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Photography by Gary Barragan

This past spring, Gary Barragan was commissioned as the principal photographer for the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and their annual “Art Walks the Runway” couture show. At the show, which was rich in designs and talent, Barragan met Jeffersonville designer Frances Lewis. Both expressed interest in collaborating one day. “As I was reviewing and posting images from the runway show, there was one design, one frozen moment,” Barragan recalled. “It was this piece (by Lewis shown on model Centria Kapris) and I knew right there what we would be collaborating on. I wanted to revisit this moment but from an artistic angle in the studio and out on location. I envisioned taking what was captured at the event and giving it life none of us had imagined.” This was certainly achieved in “KMAC Redux,” which Extol is proud to feature on our pages.

“My favorite thing about projects like these is the freedom,” Lewis said. “No one to please but myself, no need to concern myself with practicality, no budget, no limits. Just get my hands dirty and create. This particular piece is a part of a larger series that tells the stories and pays homage to one of the many battles of my black womanhood: my hair. All pieces were made out of synthetic hair extensions or hair accessories and styling tools. To be completely honest, this was an exercise in bravery for me. I used to shy away from things involving race and culture because I was afraid of what other people would think of me. Would they accept me? Would I make people uncomfortable? But at some point I realized, I’m the only one qualified to tell my story. And if I don’t tell it, then who else will? The day I decided for myself what it meant to be Frances, a proud black artist and woman, was probably the most freeing day of my life. And thus this piece (shown on Kapris) was born. This piece is indeed my favorite and means more to me than anyone will ever know. I’m beyond pleased with what we all created that day.”

Photography | Gary Barragan www.garybarragan.com @photobygaryb
Wardrobe Designer & Styling | Frances Lewis www.ann-deevelyn.com
Make Up | Keisha Mink kisseskmink@gmail.com 502.455.9094
Model | Centria Kapris @cen_tria
Management | natashacurtis@att.net
Assistants | Renee Williamson and Amina Ri Bella

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