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The Legend of the Laurel Wreath!

OK, so we are being a bit dramatic. There is not really a huge “legend” behind our Laurel Wreath branding — but there is a story to it. 

A laurel wreath is simply a round wreath made of connected leaves and branches of the bay laurel plant. It’s a symbol of triumph or victory that dates to Greek Mythology. In ancient times, wreaths were awarded to victors in athletic competitions. They were also a symbol of martial victory in Rome and were used to crown a successful commander during his triumph. In modern idiomatic usage, it refers to a victory. extolmag_28_ad_final_page_025_image_0002

So, why in the world did we name our bridal boutique Laurel Wreath Bridal? For owner Laurie Haag, it came about quickly after exhausting all the cliche “bridally” sounding names. After careful consideration, she thought, “What is more personal that says something about me?” Well, her name is Laurie. She has four daughters. At least with two of those daughters she considered the name Laurel. But she always ended up steering away from it because for one, Laurel was a pretty unique name back in the late 80s and 90s, and this was back before unusual names were really all the rage. Plus, she thought, Laurie and Laurel — and their grandpa’s name being Larry — maybe was a little too much. Larry, Laurie, Laurel sounded like a recipe for disaster when it came to family functions or in the public when people would get all that confused. So, she always ended up changing her mind. extolmag_28_ad_final_page_025_image_0001

But, when she had the opportunity to revisit the name for her business, she seized it. She thought it was an excellent way to give a nod to the fact that her bridal shop was her new “baby” that would need lots of nurturing and love along the way. The connotation of a laurel wreath just sounded pretty. Plus, Laurie really loved the idea of it signifying victory! So, for us, Laurel Wreath is a way of celebrating the victory in the dress search. We love to help brides find the perfect gown for their day. Each bride receives an special wreath of her own at their dress pick up. It’s just a small touch, that for us is a way of personalizing your dress victory and welcoming you into the Laurel Family! 



Wedding Watch

Now that you’ve said, “I do,” why not share your special day with Extol readers? We’re seeking brides and grooms who want to give a glimpse of their big day in the pages of our magazine. There is no cost for this multi-page feature, but there must be a Southern Indiana angle.
We love sharing photos from the nuptials and receptions and encourage participants to name the vendors used.
If you are interested in seeing a wedding beautifully highlighted in Extol, send an email to extol@extolmag.com and include “Wedding Watch” in the subject line.


EXIT | December/January 2019

Photo taken at En-Joy The Venue at Flat Rock Estates in Henryville.

By Tracy Reardon


En-Joy The Venue, located at 13967 E. Flat Rock Trail in Henryville, is an upscale, outdoor venue with hardscaped, tiered seating featuring a breathtaking view of Sydney Lake. The venue features trails, lakes, shuttle service and an on-staff event and wedding planner. The property also is home to En-joy the Pavilion, an Amish built reception area with 360 degree unobstructed views of nature. It’s the perfect venue for weddings, company picnics,  class reunions, retreats, graduation celebrations, one-of-a-kind galas and more. Book now by calling 812.727.5545 or visit enjoythevenue.com for more information.


Engagement Announcement | Ross Wallace & Diana Hylton

Ross Wallace & Diana Hylton


How did you meet?

We met over five years ago through mutual friends. We have a friend who plays music around town, and we would see each other when we’d be out at his shows. We connected, and quickly became inseparable.


What’s your engagement story?

The day we got engaged, Ross knew that he was going to hit a milestone for (his business) Him Gentleman’s Boutique that he’s been striving for. He knew it was the perfect cover to plan a beautiful evening at Jeff Ruby’s without giving away that he would be popping the question. After an incredible dinner with no cell phones and no distractions and the best conversation, he  got down on one knee and proposed. The night was absolutely perfect. We decided to keep the moment to ourselves and not share until the following evening so the night was just for us.


Any wedding plans you can share?

As of right now, we are leaning towards a destination ceremony with immediate family and then coming back thome to host a big party to celebrate with all the incredible people in our lives.


Can you explain the unique professional relationship you have with one another?


