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Derby Trot & Shop


Photo by Danny Alexander

Join Sarah Jordan of Alpha Media April 14 in New Albany

for Derby Trot & Shop powered by Bliss Travel. For just $25

you can sample your favorite wines and beers inside select

locations, receive a signature glass and a shopping bag. The

party starts at 2 pm in Bicentennial Park. Purchase tickets for

the 21 and over event at www.bit.ly/TrotShop

(enter promo code SAVE5).

PSSTTT: Sure, Ben

Franklin in New

Albany is the place

to go for all things

arts and crafts ,

but did you know

they carry a number

of Derby items,

including hats that

they’ll decorate

for you.


A Voice and a Face

Strandz and Threadz red dress, $50; cocktail ring, $9; fascinator, $15.

Strandz and Threadz red dress,
$50; cocktail ring, $9; fascinator, $15.

Sarah Jordan looks back and ahead on her career.

Story by Remy Sisk

Photos of Sarah Jordan by Danny Alexander

Styling by Miranda McDonald

Hair and Makeup by Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique

Clothing courtesy Sapphire on Spring Boutique

and Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique

Photos shot at Double Barrel, 147 E. Main St. in New Albany

f you’ve turned on your car

radio at some point in the last decade, you’ve

almost certainly heard the bubbly, vivacious

voice of Sarah Jordan.

A true radio success story who has gone from

intern to on-air personality to marketing director,

Jordan has led a genuinely remarkable career, and

her winning blend of superb talent and stunning

personality makes her one of the community’s

most revered public figures.

I first met Sarah when I was an intern at 99.7

DJX in 2011. As I began to work regularly with

her, what always struck me most was her nonstop

positive energy. She was always fully committed

to helping me learn and gave me opportunities

that I still credit as being highly impactful to my

work today.

Strandz and Threadz lace dress, $49.99; fascinator, $19.95; butterfly clips, $3.50 each; gold necklace, $29.

Strandz and Threadz lace dress,
$49.99; fascinator, $19.95; butterfly
clips, $3.50 each; gold necklace, $29.

Personally, she always carried a contagious

shine and lit up the room whenever she walked

in. She and I would get overly emotional about

reality TV contestants together and talk about

the strengths and weaknesses of the latest singles

(and fashions) from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and

Taylor Swift. I learned so much from Sarah, and

it’s no surprise to me that she’s risen to the heights

that she has.

She’s been in radio for 12 years, and most

listeners were first introduced to her when she was

the night show host on DJX. When she became a

mom, she transitioned to day shifts and worked

mornings on 102.3, another of the five stations

clustered under Alpha Media Louisville. Now,

she’s the marketing director of all five brands,

which include 99.7 DJX and 102.3 Jack FM as well

as B96.5, Magic 101.3 and G105.1.

Sapphire on Spring blue dress, $86; fascinator $32.

Sapphire on Spring blue dress, $86; fascinator $32.

Jordan is keen to note that as she has gone

from a wife to a first-time mother to now a mom

of two, her career has simultaneously grown and

developed. “When I was pregnant with my son, I

was still doing nights on DJX, and I kept thinking

that that was not going to work being a mom, and

then I transitioned to doing a daytime shift and

that worked better,” she remembers. “And so, as

I’ve grown up as a mom, I do feel like my job has

matured as I’ve matured – now in this level of

management where I am with my two kids versus

where I was when I just started having kids and

was still a night show host on DJX.”

Regardless of her position, however, her passion

for her industry has never faltered: “My favorite

thing about radio,” she says, “is that it changes every

single day. The landscape is constantly changing,

mostly due to social media. Every day, we have to

keep up with the latest technology, what’s trending

on social media and what’s trending in the music

world. So, every day is something different, and

that’s my favorite thing about radio because just

when you think you’ve figured it out, it changes

the next day.”

Sapphire on Spring maxi skirt and crop top combo, $36; fascinator, $50.

Sapphire on Spring maxi skirt and crop top combo, $36; fascinator, $50.

