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Rockin with Jacob Resch

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler | Photos by Christian Watson

JACOB RESCH might not remember much about the musical origins of MySpace (he was 10 during its heyday) or when videos played on regular rotation on MTV (neither do the rest of us), but the 25-year-old easily recalls when his love for music began.
ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_45_Image_0001“I started taking guitar lessons when I was about eight years old,” Resch says. “I had an older cousin and he was in a band. You always just kind of look up to your older cousins, so I just thought it was the coolest thing that he was in a band.
“After a couple of years of that, I focused on singing and took a couple of years of voice lessons, then started writing original music and recording. Now, I’m writing, recording and touring regionally and locally. It’s been a slow build-up ever since then.”
The hardest question for Resch to answer when someone asks about his band’s music style is selecting one genre.
He’s influenced by his parents’ taste in music – John Mellencamp, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty and The Rolling Stones, but, he says, “I listen to really anything. I listen to country, I listen to rock, I listen to hip hop, I listen to the pop music on the radio. I like to think I take some elements from it all.”
ExtolMag_31_Final_Page_44_Image_0001Resch adds: “There’s definitely some rock influence there. The part of the country I’m from, that’s where I get my little country twang. In terms of songwriting elements, I like to take ideas from guys like Bruno Mars, and by that I mean they have really short, concise catchy hooks. You just need a couple of words that draw people in.”

As an employee of his father’s Southern Indiana development business and a self-admitted “history geek,” Resch has been drawn to helping his family change the face of New Albany one building at a time. Working for his dad, renowned contractor Steve Resch, affords the singer-songwriter a flexible schedule to travel with his band.
“My parents and my family are definitely very supportive,” he says. “I work for my dad and I do music, and I really enjoy doing both. It’s one of those things where I feel like I never have a break because I get off work and I go home and I work on music, but they’re very supportive. … The goal is hopefully to one day, sooner (rather) than later, make music my full-time job.”
But for now, he’s happy being a part of the Resch family legacy.
Steve Resch’s company has been a Southern Indiana mainstay for three decades, particularly in the revitalization of downtown New Albany. “In the last 10 years, he’s done probably
20 different build-outs down here,” Jacob Resch says. “He and my mom own quite a few properties, so next to music, that’s my biggest passion: real estate, specifically working a lot of historic properties. My dad and my grandpa and I are all big history nerds, so we love these buildings from the 1800s.”

As the family continues to construct a collective legacy that ’s positively mpacting others, Resch is working on his own, and he’s proud of it. “The stuff I’m writing now, it all works, it’s all cohesive. It’s a sleek, streamlined feel from what I’m already doing.”

"The goal is hopefully to one day, sooner (rather) than later, make music my full-time job" - Jacob Resch

“The goal is hopefully to one day, sooner (rather) than later, make music my full-time job” – Jacob Resch

You can learn more about Jacob Resch at JacobReschMusic.com.

A Premier Home

1By Allison Jones | Photos by Tony Bennett

I don’t have the first inkling about building

a new house. My husband and I are the second

owners of a ranch home built in the 1950s. I know

about renovating, but, honestly, building from

the ground up is a foreign concept. There are so

many moving pieces when a homeowner decides

to build, where would one even begin?

I sat down with Cat Stevens, director of Sales

& Marketing with Premier Homes – serving both

Louisville and Southern Indiana – who graciously

laid out their company’s process.4

“We really focus on what is important to

the buyer. We offer 41 different floor plans. So,

depending on the buyer’s budget and lifestyle,

we can custom tailor the plans to suit their needs.

The average time it takes for construction usually

is about six months, but there are variables to

consider, like weather that might impact that.

When we meet with a buyer, we walk them through

each phase of the project.”3

Each step is carefully guided by one of their

skilled professionals and the relationship doesn’t

end after the home is complete. “Our warranty

department does a walk-through five to seven

2days prior to the closing to identify anything that

would be of concern to the homeowner. We check

in with them 30 days after the home is built and

then again at 11 months. The idea is cultivating

a relationship with them that is more than just a

buyer. After all is said and done, they are a part

of the Premier family.”

Premier Homes