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Picture Perfect

ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_24_Image_0001By Laura Ross

Photos by Christian Watson

When tinkering turns terrific, magic happens – and a business is born.

That’s the lesson Lori Unruh discovered when she took her hobby and turned it into Cadella’s, a thriving jewelry design business.

“I started tinkering around making handmade jewelry gifts for friends and family, and once I saw the joy the jewelry brought them, I realized I needed to take this hobby to a larger scale,” said Unruh, a Southern Indiana native and mom of two wildly talented kids – Ella, 15, and Cade, 14 – who lives in Floyds Knobs with her husband, Chad, CEO of MAC Construction.

Cadella’s, which is a compilation of the names of Unruh’s teens, offers handcrafted jewelry, including bangles, cuffs and necklaces, with interchangeable photo tiles chosen by customers that often feature families, friends, and furry loved ones. It’s a unique design that Unruh created and, recently, patented, too.

A successful hairdresser for 18 years, Unruh decided to take time off about five years ago and focus solely on raising her children. To keep her creative juices flowing, the avid photographer designed bangle bracelets for fun, using photos of her children and friends placed in tiny frames. She later developed the concept of the interchangeable photo tiles and tried out the designs on her friends and family.

“I would host parties at first where friends would customize their bracelets,” she explained. “As the jewelry got out there, boutiques reached out, but there was just no way to customize the bangles without coming up with a design to make interchangeable photos. I worked for a year on the design with some amazing people, trying out molds until we found the design, which allows people to interchange their blessings and memories into different pieces of jewelry.”


Unruh started with bangles and then added leather and fur cuffs, necklaces and even cuff bands that fit the Apple Watch. The photo tiles, which are designed and personalized online, fit into tiny picture frames crafted onto the jewelry. Once created, boutiques lined up with more than 40 shops in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Michigan selling the Cadella’s line. Unruh and her team also designed an online shop (www. cadellas.com) and sales skyrocketed.

“It makes for such a unique piece of jewelry ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_23_Image_0004because you can constantly change the photos to fit your memories,” said Unruh. “If you have a child in sports, you can wear a sports photo. If you’re a grandparent, you can change out different grandchildren, or if you are going out with your girlfriends, you can wear pictures reflecting your friendship.”

Customers select their jewelry, either in boutiques or online, then edit and upload their photos to Cadella’s website. Unruh’s team creates the photo tiles in-house and ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_25_Image_0002ships them to customers within three to five business days. “That’s the beauty of this,” she said, “If you have a special event coming up, you can always add new uploaded photos, and we’ll send them to you quickly.”

An entrepreneur at heart, Unruh has shared Cadella’s success with the Southern Indiana community. She launched the Cadella’s Favorite Things fundraiser in November, where she partnered with several local businesses to give away 100 items per business to 100 guests who paid $100 each to attend the fundraiser held at Joe Huber’s Family Farm. “It’s a spin on Oprah’s Favorite Things, where guests take home unique gifts,” said Unruh. “All proceeds went toward Miles for Merry Miracles in support of the Southern Indiana Angel Tree program.”

ExtolMag_30_FINAL_Page_26_Image_0002As 2020 dawns, Unruh is looking forward to a busy year with her jewelry, which she calls “inside-out love lockets.”


“Your blessings are on the outside for all to see,” she said. “Photo albums get stored away, but with Cadella’s, you have a fashionable way to wear the memories. You can take photo memories that otherwise might fade away, wear them as jewelry and be reminded of the blessings every day.”


It’s not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but Lori Unruh has much to be thankful for this year. She leapt at the chance to share some of her favorite things.

My absolute favorite thing of all: Being a mom and wife, and snuggling with my children, Cade and Ella.

My favorite guilty pleasure: A cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer and a peanut butter bagel dipped in Nutella each morning.

My favorite way to find quiet time: A daily dose of hot yoga.

My favorite reason for laughing: Listening to my two witty teenagers figure out life challenges (I learn from them daily).

My favorite kind of evening: I adore my girlfriends and cherish laughing over dinner with them.

My favorite charitable cause: Of course, it’s my Cadella’s Favorite Things event! It’s an amazing event that spoils everyone who attends with gifts donated by some of the most generous professional and business owners in our community. Most importantly, 100% of the ticket sales go to a chosen charity in our community.