We are so intertwined in each other lives and work. Ross is my number one fan and I am his. We both were each other’s push to take the risk and open our own businesses. Him Gentleman’s Boutique and Mane Alley Color & Extension Bar, my Salon, are attached in the same location in New Albany. Ross allowed me to take over the back 500 square feet of the store to open my dream salon with an entrance from the alley. Our conversations are so much about the futures and goals of where we see ourselves and and our businesses that it keeps us motivated and constantly striving for the impossible dream.


An Experience To Last A Lifetime

acr5516202132275229723156Welcome to En-joy The Venue at Flat Rock Estates. We are a new upscale outdoor wedding and event venue in southern Indiana. The ceremony space at En-joy is one of a kind with breathtaking views of Sydney lake and stadium style seating so every view is unobstructed. En-joy The Pavilion is an outdoor Amish built reception space where your guests will be in awe surrounded by nature as they celebrate weddings, company outings, class reunions, graduations or family gatherings. At En-joy The Venue we don’t just hold events we help create memories that last a lifetime. Welcome to the place that will set the mood for your event long before it ever begins. Welcome to En-joy.screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-11-34-08-am screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-11-34-15-am screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-11-34-21-am

For Tours Email Sydney@enjoythevenue.com

13967 E Flatrock Trail Henryville IN 47126

www.enjoythevenue.com | 812.727.5545



Photos and Q&A by Jennifer McNelly

Attending a wedding minus a plus 1 can be daunting. Then again, it can also be an enjoyable evening. We asked a few single Southern Indiana residents to share their thoughts.


“When you go by yourself to a wedding, or even with a group of friends as a single, it’s always so awkward when you don’t know anyone else. You might go sit down with your friends at a table, and that’s it. You don’t talk to anyone else or really mingle. You talk to who you know and then you go home. I just don’t enjoy weddings where I don’t know anyone else.”

Luis Bisoso



“For me, the wedding reception is the most fun part. It’s all about the type of music they play. As a single, it’s a party – that’s all you think about! You go for the party, it’s all about the music.”

Amy Bisoso


screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-11-15-09-amWHAT MAKES A WEDDING MOST FUN WHEN ATTENDING AS A SINGLE?

“I went to a wedding where they did a photo booth and I absolutely loved it! It was interactive, fun and I was able to do it together with my family.”

Alice Bymaster


screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-11-15-16-amWHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST WEDDING PET PEEVE?

“My biggest pet peeves with weddings is when the bride and/or groom try to set you up with someone else before the wedding. Because then it turns into a blind date and a wedding at the same time, and it’s awkward because you feel like you have to talk to that person the whole time. You just can’t really enjoy yourself. That’s easily my biggest wedding pet peeve. But overall, it’s really fun to be single at a wedding.”

Josh Staten

New Albany




Consider a travel agency

“Our services don’t cost anything,” says Mark Bliss of Bliss Travel. “There’s no added cost. You can get the same price by calling yourself.”

BUT – what you do get when booking through a qualified agency is peace of mind, inside tips and advice you never knew you needed. Travel agents have access to information you don’t and won’t find on the internet. “We’re with you the whole way,” said Bliss, who also manages the Calumet Club in New Albany, a popular spot for weddings and events.

And if something goes wrong, “We’re only a phone call away,” he added.

Set a budget

Weddings can be expensive and honeymoons are often overlooked. But consider this: a wedding only lasts hours while a honeymoon lasts days. Consider them both before you plan your nuptials.

Hold off on the honeymoon

No one ever said you had to leave your wedding reception and head straight for the airport. Take your time and don’t feel pressured. But do take the time to go somewhere with your new spouse. You’ll reap the benefits for years to come.



Bliss Travel

1614 E. Spring St.

New Albany



Expedia CruiseShipCenters, New Albany

4324 Charlestown Road

New Albany




Heather Asari Watson & Rodney Alen Haynes


Photography by Meredith Morrison of Meredith Morrison Photography

screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-10-42-49-amOUR STORY

How we met.

We met at a church where Rodney was a deacon serving communion. I asked him for two servings of wine/grape juice because I had, had a really bad week. He said, “Take what you need sister.”

Our first date.

It was very nervous and awkward. We went to Sake Blue. My car was at the mechanic, and I was communicating with the mechanic by text. So, he thought I was on the phone too much. We hugged at the end of the date and it started to snow.

