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PRESS RELEASE | Floyd Central Theatre Arts Presents: BIG FISH

September 8-11, 2016

New Season Opens with a Splash!

Floyd Central opens its 2016-2017 theatre season with Big Fish, a highly fanciful and funny new musical about fatherhood, family, and forgiveness.  Based on the movie and novel by the same name, Big Fish introduces audiences to Edward Boom’s world of giants, witches, and other larger-than-life characters while touching the hearts of the young and old alike.  “We are hoping families will join us for this moving production,” says the show’s director, Robbie Steiner.  “It is a beautiful story that everyone can relate to on some level.  The cast, crew, and I have found ourselves deeply moved by these characters so we can’t wait to share them with our audience.”

Big Fish tells the tale of Edward Bloom (junior Mitchell Lewis), a man with a big heart and even bigger imagination. Edward’s son, Will (senior Gage Griffin), has grown up on his father’s stories of kissing a mermaid, befriending a giant and meeting Will’s mother, Sandra (senior Sarah Denison) at a circus. However, now a grown man recently married

Mitchell Lewis as Edward Bloom (left) & Sarah Denison as Sandra Bloom (right)

Mitchell Lewis as Edward Bloom (left) & Sarah Denison as Sandra Bloom (right)

and expecting a child with his wife, Josephine (junior Allie Lincoln), Will has grown out of such tall tales. Will simply does not accept these stories and finds that he is drifting farther and farther away from his father. Is it possible for Will to accept Edward before his life is cut short or will their relationship simply flop? Big Fish reels people of all ages in through the magic of storytelling as Edward’s tales come to life on stage.  Junior Sam Moore plays the larger than life giant, Karl, while juniors Brooklyn Ivey and Jordan Burger play a witch and a circus ringmaster turned werewolf.  Edward’s adventurous stories entertain while revealing a greater truth about his life and his big heart.

Big Fish is not only a show full of imagination and heart; it is filled to the brim with diverse and relatable characters.  Mitchell Lewis relies on memories of his own grandfather to help him create his version of Edward Bloom: “My grandfather was very similar to Edward.  Every time I talked to him he had a new story to tell me.  He always tried to lighten the mood and always had a joke, even living in the hospital near the end of his life.”  Mitchell explained that the show not only challenges him to take on a fatherly persona but also to develop authentic connections with the other characters in Edward’s life.  “It’s a love story, but not just about romantic love,” says senior Sarah Denison, who plays Sandra in the show, “However, Sandra and Edward do have one of the most beautiful relationships in musical theatre.”

While the performers are onstage sharing Edward’s stories, the Floyd Central Technical Theatre program is backstage helping them to come to life. Junior Megan Stapp, new to the world of technical theatre, shares her experience on working her first ever FC Theatre show as a tech: “Working behind the scenes on Big Fish, is a really eye-opening experience to everything that goes into the technical aspects of technical theatre. The show is so magical and being able to work it is an honor in itself.” Along with the inspirational story comes colorful lighting design, produced by sophomore Connor Nevitt. “Big Fish relies a lot on lights and projections to set the stage for Edward’s stories.  It is a show driven by emotion so the lights can help reflect the experiences of the characters for the audience,” says Nevitt.

Patrick Jump, Floyd Central’s Technical Director, leads a group of hard-working designers, managers, and technicians for this production.  The show’s Stage Manager is senior Jerran Kowalski, who is assisted by juniors Makenna Baughman and David Greenwell.  Senior Meredith Collings serves as the show’s Sound Designer and sophomore Jessica Bulliet as the Props Master.

Big Fish is directed and designed by Robbie Steiner with choreography by Hayie Rebilas and Musical Direction by Scott Bradley.  Vicki Hays, Janet Slaughter, and Susie Ems construct the costumes.

Parents are advised that while Big Fish is highly entertaining for all ages, it does deal with some heavy themes such as cancer and the death of a parent.



Where? Floyd Central Auditorium

When? September 8, 9, 10  at 7:30PM and September 11 at 2:00PM

How Much? $12 Adults, $10 Senior Citizens, $6 Students


Tickets are available at www.floydcentraltheatre.org and over the phone at (812) 542-2284.