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screen-shot-2018-10-08-at-6-49-03-pmHow to transform your space into and ideal home office


In 2017, nearly 44 percent of working Americans reported spending at least some time working from home and the number is only going to increase. If you don’t have the proper space that lends itself to productivity, focusing on the task at hand can be tough.


We asked Leslie Lewis Sheets of LL&A Interior Design for a few tips about transforming your home into the perfect work place. As she says, “When your space works, your life works – and you feel good in it!”


Claim an area within your home and make it YOUR space. It should reflect you and your personality. Crowd it with things you love: add artwork, photos and accessories that speak to you. Create a space that energizes and motivates you to do your best work.


Don’t have an extra room within your home that can be designated as an office? Claim a closet and transform it into an accessible workspace.


Make sure your workspace has lots of natural light. Your space will feel larger. Allowing the outdoors inside your space will keep you fresh and energized. Not a lot of natural light or access to a window? Add a funky light fixture with a dimming switch. Different light levels allow you to work well into the wee hours.


Treat yourself to a great chair. You’ll be more efficient when you’re comfortable. A correctly scaled, ergonomically correct desk chair will provide comfort and efficiency. Instead of a typical black “pleather” upholstery, pick a bright, bold desk chair – something fun.
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LL&A Interior Design

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Inspired by Allen Howie

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