My favorite poem:

Time Tested Beauty Tips

By Sam Levenson

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone.


@cadellasjewelry on Instagram

@cadellas on Facebook



Aug. 28 • Calumet Club in New Albany

Photos by Christian Watson

Extol Magazine hosted its Wedding Issue Launch Party – presented by One Southern Indiana – on Aug. 28 at Calumet Club, 1614 E. Spring St. in New Albany. Entertainment was provided by Sounds Unlimited Productions. Guests enjoyed complimentary appetizers provided by Stumler’s Catering as well as $1,000s of dollars in giveaways.

Thank you to our sponsors of the event, including 1-800-Got-Junk; Amie & Co. Hair Studio; Arnold Painting Ll.; Ben Franklin Crafts; Bliss Travel; Body & Brow Boutique; Calumet Club; Carnegie Center For Art & History; City Of New Albany; Details Consulting Group/RPO Custom Homes; Enjoy The Venue At Flat Rock Estates; Four Barrel Fitness; French Lick Winery; West Baden Springs; German American Bank; Hartman Dental Associates Of New Albany; Huber’s Orchard and Winery | Plantation Hall; J.Nicolle Salon & Spa; Joe Bradley M.Div., Bcc, Chaplain; Kentuckiana Mortgage; Kentucky Derby Museum; Koerber’s Fine Jewelry; Laurel Wreath Bridal; Naked By Sunday; New Washington State Bank; presenting sponsor One Southern Indiana; Paul Kiger Group; PC Home Center; Sapphire Boutique; Sew Fitting; Sounds Unlimited Productions; Spirits Of French Lick; Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique; Stumler’s Catering; The Juice Box Heroes; and The Olivet.

Harvest Ahead



HARVEST HOMECOMING 2019 is on the horizon. So, we asked Courtney Lewis, chairman of the board, for a bit of insight and input as to what to expect. 



This year marks my 12th or 13th festival. At some point all the fun runs together. 


For me, Harvest Homecoming really is about family and friends. We all have a Harvest Homecoming story. A great memory from our childhood or the first time we got to go on the (non-sanctioned) Beer Walk or meeting the love of our lives (not me, but if Mr. Right is ready, I’ll be in downtown New Albany for a couple weeks in October) or taking our children to get their first chicken and dumplings. It’s become a bit of a tradition with my coworkers to spend that Friday afternoon together. It’s like team building for us. I will never forget (thanks to the pictures) those moments. My nieces started volunteering last year, and I couldn’t be more proud of them for taking time out of their teenage lives to give back to their community. They are setting an example, knowingly or not, for their friends. Every place in the world has their thing, but for anyone who grew up here, Harvest Homecoming holds a very special spot in our hearts. 


Harvest Homecoming is such a great way to showcase our city and really celebrate the beauty of our neighbors. New Albany’s best assets lie in the people in this community. It feels great to see people come together and enjoy our city during the most beautiful time of year in Indiana. Not only is the economic impact beneficial to our businesses and local non-profits, Harvest Homecoming is able to give back to the younger members of our community through our scholarship programs. As an all-volunteer work force, Harvest Homecoming is also able to continue a rich tradition of giving back to our city and passing those values on to the next generation of pumpkins. 


Harvest Homecoming is really evolving and trying new things this year. Parade Day will look different with a day full of family fun in downtown. The Carnegie Center for Art & History will host their annual #IAMPUBLICART event on Bank Street at noon; the parade will kick-off at 3 p.m. (new this year) from New Albany High School, and then we’re going to park the floats around Bicentennial Park so people can get up close and personal with them while we partner with Mayor Jeff Gahan and the City of New Albany for Harvest Kickoff Karaoke in Bicentennial Park. 

We’ve got some amazing new partners this year like Samtec Cares, UPS, SoIN Tourism, the Community Foundation of Floyd County and so many more that we’re excited to welcome to our Harvest Family. With the support of our neighbors in the community, we’re able to take our all of our kids’ events and riverfront concerts to the next level. 

We have a great team working on the new Samtec Cares Family Stage in the First Financial Parking Lot that is going to be huge for kids of all ages. Vice President Amy Cummins and her team are working with new partners at the Floyd County Library and its branch at the Carnegie Center to fill that space with fun, interactive and educational programming Thursday and Friday during Booth Days, and I think everyone is going to be very excited to check that out. 

