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As I was Saying | America’s Killer Clown Epidemic

By Scotlyn McConnell

In recent weeks, there has been a startling amount of creepy clowns popping up around the country. It started in Northand South Carolina and has since spread across the country and even over to the United Kingdom. The clowns are often seen in dark costumes and pointed makeup that creates a sinister look. In clown culture, you are taught not to use points in your makeup because it’s seen as threatening.

The first report of these clowns was made by a little boy who saw a few of them standing in the woods trying to lure him in with money. Since then, they have been seen lurking by houses and apartment buildings, following people when they’re walking or driving and running around with knives. In fact, a man in Texas recently released security footage of a clown trying to break into his house with a butcher knife. The video is about two minutes long and shows the clown trying to open three different doors and a window before he walks around the side yard and disappears.

At the beginning of all of this, people thought it was a publicity stunt done by the people making the new It movie. However, when asked about it, the producers wrote an official letter stating they had nothing to do with it. Another idea people have about why it could be happening is that all of the clowns are part of a cult that worships serial killer John Wayne Gacy Jr., who in his spare time served as a clown for neighbors’ parties and charity events and was known as the Killer Clown after sexually assaulting and murdering at least 33 teenage boys between 1972 and 1978. (Gacy was executed by lethal injection in 1994).

Because of these clowns, states are tightening their reigns on laws that prohibit wearing a mask in public. Target department stores have even stopped selling clown costumes. These people, whoever they may be and whatever reason they’re doing this, frankly need to calm down. They have unleashed a fear on the country, and with Halloween quickly approaching it might get even worse.

It’s rumored that on October 30, they’re going to have a “purge night.” A Facebook group called Clown Hunters made a post advising everyone — and their pets — to stay inside and lock all the doors and windows on All Hallows Eve. Police stations around the country have started issuing warnings as well, which puts a realistic touch behind what could be classified as a hoax to spark hysteria.

No matter what the case may be surrounding these clowns, I hope all of you stay safe. Take all advised precautions and don’t take any risks. If by chance you see one of these clowns, call the police and leave the area. Don’t be a hero.