Our engagement story.

I had to have my car towed to the mechanic, so I was angry. I was also tired. I laid down on the bed and was about to go to sleep when he said we had to go to dinner since it was our fourth anniversary since we’d started dating. So, I got up and went, even though I was sleepy and moody. We were talking about our relationship at dinner. He asked, “Did you think we would be together this long?” I said no. Then, he got down on one knee and started to yell his proposal across the restaurant. I did not understand what was going on until he opened the box and the rest of the restaurant patrons started cheering. I started crying and put on the ring.

Our wedding day memories.

I was worried about the wedding day because we had bad snow the night before. We couldn’t rehearse because of snow and ice. The Second Street Bridge was closed. My hairdresser was not able to do my hair, so I had an appointment with a stranger. I loved getting dressed with my bridesmaids and makeup artist, who had me laughing the entire time. I loved walking down the aisle with my father who was a few weeks out of recovering from major surgery. I loved that my mother was able to attend (and look good), since she has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. I loved our first dance. I loved our photographer and videographer. I loved our caterer and baker. But the thing I love most about our wedding day was walking down the aisle to my husband and saying our vows, and having our pastor pray over us.screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-10-45-33-am


Wedding and Reception Venue: Kye’s

Officiant: Pastor Corrie Daniel Shull of Burnett Avenue Baptist Church

Photography: Meredith Morrison of Meredith Morrison Photography

Wedding Planner: Toinette LeMaster of Memorable Moments LLC

Wedding Dress: USA Bridal on Hurstbourne

Accessories: Laurel Wreath Bridal at Eventful 203*

Make Up: Tressa Crayton of WhoDoesYourMakeup?

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Rings: Genesis Diamonds

Décor: The bride, Heather Watson

Flowers: Wildflowers

Invitations: David’s Bridal

Catering: Stumler’s Catering

Cake: Kristin Harris of Lavish Cakes

Sound/Music: Kye’s

Videographer: James Jamison of Reel Time Jay

*Heather Watson won a wedding dress courtesy of Laurel Wreath Bridal at Eventful 203 after being drawn the grand prize winner at our 2017 Wedding Issue Launch Party at the Calumet Club. Because Heather had already purchased a dress, Laurel Wreath Bridal owner Laurie Haag instead supplied Heather’s beautiful wedding accessories.


John & Emily Goldman


Photography by Tony and Mandy Bennett of Tony Bennett Photography


How we met.

We met through mutual friends, Bobby and Sara Hughes.

Our first date.

John took me to Jeff Ruby’s.

Our engagement story.

It was the Sunday before my birthday and we went to brunch at Rivue. John wasn’t eating much, and I was eating everything. Then, he said we should get a picture, and we asked our waitress to take our picture up in a private room at the restaurant. After she took a few pictures, he said, “Wait, I want you to take one more,” and that’s when he got down on one knee.

Our wedding day memories.

Having all of the people we love in one room to celebrate us was pretty awesome. We both were calmer throughout the day than we ever expected to be. For Emily, the best memories from that day include getting ready at the Bridal Lounge at Eventful 203 with everyone, my bridesmaids reaction when they saw me in my dress for the first time, Johnny’s smile when he saw me walk down the aisle, my niece owning the dance floor all night long, the father-daughter dance, dancing with friends and family all night, and having family and friends in from out of town meant a lot. For John, the best memories from that day include having breakfast at A Nice Restaurant to start off the day, seeing all of the nephews wearing Indiana University gear, seeing his bride walk down the aisle, dancing with his mom to Eric Church and seeing the limo bus pull up outside of church during the ceremony.


Phil & Allie MacDonald


Photography by Lauren Morris of Photography & Design by Lauren


How we met.

We met at a bar called Uptown Larry’s in Fort Myers, Florida. Phil was born and raised in Fort Myers, and I lived there while attending Florida Gulf Coast University and for a few years afterward. We were each “wingmen” to our friends who were meeting up that night at Larry’s, and we hit it off so well that we stayed in touch and hung out every now and then, but our job and school schedules were completely opposite of each other. I worked at a Hyatt at the time as the evening shift lead and full time at FGCU, and Phil worked at FedEx and UPS starting at 4 a.m., so there were not a lot of chances for us to spend time together. Fast forward to after graduation and I had a lot more free time, and Phil got a new job at 84 Lumber, so we started to see more and more of each other to really start dating officially.