Make sure to follow Harvest Homecoming on Facebook & Instagram for a full schedule of events. 


This year’s theme is CarniFALL, based on our president’s, Art Niemeier’s, love of the Bahamian Festival, Carnival. It’s also a carnival, so look at us being clever. We are so excited to celebrate culture and unity and the joy of being a vibrant community of loving people from everywhere. 


This is so hard. I really love all of our events for different reasons. I am so excited about the parade this year. Our Parade VP, Allyson Glass, has really put in so much effort to take our parade to the next level, and I can’t wait to see the community be able to enjoy her hard work. I LOVE Pumpkin Chunkin and what that partnership with Purdue Polytechnic Institute has done to further STEM education and awareness in our community. 

The Business Luncheon is hands down THE (clap) BEST (clap) luncheon, probably in the world. 

I also really enjoy our Riverfront Events from the car show to the concerts and new this year, the Harvest Hops Beer Fest. 

With help from our friends at Sounds Unlimited Productions, Alpha Media and Monarch Beverage, we’re working to bring exciting concert experiences to the Riverfront Amphitheater this year. Also, if you haven’t been to the Kid’s Dog Show, I highly recommend it. Super-cute dogs, even cuter kids; it’s the best way to spend a Monday evening at the Riverfront Amphitheater. 


LOL. Literally everything. A couple years ago, myself and a couple of the ladies in the festival started a new tradition called “Smorgasbord Sunday.” I would venture to say the three of us spend 20 to 30 bucks apiece, we all get something different, go in a room at the Harvest Homecoming Office where no one can find us and we pig out. Some of our favorites are Brooklyn & the Butcher’s loaded potato and steak tips, Mason donuts, ribbon potatoes with cheese sauce and beans, and greens and cornbread from Chef Walker. 


Be prepared to have fun and be patient. We are so blessed that hundreds of thousands of people choose to visit our city every year during the first week in October, but that also means a bit of congestion. I would make sure you’re following Harvest Homecoming, the City of New Albany and SoIN Tourism on social media so you can plan your perfect Harvest Homecoming visit. We have something for literally every age and interest. 

Get Fit Before You Hit The Aisle



Everyone wants to look perfect for their wedding, and when you want to lose weight to do your best, you need to find the right diet and exercise program to make that happen. 

CASE BELCHER, owner of Four Barrel Fitness, said he sees a lot of brides who come in and want to drop pounds before their big day. While he’ll help them reach their goals, he also wants them to continue their progress after the wedding. 

“Say you want to lose 20 pounds before your wedding, but then later you put on 25 pounds,” said Belcher, who is a Crossfit Level 3 coach and a USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach. “We get them through the door with the stuff they’re interested in. Then we say, “Let’s search for that more sustainable path now.” 

Belcher advocates a three-tier system of fitness: nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Nutrition is all about eating healthy food and fueling your training and life. Exercise includes cardio and strength training, with a buddy or coach. Lifestyle changes include getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. 


Fad diets and cleanses are a no-no, Belcher said. “Studies, in fact, show that you tend to put on more weight than what you took off. You can lose weight quickly, but it probably needs to be monitored by a nutritionist or dietitian.” 

Belcher recommends the “hand system” to measure food portions. Four meals a day should have meat or protein (beef, chicken, fish) the size of your palm; a carbohydrate (such as potatoes, rice or carrots) that can fit in a cupped hand; vegetables (such as a salad, asparagus or broccoli) should be the size of your fist; and fats (oils) should be the size of your thumb. “That way no matter where you’re at, you don’t have to have a food scale,” Belcher said. “You can just eye that stuff up.” 

The “go-to thing that people have been told in terms of dieting is you’ve just got tp eat like hardly anything, but that’s totally not true because you don’t have the nutrients you need for training. You’re going to run into a wall, you’re not going to be motivated, you’re not going to have the energy you need to stay consistent. A lot of times when people start eating (utilizing the ‘hand system’), it feels like a lot of food to them. But they’re eating balanced now, they’re getting more fiber because they’re eating vegetables and things like that. They start to lose the fat and lose the pounds.” 


