a foray into jewelry making.

“The nature of the beast is learning to find the beauty in the mistakes,” he said quietly, a smile behind his words. “It’s about embracing imperfection, but you should talk to my wife about that.”

Kleinert laughed at the double entendre but turned the focus to wabi-sabi – a Japanese ideal that has been Westernized to essentially embody the concept that nothing is perfect and there is beauty in that – which is something he has embraced personally, professionally and artistically.

Born into a creative family, Kleinert began drawing at a young age and says his parents consistently encouraged him to pursue his passion. He majored in fine art and graphic design at
Ball State University, where he studied painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture after first attending Hanover College where he played baseball, though his heart was always in aesthetics.

a0“We couldn’t use the computer for graphic design until our junior year,” recalled Kleinert,
whose work was quickly noticed and admired by his professors and peers.

“Everything had to be hands on. We were using computers, but they still wanted our work to have a fine art feel to it and think with our minds instead of thinking with a computer. Even after we could start using computers, I did quite a few projects all by hand because I enjoyed it.”

Years later, Kleinert – who co-writes Extol Magazine’s FamFitter column with his wife,
Kristin, and also serves as the publication’s creative director – enjoys expressing his artistic talents in various mediums.

“It’s always whatever hits me or inspires me,” Kleinert said. “Sometimes, I’ll paint, sometimes I’ll draw. I’ll do live drawings on Facebook, and I do a comic (sometimes live on Facebook) every
week. I just do whatever I can to release all of my creative juices.”

On his Facebook page – Adam Kleinert Workroom – followers can find the adorable and hilarious comic “Poco & Mo,” which was inspired by one of his daughters and her pet goat,
as well as several of his other projects. The latest undertaking he’s shared is handmade jewelry
crafted with resin and barn wood.

“The wood I’m working with now came out of a barn in Charlestown,” he said. “The beams are probably 150 years old or more, and the barn has been torn down since. (The jewelry) has a true Southern Indiana history to it, and it’s almost like a little piece of history you’re wearing.”

Kleinert said he devised the method for making the pieces by accident.

“I started playing with (the wood) for another project, but as I cut into it, I found all these holes.
Mother nature and time had just destroyed this wood but in a beautiful way to where there are
holes and gaps,” he said. “It’s just been eaten at and deteriorated by pests and bugs and everything through the years. Then, I started thinking about this resin and playing around with it, so it just kind of came naturally after that, and I turned it into pendants and earrings.”

Kleinert has since perfected the process, which requires a great deal of patience. While it is admittedly painstaking, he appreciates the experience.

“With this jewelry, the resin and the wood, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I pour
it because I can’t see inside the wood until I cut into it and get to see these beautiful colors and
shapes. So, I don’t even know how much I’m actually doing there. It’s more that mother nature
did all the hard work,” Kleinert said.


–Artist Adam Kleinert

As sole owner of Hatch Design Co., a graphic design company, Kleinert said, “I have my design work where I plan and collaborate with clients, which I thrive on, and I appreciate those partnerships and structure.”

The artist lives in Henryville with his wife, four children and several furry family members in a rural setting, all of which feeds into his creative and energetic spirit on every level.

“I have a lot of family around and it’s always a blessing to have that. And I like being out in the
country,” he said. “I think I draw a lot of inspiration from that as well. I’ve never really thought about it before now, but I think the small community and kind of being out in the open inspires me.”

And, with his new foray into jewelry making, he has experienced a newness he didn’t expect.
“It can be more free-flowing,” said Kleinert. “You can mess it up and it still turns out in a beautiful way. That’s what I like about it: being creative and letting whatever comes out, come out.”

Adam Kleinert’s jewelry is available at
Regalo, 562 S. Fourth St. in Louisville or via @
AdamKleinertWorkroom on Facebook



All That Sparkles

screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-3-52-15-pmSTORY & PHOTOS BY MIRANDA MCDONALD

(Including Parenthood)

Jacqueline Koerber knows a lot about jewelry. Her family has been in the business for over 30 years. However, the jewelry expert is also learning a little bit about motherhood as well after giving birth to her son.

The new mama recently sat down with us to talk about current jewelry trends, her new role as a parent and finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

How has motherhood been treating you?

Having my son is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Most days it is a balancing act of being a mom and business woman, but I always find a way to make it work.

Are there any pieces of jewelry you have purchased or been given since becoming a mom?

I like layering necklaces. Recently, I started wearing a choker with my son’s initial on it. When you are a mom, you are just so proud of your children, so you find yourself wearing pieces that commemorate them in some way. Besides my stack of rings, I wear this piece almost every day.

After celebrating your first Mother’s Day at the store, have you noticed any jewelry trends that are popular with moms?

Stud, diamond earrings are such a good piece for new moms. Not only are they practical because babies can’t grab them, but they start as low as $199, so they are also affordable. Stackable rings are also trending because they can add some flair to any look. When I was on maternity leave, I wasn’t dressing up and coming to work, so stacking on rings was a simple way to still dress up a look that was as casual as jeans and a tee. We have also seen that birthstone jewelry is popular. Cordova makes a beautiful birthstone necklace that you can stack different stones on for each child. It is simple, yet still classic and elegant.

We don’t want to leave out the dads. What are some gift ideas for Father’s Day?

Watches are always popular and practical. I really love our Shinola brand, because they have leather straps that make them versatile. They can be dressed up or down, and we have matching wallets as well. Also, we have cuff links from Tacori’s Retro Classic collection. The stones are unique, and there is so much detail on the silver. They really are perfect for a father that wants to make a bold fashion statement.