Off the clock, Jordan spends as much time

as she can with her husband as well as her two

beautiful children. Currently, the crew resides

in Jeffersonville and is actively building a house

in Floyds Knobs. “Southern Indiana has always

been my home – that’s where I grew up and where

I went to high school and now my husband and

I have lived here since 2009,” Jordan says. “We

decided we wanted to raise our kids in the New

Albany Floyd County school system, so we’re

building back up in the Knobs now.”

Although Jordan is eminently ingrained in

the culture of Louisville, she insists her love for

Southern Indiana is strong and indeed emphasizes

her appreciation for getting to split her time

across the two states. “I like the small-town

feel of Southern Indiana – I think it’s because I

grew up there that it feels like home to me,” she

enthuses. “I love Louisville, I work in Louisville

and I probably spend more hours of my days in

Louisville, but I like that I can cross the bridge

and dance on both sides.”

Although Jordan is always busy – whether at

work or at home – no time of the year is more

demanding than Derby season, which is rapidly


Jordan has always relished Derby season and

was actually a Derby princess in 2009. But this

year, she’s going even further into the whirlwind

by serving on the Kentucky Derby Festival board.

Her work with the radio stations has her grooving

around town already, and being on the board

ensures it’ll be hard to find an event she won’t

be attending.

But she’s up for the challenge and is sure to not

only show up, but show up in style. “Obviously,

I’m excited to figure out what to wear to the track

because it’s always a task, but at the same time,

one of my favorite things is pulling together hats

and dresses and jewelry and evening gowns,” she

maintains. “There is nothing like it.”

As far as her favorite event of Derby season,

Jordan insists she can’t pick just one but does

assert that one of the greatest experiences of the

week is actually one of the less glamorous: “If

you ever have the chance to be on the backside of

Churchill Downs during Derby week, watching the

sun rise between the Twin Spires and seeing those

Derby horses practice for their big two minutes

of fame – the sound of the hooves, it’s chilly, it’s

damp, the sun’s rising, it is perfect.”

Although visiting the backside in the early

morning may be a highlight, Jordan emphasizes

that it’s more about the energy of the week than

anything else, living through the hum of Derby

week and embracing its nonstop excitement.

“When it’s Derby week, there’s a buzz in the

city,” says Jordan. “I don’t care if you are walking

down Fourth Street Live!, if you are you are at your

house, if you hear airplanes flying in the sky or are

you’re stepping on to the track. There is a certain

energy that is around this entire city, and I think

it’s because it knows it is being watched by the

entire world for that one week.”


Fillies for a Cure Networking Luncheon and Fashion Show



Accessories for Everyone




The hottest trend is the big initial hanging around your neck and Strandz and Threadz has them in silver for $8.  screen-shot-2018-01-31-at-4-14-24-pm

Bow ties are in for him and her. Take your suit to the next level wearing a leather bow tie with adjustable strap for $25.


322 Vincennes St. | New Albany 812.945.5480 | stranzandthreadz.com


Cadella’s Blessing Bracelets are the perfect way to commemorate the blessings in your life. Start with a handcrafted wire and gemstone bracelet, then upload a picture online. Your personalized tile is crafted then shipped and ready to be added. The bracelet is $40 in the store then $15 per tile online.


Everything about this necklace screams at me, from the popping bright colors of the tassel to the sheer size and length. Statements get you noticed and there is no ignoring this wood bead and fabric necklace for $29.


326 Spring St. | Jeffersonville 812.920.0017 facebook.com/sapphireonspring/ 


Currently wearing the silver fox (for obvious reasons), this Animal Farm trucker hat by Goorin Bros. comes in a zoo of styles fitting your mood or demeanor. All manner of beast embroidered on an adjustable hat for $30.

The boutonniere that won’t wilt will add a touch of flair to the lapel of any jacket. This fabric lapel pin comes in a variety of colors and styles for $10.


