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Talented baker
Lydia Sprigler.

Letter From the Editor | June/July 2018

By Angie Fenton   

The Extol Team is thrilled to have Lydia Sprigler as the subject of our featured cover story. The winner of MESA’s Kid Baking Contest, Lydia wowed the judges with her sweet skills and will be the guest of honor at our launch party, which is 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. June 21 at MESA, 216 Pearl St. in New Albany. Attendees of the free, family-friendly event will get a chance to enjoy Lydia’s baking and other appetizers at this edition of our signature event. We hope you’ll join us. By the way, if you have a budding young baker in your family, Food Network contacted MESA KIDS (coming soon to New Albany) and asked for help finding talented kids ages 8 to 13 to cast for season 5 of the network’s Kids Baking Championship show. You can find more information at www. mesakidscookingschool.com.

Talented baker Lydia Sprigler.

Talented baker
Lydia Sprigler.

In this issue, we remember and celebrate the life of Bekki Jo Schneider, who made Derby Dinner Playhouse a must-visit Southern Indiana institution. We are grateful to Jon Huffman and Arts-Louisville.com for allowing us to share his tribute to Bekki Jo.

It has been enjoyable watching basketball standout Romeo Langford mature into a young man who is preparing to head to Indiana University. We caught up with the Hoosier for a quick Q&A and photo shoot at The Pepin Mansion, where he, once again, displayed why he’s a fan favorite on and off the court.

Romeo Langford with fans Elliott Baker, 7, and his sister Eve Baker, 5.

Romeo Langford with fans Elliott
Baker, 7, and his sister Eve Baker, 5.

Amid the articles and columns about summer fun, food, exploring Southern Indiana (and beyond), sports, fitness, fashion, home renovation and philanthropy, you’ll also find several though-provoking first-person pieces. Zach McCrite shares an honest account of his recent 80-pound weight loss. Ray Lucas imparts the wisdom he learned from his father. Guest contributor Amy Gesenhues gives a glimpse of her family’s 100-year garden. And Miranda McDonald details a recent trip that includes coming to terms with what it means to be divorced.

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Photos by Christian Watson shot at The Pepin Mansion, 1003 E. Main St. in New Albany • thepepinmansion.com


THERE IS NO QUESTION about the most popular issue Extol has ever published. A year and a half later, we still get requests for the January 2017 Extol Sports edition featuring Romeo Langford. In fact, we recently shipped a couple dozen copies to a middle school coach based in Kentucky (his players love Romeo) and even dropped off a solo one to a local who asked for more but we could only part with one because we have so few in our reserves.

Yes, the New Albany graduate is revered for his prowess on the basketball court, but he’s also beloved for how he treats his fans and the way he conducts himself with humility. “He doesn’t seek the spotlight – it seeks him,” Romeo’s high school coach Jim Shannon has told the media more than once.

When the 18-year-old and his family held a public event to announce his long-awaited decision to commit to Indiana University, more than 2,500 fans and 85 credentialed members of the media packed the New Albany High School gymnasium.

“I was really surprised,” admitted Romeo’s father Tim Langford. “It wasn’t our intent to draw so many people. We just wanted to give back to the fans and let them be a part of the decision.”

Now that it’s been made and his son will soon head to Bloomington, “We’re ready,” Tim continued. “We’ve been looking forward to it (and are) excited. It’s the next chapter.”

Before he turns the next page and begins his collegiate career, Romeo sat down with us for a quick Q&A at The Pepin Mansion, where he also took the time to pose for photos with two young fans.

This issue of Extol is dedicated, in part, to kids. What advice do you have for the young fans who look up to you?

Follow your dreams. Work hard at what you want to do because there’s someone out there who wants to do what you want to (accomplish), too.

Romeo Langford with his father Tim Langford.

Romeo Langford with his father Tim Langford.

What will study at Indiana University?

Not sure. I’ll do general (studies) until I figure out what to do.

What was your favorite high school class?

Math, especially algebra.

What was your least favorite class?


How do you spend your rare moments of downtime?

Playing video games.

What’s your favorite music to listen to?

I listen to all types but my favorite is Michael.

Michael Jackson? Can you dance like him?

(Laughs.) Nah.

Not even a little bit? No moonwalk?

(Laughs and shakes head.) Nah, I can’t do that.

What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?romeo-2

“Another Part of Me.”

When is the last time you picked up the trumpet? (Note: Romeo’s Dad used to play the instrument too.)

I played at my church for the (2017) Christmas Day service.

Aside from your parents, who have been the biggest mentors to you?

(Family friend) Jonathan Jeanty, (trainer) Coach Deion Lee, (off-court trainer) Brian Fig and (trainer) Parrish Bryant.

Will you and your father continue your daily morning routine of talking on the phone before school?

(Chuckles.) Probably won’t call him at 6:50 in the morning (any more) … but I will call him.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In the NBA.

screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-5-01-16-pmBY THE NUMBERS

3,002: Number of points Romeo Langford scored during his high school basketball career.

264 of 294: Number of votes Romeo received to be named Indiana’s Mr. Basketball.

9.9: Number of rebounds Romeo averaged during his senior year of high school, along with 35.5 points, 3.7 assists and 3 steals per game

1: Number of basketball courts named in honor of the Hoosier. Floyd County Parks and Recreation decided to dedicate Romeo Langford Basketball Court at Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park, 4400 Lewis Endres Parkway in New Albany, “in honor of (Romeo), following his historic high school basketball career at New Albany High School and positive influence off- the-court as a role model to Floyd County’s youth.”

35,800+: Number of people following Romeo (@yeahyeah_22) on Twitter