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Let It Snow

Made By Morgan

Snow Frames are a special way to save your memories

By Morgan Sprigler

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and do you know what that means? An endless array of crafting possibilities! When I was strolling through Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop in New Albany last week, I came across the cutest shadow boxes. I stood there staring at them for the longest time, trying to think of what I could use them for and a lightbulb went off: a Snow Frame, which I’ve decided is the sister to a snow globe. I hope that you all have fun creating your own version of this little winter wonderland.



Miniature shadow box/frame

Floral Styrofoam

Faux snow

Mini snow balls

Floral picks (or miniature trees)


Hot glue gun




Step One

Using a butcher’s knife, slice a small piece of floral Styrofoam to fit at the base of your frame. You want to slice a piece small enough so that when you add your snow, it will fall in the front, back and sides of the Styrofoam. Once you are happy with the size, place inside your frame. (Hint: Using a butcher’s knife will create much less of a mess than using scissors.)


Step Two

Add your snow. Using your butcher’s knife, or some other utensil, direct the snow to fall around your Styrofoam in order to conceal it. You only want a light dusting, as you will add more snow in another step.


Step Three

Decorate. I took photos of my girls throwing leaves, had them developed and then cut around the perimeter of their bodies. By gluing a snowball in their hands, I created a snow ball fight. So cute! You can use any photo you would like to create your scene. Once you have your photo cut out, glue a toothpick to the back and insert into the Styrofoam. If you do not want to use a photograph, Ben Franklin has tons of mini Christmas themed items, including miniature nativity sets, reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas lights, drums, Christmas trees and more. I used a floral pick for the background of my snow frame. I brought in some color by gluing berries onto the pick. How fun would it be to decorate a mini Christmas tree for your background?! You could even use a light dusting of white spray paint to frost your glass. I mean, go crazy with this, guys!


Step Four

Find a place to display your creation. Mine has found a home as a centerpiece on my girls’ arts and crafts table. I think this makes the perfect centerpiece when added on a tray, especially when surrounded by greenery and some battery-operated Christmas lights.


From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you who follow my column. I hope in some small way, I inspire you to be creative. I wish you the happiest of holiday’s and hope that you find peace and joy this season.




screen-shot-2018-10-04-at-11-34-33-amDid you know Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany is locally-owned and -operated – and has been for decades? The Smith family moved from Milan, Indiana, to the area in 1990 and opened up the independent shop, which is located at 420 New Albany Plaza in New Albany. Unlike big box stores, there is no corporate office that mandates what Ben Franklin’s sells. Instead, the family and their staffers offer a personal shopping experience that is geared to customers and includes a great selection of clothing and gifts in their store-within-the-store known as Ben’s Boutique. Sign up for Ben Franklin Crafts’ newsletter and get more details about the store at benfranklinartsandframing.com.


Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany


By Morgan Sprigler

If you know me well, you know I love gifts. Gifts for any reason – especially thank-yous. But, when asked to create a business thank you gift for this month’s issue, I must admit I was a bit stumped. I knew I didn’t want to do something redundant like flowers or candy (not that these items aren’t appreciated). I wanted something for you readers that would portray your appreciation for your co-workers or business partners that was original and fun but still professional. I think I have produced something thoughtful and useful that anyone would appreciate. Read below to learn how to make a DIY “scent-sational” thank you guft. Happy Crafting!



Decorative glass jar or vase with small opening and large bottom

Small glass or plastic jar/container with lid

Sturdy gift box

Wood moss or Easter grass

Small wooden dowel rods


Small flower embellishments

Jojoba or avocado oil (1 fl. oz. each)

Fragrance oil

Thank you card and envelope



Hot glue gun


Step One

Begin by cutting down your dowel rods, if necessary. This will all depend on how large or tall your glass jar is and how high you want your dowel rods to be. I cut mine down about 3 inches. This can be accomplished by using regular scissors. Be mindful of who is standing around you when cutting these, as they can go flying. Cut a piece of twine about 6 inches long and wrap around your dowel rods. Finish with a simple bow and set asideimg_6790

Step Two

Remove the lid on your box and hot glue it to the bottom (for traveling purposes). Fill your box with the wood moss or Easter Grass.

Step Three

Pour your oils into your small container and secure the lid. I recommend using this container to hold your oil instead of pouring it directly into your decorative jar for traveling purposes. You don’t want your oil to spill inside your box before you present it. Additionally, the recipient will have the opportunity to transfer the oil from the container to the jar, which is a unique and interactive experience.img_6797

Step Four

Decorate! Using your hot glue gun, apply lace or ribbon around the perimeter of the box. Wrap twine around your jar and glue your flowers wherever you see fit.img_6799

Step Five

Fill out your thank you card. I used the phrase, “We made a scent-sational team. Thank you for your partnership.” I love a good play on words. Have fun with this, although a simple “thank you” will suffice.


All the supplies used to make these diffusers can be found at Ben Franklin Crafts, 420 New Albany Plaza in New Albany, which is locally owned and now has an amazing selection of women’s apparel in what’s known as Ben’s Boutique.


I see these “scent-sational” diffusers adorning a desk in a lobby or office, a break room in a place of business, or even at the recipient’s home.


Gratitude in the work place is an absolute must. Positive reinforcement creates a positive environment.


Wishing you much success with this project, in business and in all your endeavors, both personal and professional.





By Morgan Sprigler

It’s finally summertime, Extol Readers! Warmer weather is here and our kids are out of school. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the fact that you have become the sole source of entertainment for your kids (and with the second fact that they will need a bath every. single. night). Do not fear. This is your time to shine!screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-4-35-41-pm

Instead of offering an intricate DIY project this month, I am going to suggest a few fun things to do with your kiddos over the course of these summer months. These sweet little crafts may keep your monsters distracted long enough for you to enjoy a glass of wine while deciding whether you hear Laurel or Yanny. (I’m Laurel, by the way).

I found all of these crafts at Ben Franklin in New Albany. Everything you need is packaged neatly together with instructions and will only set you back $1.49! Ben Franklin offers a large variety of ready-to-make crafts for all ages and interests.screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-4-35-48-pm

My girls had a blast shopping for their “cwaft” of choice. They settled on suncatchers, melty beads, a pom-pom kit and clothespin kit! The only items we needed to use from home were my glue gun, an iron and an ironing board.screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-4-35-54-pm

We enjoyed painting the suncatchers outside and the others craft indoors, once it began raining. (I highly recommend stocking up on these projects for a rainy day.)

Wishing everyone a happy summer full of joy and laughter.