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Feet First

Photo by Cora Elliott 

This photo was taken by 16-year-old Cora Elliott and awarded the Grand Champion photo at the Clark County 4-H Fair. The homeschooled teen snapped this pic of her feet with her siblings. The photo by the young photographer has now been entered into the Indiana State Fair, which will occur as this issue goes to press. 


EXIT | October/November 2018

ex1018-exit-by-christianPhoto of Sycamore Springs Park in English, Indiana, by Christian Watson


“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” –John Muir


Southern Indiana has no shortage of parks and forests You can find numerous listings and more information at gosoin.com.



Exit | December 2017

screen-shot-2017-12-05-at-2-15-23-amPhoto by Angie Fenton

At 6 a.m. Nov. 16, Q103.1 Morning Host Dingo Crank and Mike Benson of A1 Porta Potty ascended their respective scissor lifts – Dingo at Buffalo Wild Wings on Westport Road in Louisville and Mike at Coyle Chevrolet in Clarksville – where they both committed to reside for the next 103 hours to compel the community to donate new bikes for kids. Despite the wild weather over the next several days, which ranged from 65+ degrees to rain to a hard frost, Mike and Dingo persisted. So, too, did the Kentuckiana community. Early morning on Nov. 20, just before sunrise and with the end of the event in sight, we checked in with Mike, who said he was ready, understandably, for a hot shower but also was emotional about the outpouring of love and donations. Dingo, in his Facebook posts, echoed the same sentiments. (FYI: Dingo did this solo in 2016.) As of press time, 2025 bikes had been collected on both sides of the river with many more expected to be purchased with the monetary donations Mike and Dingo also received. “When I look out, I see each (bike) as a kid on Christmas,” Mike said, choking up as he surveyed the hundreds of new bikes. “We’re just characters up here. This is for the kids.”


Exit | And Baby Makes…4,000!

And Baby Makes…4,000!

Courtesy photo

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-6-23-26-pmElizabeth Bary, a certified nurse midwife with WomanCare, a Jeffersonville OB/GYN practice, recently delivered her 4,000th baby. Lincoln Thomas Miller was born at 9:45 a.m. Aug. 16 to parents Jill and Matt Miller.

A passionate advocate for natural birth, Elizabeth takes great pride in the milestone. “My relationship with each mother and every baby is so special. Delivering Lincoln was as exciting and rewarding as the very first baby I delivered, and just as big a privilege. It never, ever gets old.”

Elizabeth received her RN and BSN degrees from Indiana University Southeast, and earned her MSN and CNM designations from the University of Kentucky. The most experienced nurse midwife in the Kentuckiana region, she is a member of the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Elizabeth has been a driving force behind WomanCare’s next project: the development of the region’s first freestanding birth center. “It will allow low-risk women the option of birthing in a facility outside of the hospital and returning home in a few hours with their newborn,” she explained.

For more information about WomanCare, call 812.282.6114 or go to woman-care.org. 

Exit | August 2017

In June, the Building & Development Association of Southern Indiana (BDASI) invited attendees of the 2017 BDASI Home Expo to enter the Extol Your Selfie Contest for a chance to win $250.

Participation was easy: Take a selfie at the BDASI Home Expo and submit it to Extol. A panel of judges picked the top five favorites, whose photos were then posted on our Facebook page. The winner of the $250 prize was chosen by whichever selfie garnered the most likes at the end of the contest. screen-shot-2017-08-05-at-11-38-28-am

Congratulations to Amanda Kaiser Myers (right) of New Albany and Nancy Becht Whitaker of Floyds Knobs, who will share the prize.

“I’m actually not a big selfie person,” said Amanda, who took the photo, “but good friends make for good selfies.”
Like hundreds of others, Nancy and Amanda enjoyed this year’s BDASI Home Expo, presented by River City Bank, which was located at Champions Pointe. Tickets were only $10, $1 of which benefited Habitat for Humanity Clark & Floyd County and $1 was donated to Susan G. Komen.

The ladies’ favorte aspect of the expo? The beautiful work by LL & A Design. “It was gorgeous,” Amanda said.


Exit | June/July 2017

“I took this photo on Sept. 11, 2016, at the Mellwood Arts Center during our visit to the Mellwood Arts and Crafts Fair. My mom, Nancy Snyder, 86, is still to this day the most stylish and sparkly lady I know.

img_6241The weather that day was hot, and after climbing the hill at Mellwood and walking around in the sun, we needed a rest in the shade and a cold drink. The spot was on the side of a building with a brick ledge she could lean against and sip her Coke. It suddenly occurred to me her flaming red hair looked even redder against that blue wall. I took out my iPhone, stepped out about 8 feet or so and got the picture in one take. I love the colors in this photo with the blue wall, yellow purse, red brick, checkered pants, and navy blue sparkle shoes. I also love the hip sunglasses she’s wearing, very Janis Joplin-esque! She’s so rock ‘n’ roll but she always has been. She’s a young spirit in an older woman’s body, born generations too early when women were very limited in what they could be and the roles they were assigned. Those traditional roles never fit her. I love that she is very much her own person and that her style always comes through, like a weed in the middle of a concrete highway.” –Laura Shine



On March 2, 2012 – a seemingly normal Friday – tornadoes tore through Southern Indiana and Kentucky, devastating communities and families.

In all, the death toll reached 22 in Kentucky, and 14 people died in Southern Indiana, including Henryville resident Lenora Hunter’s husband, Wayne. Determined to move forward, Lenora – who was seriously injured in the storm – rebuilt her home in the exact location where it had once stood. Today, Lenora is comforted that people still remember her husband and take the time to share their memories of him.

While the tornado outbreak wreaked havoc – and worse – for many, it also inspired many moments of courage, heroism and neighbors helping neighbors.