For exercise, Belcher said a key component is accountability. Find a gym or place to exercise that’s convenient and where you’ll be able to stay consistent. He recommends either taking a buddy – a bridesmaid or groomsman, perhaps – who will plan to be there with you, holding you accountable. Hiring a coach is another way. You can make appointments, and you’ll be expected to be there. 

Conditioning with cardio along with lifting weights at least three times a week is the best plan, he said. Compound moves, such as pushups, squats, deadlifts and pull-ups or ring rows work more than one muscle at a time. 

“People who are looking for fat loss, strength training and putting on some lean tissue is going to help them keep that fat off, and essentially, it’s giving them a bigger engine to burn fat,” Belcher said. “More muscle burns fat, and it makes you a more functional human being. We want you to get those immediate results, but then also we want to set you up for what’s going to keep you healthiest for the long term. Putting on that muscular base is what keeps you strong later in life.” 


Stress and lack of sleep make losing weight more difficult. “Sleep is when your body does most of its recovery,” Belcher said. “It also controls a lot of your hormonal processes. If you’re low on sleep, your body is going to have a lot higher cortisol. When stress levels are higher, you tend to hold more fat because your body is kind of in that flight mode.” Cortisol is a steroid hormone that regulates your metabolic and immune systems. 

Drinking more water is another way to keep your body functioning properly, he said. “Most people are low-level dehydrated on a daily basis, and your body systems just don’t function as well if you’re not well-hydrated.” 

Belcher recommends drinking 100 ounces per day. 

Adhering to these three components will ensure weight will come off, and Belcher likes to see people start their training about six months before the big event to give enough time to make changes and see results. 

“Do your research and find a professional,” Belcher said. “I’ve found that speed and degree of results are directly related to the skill of the coach I’m working with. Use your wedding as momentum to start healthy behaviors that could last a lifetime.”



April 12 • Jeffersonville

Photos by Bailey Boyd

Sapphire Boutique held its inaugural pre-derby fashion show and party on their back patio at the 326 Spring Street location in historic downtown Jeffersonville. The head-turning affair thrilled guests with the latest in spring, summer and Derby fashions.

Life-Changing Locks

Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio

Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio

Amie & Co. Hair Studio offers ‘revolutionary’ hair extensions


screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-3-50-36-am“This hair has literally changed my life,” says Amanda Brooke Jones, a beautiful brunette with locks that flow nearly to her waist.

Jones isn’t being flippant as she flips her tresses over her shoulder and adds, “I’m not kidding. Getting these extensions has been life-changing. … Sometimes all it takes is a little jump start, a little flicker. When you look good, you feel good. It sounds insane, but this hair – it was a catalyst for me. It was the spark that reminded me of who I am. It pulled that confidence and sass back to the surface.”

Hearing such glowing testimonials is the norm for hair stylist Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio in Clarksville, ever since she started offering Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions (NBR) at her salon.

Many in the beauty industry tout NBR as the most comfortable, natural looking and least-damaging hair extensions on the market. And fashion bloggers have even referred to it as “revolutionary.”

Unlike other methods, the process, which typically takes about four to five hours and includes color and styling, does not involve glue or tape. Instead, extensions are sewn into the hair in rows using only thread and beads, which means removal takes only about five minutes.

The hair used is of “supreme quality,” says Bradford, and can last up to six months.

NBR is “fully customizable” depending on preference of length, thickness and even color, adds Bradford. “For every customer that sits in my chair, I personally customize their NBR experience.”

Amie & Co. Hair Studio

1521 Blackiston Mill Road





A Dream Do-Over



Wedding planner Laurie Haag and her husband experience the wedding of their dreams

May 7, 1988, is one of my favorite days ever. It’s the day I married my husband.

Fast-forward to May 2018, and I can’t believe 30 years have gone by so fast. When we got married, we were very young. We lacked a lot of resources and we had some unusual rules to follow at our church because I already had a baby. So, our wedding wasn’t exactly a “dream wedding,” and from time to time, we have joked about and discussed redoing it.

At our 10-year anniversary, it would have been impossible to redo a wedding celebration as we were in the throes of raising four young daughters and were basically super poor at that time.

