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5 Years of Celebrating Southern Indiana

OFF THE PAGE with Extol


Five years ago, Extol Magazine debuted as a fledgling publication with a small team that had one goal: to highlight Southern Indiana – and beyond. Half a decade later, we’re still here and have grown into a company that offers far more services than the bimonthly publication that launched us, but that remains our mainstay, our roots. So, we asked our Editor in Chief Angie Fenton to reflect back on each issue over the past five years and go off the page, as she calls it. Here are Angie’s recollections, insight and a bit of what once was insider information.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_49_Image_0001February/March 2015

In mid-2014, my business partner and eventual husband, Jason Applegate, and I sketched out our dream of launching a publication celebrating Southern Indiana while at Tucker’s in New Albany. I wish I would have saved the napkins and notebook we first used to draw up our business plan. This was our first issue, and we knew we wanted to lead with a great story. WHAS11’s Chief Meteorologist Ben Pine had an amazing one. I wrote this feature and still love it not for my words but because of Ben, his family and their story. How lucky are we to have them still in our midst as SoIN residents.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_50_Image_0004April/May 2015

I’ve known Tricia Barnstable Brown for years and love her heart. She and her sister, Priscilla “Cyb” Barnstable, have raised millions for diabetes research through their renowned Derby fete, the Barnstable Brown Gala. The fellas featured with her are Brent Rogers and Chris Hughes of Sounds Unlimited Productions, which is a Southern Indiana-based company known across the country and locally at home for producing parties with a purpose like no one else. They don’t just do Derby – they are Derby. And, wow, do they have some celeb-filled stories to tell.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_50_Image_0001June/July 2015

When Fuzzy Zoeller agreed to allow us to feature him in Extol, we were thrilled. We also knew better than to show up without a plan. So, my team and I practiced how we would photograph him and what the lighting would look like ahead of time, and I had my questions ready to go. Photographer Tony Bennett shot the cover with our Creative Director Adam Kleinert overseeing the shoot either before or after I conducted the interview – I can’t recall. But, what I do remember is how funny and “colorful” Fuzzy was. We had wanted to respect his time, so we were extremely efficient and fast, so much so that when we were done Fuzzy said, “That’s it? You don’t need anything else?” I received a lot of positive feedback from folks after the issue was launched, but I still chuckle at the few negative comments. A handful of readers were appalled that I’d allowed a few swears to make their way into the article. While I thanked them for the feedback, I didn’t apologize. I mean, you don’t tone down Fuzzy Zoeller. You just don’t.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_50_Image_0002August/September 2015

Writer Stacey Thomas penned the cover story for this issue, which was so heart-breaking and amazing, I wept while editing the article. I’m forever grateful to Jillian Becher and her family for sharing their hearts.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_50_Image_0003October/November 2015

I loved this issue because it wound up being something completely different than what we thought it would be, which was tough for some of us staffers to stomach. But, that’s a good life lesson, too. We could have stayed stuck in the figurative mud, bummed that our plans completely fell to the wayside, but we didn’t. I mean, we had the next issue to get to.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_51_Image_0001December 2015/January 2016

Country crooners Dave & Whitney kept us in stitches for most of the shoot. The Southern Indiana natives were – are – so talented and funny. Really, really funny.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_51_Image_0002February/March 2016

Photographer Antonio Pantoja made magic during the photo shoot with Terry Meiners at Le Moo in Louisville. The story was about an upcoming charity roast of the region’s most well-known radio deejay. I was one of the roasters and stressed so much about how to roast someone I consider a friend. There’s video of Terry’s roast out there someone. It was definitely an unforgettable night.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_51_Image_0003April/May 2016

We shot the cover and other photos at Kopp’s Lakes in Clarksville, which my husband and I have frequented several times when we just want to fish but don’t have time to drive very far. If you’ve ever been, you’ll know why most people are surprised this issue was shot there. I mean, Kopp’s is great, but it isn’t exactly what you’d think of when going for glamour. Except, I was pretty sure the location would make a perfect backdrop in the hands of photog extraordinaire Antonio Pantoja and Extol Creative Director Adam Kleinert. Not all of my decisions are gold, but they ensured this one was. Renowned New Albany hat maker Rebecca Vance, who has since passed, made the fascinator specially for this dress. What a special lady she was.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_52_Image_0002June/July 2016

We definitely had tons of fun on this shoot, which featured Creative Director Adam Kleinert’s son Brahm and an elephant from Wiltstem Wildlife Park in Paoli. Brahm is actually photoshopped into the photo, and, truth be told, while it was an exciting shoot, I had one eye on the exit the whole time. It was just such a BIG experience.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_53_Image_0003August/September 2016

This issue spotlighting Todd Sharp flew off the shelves and also inspired the name of his former reality TV series, which featured the cover on the national show’s debut.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_53_Image_0004October/November 2016