Our first date.

We went to the Naples Zoo. I had a rare afternoon off on a Sunday, and we had so much fun. We fed the giraffes and rode the boat for the tour of the monkey islands and had a blast all day. We still love going to zoos together and do our best to visit the zoo in any city that we visit on vacation (the few and far between times that I’m able to have time off to travel!). Phil says he “remembers going to the zoo one afternoon and that I had so much fun and we went to dinner – or maybe you cooked for me?”

Our engagement story.

It was a few days after Christmas, and I was working in the morning at Huber’s Plantation Hall (at Huber’s Orchard, Winery & Vineyards, which Allie’s family owns). I took the afternoon off. It was a really nice day for late December. Lots of sunshine. So, I came home and Phil was all antsy and in a jittery mood, saying he wanted to go back out to the farm to get a picture in the vineyards for his mom. I was a little skeptical because who wants to take a picture in some dead vines for their mom? And he was acting all weird, so I kind of got a hint of what he was up to and took my time getting ready, curling my hair, doing my makeup and picking out a cute outfit – just in case! It turns out I was right. Phil remembers being very nervous and sweating a lot for it being December. He chose the location because he thought it was very romantic and it would be a place that we could always revisit. It was the blackberry patch where the wooden post walkways between the rows are, which is where I have always wanted to have professional photography pictures taken. But we didn’t do an engagement photo session, so we’ll save it for another life achievement.

Our wedding day memories.

For Phil, the best memory from our wedding day was having all of his friends and family come to Southern Indiana for the first time to visit and see our new life up here, and it was very important for me to have them all here as well. It’s so hard to explain Huber’s Orchard, Winery & Vineyards to people who have never been here, and they were all very much impressed. We had everyone visiting from Florida out for a wine tasting and tour of the entire farm before our rehearsal. It was so fun to have our worlds combined like that. Phil said he will always remember our first look in the peach orchard and thought that was a very nice location with the trees blooming on our wedding day, and how pretty I was in my wedding dress.

I will always remember the love, support, and (of course) attention I received as a bride. We have such a wonderful group of friends and all of our family there to celebrate with us. It is really hard to put into words how much it meant to us to have all of that pouring in on one day. I think my most memorable moments are from the ceremony when I walked through the doors with my dad and was overwhelmed by all the love and smiles and happiness for us. Exchanging vows, rings and promising to love each other and be there for one another every day for the rest of our days is obviously something you aren’t going to forget very soon.


Wedding Venue: St. John’s Catholic Church in Starlight

Reception Venue: Huber’s Plantation Hall

Officiant: Father Winifred “Sonny” Day

Photographer: Lauren Morris of Photography & Design by Lauren

Dress: Laurel Wreath Bridal

Bride’s earrings: Koerber’s Fine Jewelry

Rings: Engagement Ring from Shane Co.; Wedding Bands from Koerber’s Fine Jewelry

Other accessories: Bride’s grandmother’s bracelet and father’s wedding band

Hair Stylist: Suzanne Motsinger and Shelby VanArsdale from Hair, Nails & More

Makeup: Angie Maxwell

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse, Black by Vera Wang

Décor: Nance Events and Huber’s Plantation Hall

Flowers: Nance Floral Shoppe

Invitations: The Funky Olive (an Etsy Shop)

Catering: Huber’s Plantation Hall

Cake: Adrienne & Co.

Music: Endless Summer Band

Acknowledgment from the bride: “I have known Debbie Adams at Huber’s Plantation Hall my entire life. She is a staple of what the farm represents to ourselves, as well as the community. Debbie is a very committed and hardworking woman, and I know for a fact my wedding (and honeymoon – she covered my responsibilities while I was off) would not have been half of what it was without her helping and guiding hand. Almost everything I know and have learned about managing events comes from Debbie, and I want to take the opportunity to thank her for all that she’s done for me personally, as well as my family and our brand.”