At our 25-year anniversary, our oldest daughter was due to have her first baby any day during that timeframe. We couldn’t risk missing the birth of our granddaughter, or our daughter and son-in-law not being at our party.

So, this year, as we were anticipating 30 years and reminiscing about our life, Bryan asked if I thought we should go for it and re-do the “wedding.” We were sitting beachside during a romantic dinner while on vacation and it just seemed like it was meant to be. He asked if it should be a full-fledged vow renewal, and all I could think was that I just didn’t want it to come off corny. But really, a lot of the traditional ceremony things are what we missed out on, so we felt like it was really important and would be special.

The Vendors Venue: The Loft on Spring Wedding Dress: Laurel Wreath Bridal Anniversary Band: Koerber’s Fine Jewelry Catering: Stumler’s Catering Florals: Merci Bouquet Cake: Mert’s Cake DJ: A Class Act DJ Various Rental Items: Party Central Videography: Matt Simpson Photography: Natalie Spaulding Photography and Ashley Walts Photography 77

The Vendors
Venue: The Loft on Spring
Wedding Dress: Laurel Wreath Bridal
Anniversary Band: Koerber’s Fine Jewelry
Catering: Stumler’s Catering
Florals: Merci Bouquet
Cake: Mert’s Cake
DJ: A Class Act DJ
Various Rental Items: Party Central
Videography: Matt Simpson
Photography: Natalie Spaulding Photography and Ashley Walts Photography

I had a mere six weeks to plan the whole thing, but I do own three wedding businesses in town, and I have all the experience, resources and friends in the wedding industry to pull it off to perfection.

The day was so special. The girls and I started off our day with brunch at The Exchange Pub + Kitchen, which decked out our table with flowers and mimosas. We got ready at the Beauty Lounge located at Eventful 203 (which I own). Then, we headed down to Brooklyn and the Butcher for some photos.

The ceremony and reception took place at the Loft on Spring (which I also own) and it was full of sentimental, funny and lively moments.

Bryan surprised me with an anniversary band during the vow renewal that was officiated by our good friend Ray Green, the pastor at Graceland Baptist Church. We did a short first dance to “I Want to Grow Old with You” by Adam Sandler. Our best man and maid of honor from our original wedding were both able to come, and since we didn’t have toasts at our first wedding, they were gracious enough to do a toast at this one. It was so sweet and, of course, I cried.

But probably the best part of the whole evening was when Bryan did a dance with our four daughters. They started out with “My Girl” and each daughter took a twirl around with their dad during the first verse and chorus. Then, the song cut to “Bad Boys,” then “No Diggity” and finished out with “I’m Too Sexy.” They had it all perfectly choreographed, and it was definitely outside of my husband’s comfort zone. He typically hates to dance, but he really stole the show and it was a hit.

Really the whole day was about celebrating family and celebrating all the things we had gotten through in 30 years. We are a testament that things in life can be crazy, disappointing, chaotic and full of crises, but if you just stick together through it all, then you will also be able to enjoy the times when it’s sweet, peaceful and full of goodness.screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-4-30-02-pmscreen-shot-2018-06-05-at-4-30-14-pm

Fillies for a Cure Networking Luncheon and Fashion Show


Beargrass: A Skincare Company with A Mission


screen-shot-2018-01-31-at-4-11-23-pm“I have really sensitive skin, and had to learn certain ingredients to avoid in skincare products and laundry detergents at an early age,” explains David Conrad as we stand in his workspace in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville. He has a bottle of essential oil in one hand and a pipette in the other.

Conrad is the creator of Beargrass, an all-natural skincare brand he launched a few years ago. He started the company with a single beard oil. Now, the company has expanded its offerings to include a facial and body cleanser that is charcoal-based; a hydrating body spray that can also be used as a bug repellent and deodorant; and a moisturizing serum that contains hempseed oil and goldenrod extract that are both sourced from plants grown in Kentucky.

This full transparency about where each ingredient is sourced is important to the company owner. “I want Beargrass to be a company that people can feel good about purchasing their skincare items from,” says Conrad.

This is why Conrad is starting to list the location information for each ingredient he uses directly on the Beargrass website.

screen-shot-2018-01-31-at-4-11-28-pmSome of the plants these ingredients are extracted from are located in Kentucky and Indiana. He also hopes to use bottles that are manufactured locally from recycled materials in the near future. Conrad believes this honest and eco-friendly approach will help Beargrass stand apart from other skincare companies.