It was an honor to feature this veteran. I also love pointing out the shadow behind him. Not everyone notices it. Makes me put my right hand over my heart every time.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_54_Image_0001December 2016/January 2017

You have to read the story about John Bostock to know why he continues to be the face of hope. John and his wife Jessica provided, and still provide, so much inspiration to others. This remains one of my most cherished stories. Writer Steve Kaufman really captured John and Jessica’s journey.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_54_Image_0002February/March 2017

On this cover, we included the text: “Eva Bass is going to help shape our world.” My team and I still believe that. #TeamEva

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_55_Image_0001April/May 2017

When I look at this cover, which is gorgeous, I think of everything that went wrong with this issue (minus the cover, which was shot by Danny Alexander after our original cover fell through and we were 36 hours from going to press). I’ll spare you the details, but this issue was a lesson in falling down and finding out just how strong you really are.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_55_Image_0002June/July 2017

Who doesn’t love Dawne Gee? That’s what I think when I see this issue. And then I always smile.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_56_Image_0001August/September 2017

The wedding dress on the cover of our inaugural wedding issue was created by Southern Indiana native Francis “Frankie” Lewis. She eventually made it onto Project Runway and is now living and thriving in California.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_56_Image_0002October/November 2017

I’m a Michigan native who moved to Louisville in 2002. I moved to Indiana in late 2014 but didn’t fall in love with Harvest Homecoming until overseeing this issue. Now, it’s one of my most favorite times a year, which I think means I’m officially a Hoosier.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_57_Image_0005December 2017/January 2018

Todd Sharp is the only person we’ve featured twice as a cover story, and just like the first time, this issue went fast.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_57_Image_0006February/March 2018

We gathered a few of our favorite chefs and hit home what many of us know: Southern Indiana is a hotbed of good eats.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_58_Image_0001April/May 2018

Radio deejay Sarah Jordan rocked this shoot, and I absolutely adore her. This issue was also exciting because we jumped up in pages and were now being distributed by hundreds of locations in Southern Indiana and dozens in Louisville.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_58_Image_0002June/July 2018

Shooting this entire issue was such a sweet collaboration with the entire Extol team. While I look at some issues and see the stories, many of them I look at and reflect on what occurred to get the publication to press.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_59_Image_0001August/September 2018

Stylist Miranda McDonald knocked the photo shoot for our second annual wedding issue out of the park – and she did it in a park-like setting.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_59_Image_0002October/November 2018

This issue was chock full of business people from around the region who shared valuable insight. I still go back and read the hard copy version.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_60_Image_0001December 2018/January 2019

Real estate guru bared his heart in this stunning cover story. He is proof of redemption and recovery. It is a must-read.

April/May 2019

Shooting at Angels Envy just across the river was so much fun. And, while we were at it, an internationally known mega rock band walked by on a tour. I can’t spill the beans, but I will guarantee every person reading this would know who they are.

February/March 2019

Looking at four years worth of covers all at once really was a moment for me. This has been a labor of love that included some really tough times, lots of highs and lows, and plenty of opportunity to throw in the towel. I am so glad we didn’t. We’re bigger, better and stronger than we ever could have imagined we’d be. The struggles have been worth it.

June/July 2019

Juice Box Heroes lead singer Dan Farmer has such a great story, and he was hysterical to shot with. Plus, we really, really love his band.

August/September 2019

In this, our third annual wedding issue, we feature an actual newlywed couple instead of models on the cover. Aaron and RuthAnn Burns we’re the sweetest and  the reason why we are going to pick either a Southern Indiana bride, groom or couple on the 2020 edition.

ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_62_Image_0001October/November 2019

New Washington State Bank CEO Jessica Carroll is a rockstar in her industry and one of the most impressive people i’ve ever met. As a Southern Indiana resident i am grateful to have her in our midst.

December 2019/January 2020

Lori Unruh was a fabulous cover gal. I also love her bracelets, her family, her story and her heart. This issue also sparked something in me: The desire to change our publication dates. Originally, we debuted so that our first bimonthly issue of every year would begin in February. But now that we have a solid five years under our belt, it’s time for a slight change. With a bit of math magic that means we won’t actually skip a single issue, we’ve opted to hop over February and coin this our March/April issue. That means the first issue of 2020 will be January/February. It probably means very little to anyone else except this type A++ editor.

You can find back issues and stories – as well as the most recent ones – by visiting extolmag.com. Follow @extolmagazine on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Worth The Wait: Clarksville Cove Makes Huge Splash

By the Extol Team | Courtesy Photos

After a full year of being closed for renovations, Clarksville Cove Family Aquatic Center has opened once again.

Talk about worth the wait: The Southern Indiana family fun destination now features three splash pads with interactive spray ’n‘ play equipment, a body slide, tube slide and swimming pool, all of which are heated. This will allow the center to stay open until October, said Ken Conklin, communications director for Clarksville Parks & Recreation.