3095 Blackiston Mill Road

New Albany



Express | ‘Tis the Season

Let Koerber’s Fine Jewelry help you give the gift of glam these holidays

A gift of fine jewelry can last a lifetime – and longer. Pick the perfect present at Koerber’s Fine Jewelry this holiday season and bedeck your beloved with baubles she – or he – will love for decades to come.

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-13-pmHEARTS ON FIRE 18K WHITE GOLD FIVE STONE DIAMOND HALO RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-30-pm14K WHITE GOLD CONTEMPORARY

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-38-pmHEART’S ON FIRE 18K DIAMOND BEZEL RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-46-pm14K PINK GOLD DIAMOND AND PEARL RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-54-pmTACORI 18K YELLOW GOLD SIMPLY TACORI ENGAGEMENT RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-01-pmTACORI 18K PINK GOLD DANTELA ENGAGEMENT RING







screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-39-pm14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND FASHION STUD EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-49-pm14K WHITE GOLD KASLIQUE STUD DIAMOND EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-08-pm14K WHITE GOLD INTRICATE DIAMOND TWIST EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-15-pm14K YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND BEZEL NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-23-pm14K PINK GOLD MABE PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-31-pm14K WHITE GOLD FASHION DIAMOND BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-39-pm14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STACKED BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-45-pm14K WHITE GOLD KASLIQUE DIAMOND LONG BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-46-36-pm3095 Blackiston Mill Road

New Albany



Express | Smith Broady Team Offers Service with a Smile (and Style, too)

acr47272001989632-2437943Smith Broady & Associates

1114 E. Tenth St. | Jeffersonville  | 912.941.0926 | smithbroady.com

Close-knit mortgage company relocates to Jeffersonville 

Sonya Broady vividly remembers when she and Leslie Smith decided to start up Smith Broady & Associates, a mortgage company located in Southern Indiana. “We opened in June 2008 in the middle of the real estate downfall,” Sonya said. “Everyone thought we were crazy.”

Now, more than nine years later, there are five members of the Smith Broady team, and they recently relocated from their Blackiston Mill Road location in New Albany to a beautifully remodeled, homey office at 1114 E. Tenth St. in Jeffersonville.

“It’s been almost a three-year process to look for something and find a right price and location,” said Leslie, who shares the principal manager/co-owner title with Sonya. “We have succeeded because of our team. We are family. Now that we’re in our new spot, we’re hoping to grow even more.

Smith Broady & Associates

At Smith Broady & Associates, we keep the mortgage process Simple so you can focus on more important issues in your life. Our experienced loan officers will personally guide you through our five-step process:

STEP 1: Loan prequalification

STEP 2: Mortgage loan application

STEP 3: Mortgage underwriting

STEP 4: Final conditions

STEP 5: Closing

Every step of the way, your Smith Broady & Associates loan officer will keep you informed of their progress toward the closing date. With the large inventory of affordable homes on the market, this is a wonderful time for first-time homebuyers to purchase a home.

At Smith Broady & Associates, we look forward to earning your business and becoming your preferred mortgage company for all your home purchases. From starter homes to dream homes, we’re there for you.

“At Smith Broady & Associates, we’re all very passionate about what we do. We have a lot of compassion for those who thought they would never even own a home. … We do a lot of hand-holding with clients on getting their financing. And we just love what we do.”

Leslie Smith 

Principal Manager/Co-owner


“We are family first (at Smith Broady), work second. We want our customers to be happy, and we go to great lengths to make sure we take care of our customers and each other.”

Angela Ross 

Senior Loan Officer


screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-07-07-pm“I bought my first house at 19 and (obtained a mortgage through Smith Broady & Associates). It was like a roller coaster. It makes you grow up fast, but I’m really happy I did it. … Now I’m blessed to work here. And it’s so nice to have this new office.

Lacey Kimberlin 

Processor & Loan Officer Trainee


“What sets us apart? It’s our personal touch, feel, the way we hand-hold, and we don’t turn anyone away. We will give you a plan of action. We will tell if your credit isn’t ready right now, we will tell you what to do. … I had one young woman whose dad brought her to me. I told her if she paid a certain credit card down I could close her in 30 to 60 days. She said, “I already paid it down,” and cried and cried. It can be pretty emotional and rewarding.”

Sonya Broady 

Principal Manager/Co-owner

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-07-21-pm“I joined Smith Broady & Associates in February. They’re an awesome group to work for and work with. We’re like a big family. My mother-in-law passed away in April, and the love and support they extended was beyond anything I’ve seen. The way they just go over and above for the clients – I tell everyone about that. The care that they give their clients, each individual is an individual.”

Rhonda Collins 

Assistant Loan Processor/Office Manager

Holiday Greetings from Koerber’s | Extol TV

Koerber’s Fine Jewelry celebrates the holidays by inviting the local community to their annual event. Here’s an inside look at, covered by Extol TV.



3095 Blackiston Mill Road
New Albany

Reel Biz | Sapphire on Spring Boutique

Sapphire on Spring Boutique is a trendy, unique spot to shop for all the latest fashion in downtown Jeffersonville. Their goal is not only to provide a source for top of the line fashion, but also to incorporate the community by providing an outlet for artists and other businesses in the area.

They’re located on 326 Spring St. in Jeffersonville and can be reached at 812.920.0017

Check out Extol TV’s Reel Biz coverage below.