Beargrass is also unique in its approach to business because it puts a major emphasis on giving back to the local community. The company donates 10 percent of its net earnings to various local initiatives.

Conrad labels his company an eco-social enterprise because it is a business that values the environment and its own social impact just as much as it does its profits. This social impact includes donating to programs that provide essential work skills to youth in economically-depressed areas. AMPED Louisville and YouthBuild are just two of the programs that Beargrass partners with.

When asked why he chose these two youth organizations, Conrad quickly responds, “Giving young people important skills they can carry into adulthood is a good way to stop the cycle of poverty.”

AMPED Louisville – Academy of Music Production Education and Development – is a program on the West side of Louisville that aims to create a safe environment for kids to express themselves through music. This program started by teaching music composition, video production, web design and even marketing. Now, they have added computer programming and writing to their curriculum.

YouthBuild, which is another local organization aimed to arm young adults with essential life skills, is a program that provides counseling and support groups, and teaches productive processes for overcoming negative experiences.

One other local initiative Beargrass donates to is the Beargrass Creek Alliance. This alliance is dedicated to preserving local waterways through community involvement. Beargrass Creek, the inspiration behind the company name, is important to Conrad because he grew up next to it.

“I knew I wanted to work with an environmental cause, and the Beargrass Creek Alliance was a natural fit. Clean water is such an important thing. Water has such a wide reach. Whether it is trees, birds, plants, people hiking around it or the kids playing in it, water affects everything,” explains Conrad.

This idea of the waterways being a life source for the city is what inspired Conrad to use the name Beargrass for his company. “I needed a name that could sum up Louisville, and Beargrass does that. Beargrass Creek helped form the actual landscape of the city and continues to provide life to it.”

Over the next few years, Conrad plans to expand his product selection. He wants to create safe and natural cleaning products, pet supplies and more. For him, the Beargrass idea is more than a skincare brand. For Conrad, his company has become an an outlet for making real change in the community and how people do business.

Learn more about Beargrass at beargrass.co. or call 502.439.6419.

Editor’s Note | October 2017

screen-shot-2017-09-22-at-3-29-28-pmHARVEST OF GOLD may be the theme of Harvest Homecoming 2017, but in this issue you’ll also find a common thread about what makes the New Albany festival so special: family, friends, food and fun.

The Extol Magazine team is excited to be one of this year’s platinum sponsors of Harvest Homecoming as it celebrates its 50th anniversary and continues to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors – and dollars – to our local community…and beyond.

Happy Harvest Homecoming! Here’s to the next 50 years!

screen-shot-2017-09-22-at-3-29-34-pmSO WORTH IT

I’ve never been a fan of laborious morning routines, especially now that I have a toddler. I’d much rather eat breakfast with her than spend time applying makeup or painstakingly straightening my hair. So, I’m always eager to find ways to make my beauty routine easier.

That’s why I tried microblading, a simple semi-permanent procedure that has given me back the eyebrows of my youth and allowed me to throw away my brow pencils. I had my procedure done by Kate at Body & Brow Boutique, 37 Bank St. #9 in the Underground Station in New Albany, and couldn’t be happier with the results. To see a video about the process and my experience, go to extolmag.com. You can also find experts at microblading at J. Nicolle Salon & Spa, 113 E. Market St. in New Albany.

screen-shot-2017-09-22-at-3-30-18-pmJOHN AND KATE + 1

Speaking of Body & Brow, Kate, who owns the waxing boutique, and her husband, John, have made the decision to adopt a little one through Adoption Bridges of Kentuckiana, which partners with St. Elizabeth, a wonderful organization that continues to give hope and change lives.

As some of you know, I was adopted as an infant, so it should come as no surprise that I have a heart for those who choose to walk the path of adoption – birth parents and adopters alike – which isn’t always easy.

For months now, I have been following Kate and John’s adoption journey at johnandkateplusone.com. It’s a heartwarming, informative, honest site that includes readers on their journey. I encourage you to check it out.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read Extol. Your support means so much.

Yours truly,

Angie Fenton

Editor in Chief