Plus, there’s a full-service Toucan Café and the addition of a party zone that offers a semi-private area sectioned off and available for rent.

Party packages vary in price and amenities, but all offer admission for up to 20 people. For example, the Ripple Package ($175) includes use of the Special Birthday Party Zone for 90 minutes; a Clarksville Cove T-shirt for the birthday child; a Clarksville Cove “Free Fill” Cup for the birthday child that allows free refills of  any concession beverage for the day; 20 Clarksville Cove party invitations; a Happy Birthday announcement over Clarksville Cove’s public address system; plates, napkins and forks for birthday cake; and the ability to bring your own cake (so long as it isn’t an ice cream cake).

The Splash Package ($250) includes everything in the Ripple Package along with hot dogs, chips and juice pouches for 20. The Wave Package ($300) includes everything in the Ripple Package plus cheeseburgers, chips and juice pouches.

The Hurricane Package includes everything in the Ripple Package plus five large pizzas and 20 juice pouches. Clarksville Cove is also available for rent to host a private event. Prices ranges from $500 to $700.

The renovations and improvements include extended hours – 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday – as well as improvement on energy costs, Conklin said.

Swim lessons for adults and children three and older are also offered at the aquatic center. Classes occur in the evenings during the week or on Saturday mornings.

Low-impact water aerobics and Aqua Zumba are also offered. Drop-ins are welcome at $6 per class.


Clarksville Cove 

800 S. Clark Blvd Clarksville

Hours of Operation
May 27-July 30
Open daily 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
July 31-Sept. 4
Weekdays 4-7 p.m.
Weekends & Labor Day 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 9-Oct. 1
Weekends only 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Daily Admission Prices
General Admission $7

After 4 p.m. $5

2 years old & under Free

Group rate (20 or more) $6

*Group reservations must be made at least one week in advance. Day care, summer camps and other child care groups may only schedule visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

SoIN Summer Fun

Clarksville Cove isn’t the only



224 W. Daisy Lane
New Albany

New Albany’s River Run Waterpark is a state-of-the art aquatic center for the whole family. Enjoy w3getting wet and wild on the waterslides, relax on innertubes around the lazy river or get soaked on the steamboat water feature. There’s even a poll for the littlest ones. You also can get your workout on with water walking and lap swimming before River Run opens and from 5 to 7 p.m. Cost is $3 per visit. Swim lessons are $30 per swimmer per session. Admission to the waterpark is $7 for Floyd County residents, $9 for Indiana residents and $15 for people who live out of state.


515 Marriott Drive

Atlantis Water Park in Clarksville is located next to the Clarion Hotel Conference Center Louisville North. Highlights include Tsunami Sea, a wave pool; Mount Olympus, a towering 43-foot maze of water slides; and King’s Neptune Cove, the perfect place for little kids. Admission is $8 Monday through Friday, $10 on weekends and holidays and kiddos under 1 year old are free. Season passes are $70 per person.



2107 Middle Road

The Jeffersonville Aquatic Center features a six-lane, 50-meter competition pool, zero depth entry family play pool, sprayground, two water slides, full-service concessions and a skate park. There’s also a development swim team for ages 5 to 18 and swim lessons, too. Admission is $6 for Jeffersonville residents, $7 for Indiana residents and $12 for out of state residents.


1000 Park St.


Charlestown Family Activities Park has a variety of options for young and old. Admission to the pirate-themed splash pad and playground is $3 for ages 2 and up. Miniature golf is $5 per person per game. Rollerskating is $5; skate rental is $2. There is ample seating and a variety of treats at the concessions. Party room and park rentals are also available. Tuesdays are family nights in June and July. Admission is $3 per person from 5-8 p.m. and includes mini golf, roller skating, splash pad and playground. Magic shows by Perry Warren the Magical Entertainer occur at 7 p.m. June 13, June 27 and July 11. The shows are free with paid admission. Boy Scout Troop 80 hosts its annual BBQ Dinner Fundraiser 5 to 9 p.m. July 8. Admission is $3 for unlimited skating, mini golf and splash pad use. The Paul Boggs Band will take the stage 8 to 10 p.m.

Signature Countertops | Jeffersonville Grand Opening

In honor of Signature Countertops’ move to Jeffersonville, a Grand Opening event was held welcoming the community to experience the new showroom. Here’s a glance into the festivities, covered by Extol, with interviews from President Chris Garten and his wife, Beth.

For more information go to http://signaturecountertops.com


1611 Fabricon Blvd.


Photos by Danny Alexander

Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown

Tynisha Handley, Tiffany Denison, Alcia Sharp, Emily Young, Troy Stiller and Keith Rager

Tynisha Handley, Tiffany Denison, Alcia Sharp, Emily Young, Troy Stiller and Keith Rager

Meredith Potthast and Maria Polio

Meredith Potthast and Maria Polio

Sylinia Thompson, James Boswell and Beth Bizianes

Sylinia Thompson, James Boswell and Beth Bizianes


Shawn and Lynnette Barger and Carla Zellers

Shawn and Lynnette Barger and Carla Zellers

14 16 17

Mike & Jeanie Allgood

Mike & Jeanie Allgood

Jerry Leonard

Jerry Leonard

Shawn and Lynnette Barger and Carla Zellers

Shawn and Lynnette Barger and Carla Zellers



Beth Beyers, Amanda Ward and Leah Armfield

Beth Beyers, Amanda Ward and Leah Armfield

Jim Donahue and Matt Konkler

Jim Donahue and Matt Konkler

Jennifer Naive, Bob and Andrea Stauble and Angie and Joe Brewer

Jennifer Naive, Bob and Andrea Stauble and Angie and Joe Brewer

Beth Garten and Angie Brewer

Beth Garten and Angie Brewer

PRESS RELEASE | Louisville City FC hires renowned firm HOK for stadium design

Louisville City FC has entered into partnership with global architecture firm HOK for design of a soccer-specific stadium and adjacent development projects, a key step in the club’s pursuit of a long-term home.
HOK will provide the vision for a 10,000-seat stadium that could later expand in capacity to 20,000. The overall site plan will also include space for office and retail development.
“We’re getting closer to securing a lot in urban Louisville, and now we’re thinking about what we can build on it,” said LouCity Chairman John Neace. “HOK’s work ensures that once a location is determined, community members will have a tangible picture of Louisville City FC’s future.”
HOK has worked since 2015 with the LouCity’s United Soccer League, helping position each of its clubs in soccer-specific stadiums by 2020. The firm’s soccer portfolio boasts Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to MLS’ Atlanta United, the San Jose Earthquakes’ Avaya Stadium and a number of USL ventures.
“We’re excited to work with Louisville City FC on the design of their new stadium,” said Chris DeVolder, vice president and soccer market leader for HOK’s Sports + Recreation + Entertainment practice. “The facility will serve as a model for other USL teams looking to elevate their stadiums in the urban core.”
LouCity currently pays to rent and play in Louisville Slugger Field, also home for the Triple-A Louisville Bats baseball franchise. A soccer-specific stadium would open new revenue streams, scheduling opportunities and raise the pitch to international standards.
“When you throw everything into the mix, it really is a must that we have these things in place at a stadium,” said LouCity Coach James O’Connor. “Apart from the financial implications of playing at Slugger, I think the supporters should have a place they can call home and for us to have a pitch that’s one surface and fully sized.”
O’Connor has led LouCity to consecutive appearances in the USL Eastern Conference Final, earning 100 points in 58 regular-season games since 2015 — most of any team in the league. An average of 7,218 fans attended LouCity’s 2016 USL games, ranking third of 30 clubs. The 2017 season will run from March through October with a schedule due out soon.
Amid success on the field, a study conducted by Convention, Sports & Leisure and Legends and released last August by Louisville Forward confirmed that a soccer-specific stadium is needed to maintain and grow professional soccer in Louisville.
Mayor Greg Fischer at the time said sharing fields with the Louisville Bats “is not sustainable.” He added that the “Louisville City Football Club is off to a great start, and we must embrace the growing demand for soccer in our city and strategically prepare for long-term growth.”
HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellence and innovation to create places that enrich people’s lives and help clients succeed. DesignIntelligence consistently ranks HOK as a leader in sustainable, high-performance design and technology innovation.
As a sports facilities design leader for more than 30 years, HOK has built a legacy of exceptional stadiums, arenas, training facilities, ballparks and master plans that exceed the needs, goals and values of teams, universities and cities. The firm’s designs for soccer stadiums across the country blend distinctive features and abundant amenities with innovative approaches to sponsorship, branding and activation to enliven communities, help teams recruit top talent and compete at the highest levels.

HOK’s innovative design process both anticipates and directs the future. We blend our client’s goals with our expertise to create a fully connected, cost-effective, dynamic and unique game-day experience. Soccer stadiums play an integral role in building a team’s brand and identity within their city. HOK has a history of providing creative design solutions for the USL and MLS that are iconic and fan focused, elevating their brand recognition and establishing soccer as a key entertainment choice in each city. As soccer continues to attract a diverse and passionate fan base, the sport has reached the most coveted fans – Millennials, Gen Z and young families. This youthful fan base values the beauty of the game, connectivity to the urban core and the experience inside the stadium. To reach this audience, HOK designs soccer stadiums that are activate, flexible and technologically advanced, offering social gathering spaces, unique food and beverage offerings and celebrating the traditions of the game.