314 Pearl St. | New Albany812.595.7752 | himgb.com


Upcycled from vintage jewelry and given new life as hair pins, barrettes and headbands, the mini works of art by local Elaine Crowder will add a touch of elegance to your outfit. The pieces range in price from $9.99-$21.99.

Statement pieces abound at Mariposa and the unusual textures and shape of these cuffs caught my eye. They can be worn with anything from casual to formal and range in price from $9.99-$12.99.


222 Pearl St. #102 | New Albany 812.725.8508facebook.com/MariposaConsignments/


The modernized version of the classic cat eye in rose gold metallic and white sunglasses make me long for summer. Warm weather is just around the corner with these $15.99 specs.

The magical unicorn clutch really needs no description other than magical and unicorn. The iridescent coat, zipper pouch and wristlet handle will make all your dreams come true for $39.99.


219 Pearl St. | New Albany812.725.1321 | colokial.com



Express | SoIN Style


acr472720019896321114647Trina Amos

Henryville Resident 

Photo by Christian Watson

I work as a sales/licensed insurance agent at Gary Gilstrap State Farm Insurance in Georgetown and live in Henryville. Southern Indiana is home to me. I love that I live in the country but am still close to shopping areas. Southern Indiana is home to some great consignment shops. The outfit in the photo came from Mariposa Consignments in New Albany. It is great getting high-end pieces for a fraction of the original cost. When I saw the pink sweater coat with the Tibetan Lamb fur at Mariposa, I knew I had to have it. It had such a fun and funky vibe to it.

My style is statement making with a bit of polish and fun thrown into the mix. I always accessorize even if I’m just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. And then there’s the shoes… Life is short, buy the shoes! I will have a pair of Christian Louboutin’s before I die!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer Aug. 9, 2007 but am now celebrating 10 years cancer free! I hope that inspires newly-diagnosed patients with breast cancer that this is not an automatic death sentence. Having cancer changed my life for the better. I am a happier, healthier, stronger person than I was 10 years ago. I’ve made life-long friendships, I’ve used what I learned through the process to help other women embarking on their own survival journey. It wasn’t an easy road – a double mastectomy, reconstruction, major infection and chemo – but it’s one I would do again if I had the choice. Cancer truly gave me more than it ever took away. Here’s to the next 10 years!


Express | ‘Tis the Season

Let Koerber’s Fine Jewelry help you give the gift of glam these holidays

A gift of fine jewelry can last a lifetime – and longer. Pick the perfect present at Koerber’s Fine Jewelry this holiday season and bedeck your beloved with baubles she – or he – will love for decades to come.

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-13-pmHEARTS ON FIRE 18K WHITE GOLD FIVE STONE DIAMOND HALO RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-30-pm14K WHITE GOLD CONTEMPORARY

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-38-pmHEART’S ON FIRE 18K DIAMOND BEZEL RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-46-pm14K PINK GOLD DIAMOND AND PEARL RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-26-54-pmTACORI 18K YELLOW GOLD SIMPLY TACORI ENGAGEMENT RING

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-01-pmTACORI 18K PINK GOLD DANTELA ENGAGEMENT RING







screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-39-pm14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND FASHION STUD EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-27-49-pm14K WHITE GOLD KASLIQUE STUD DIAMOND EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-08-pm14K WHITE GOLD INTRICATE DIAMOND TWIST EARRINGS

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-15-pm14K YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND BEZEL NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-23-pm14K PINK GOLD MABE PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-31-pm14K WHITE GOLD FASHION DIAMOND BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-39-pm14K WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STACKED BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-28-45-pm14K WHITE GOLD KASLIQUE DIAMOND LONG BAR NECKLACE

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-46-36-pm3095 Blackiston Mill Road

New Albany




2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching. According to the National Retail Federation, more than half of shoppers start to research and plan their gifts in October, if not earlier, though by December most of us still have plenty of holiday shopping left to do. To help you get a jumpstart, we’ve featured a few of our favorite local finds. But don’t just take our word for it. Go out and frequent these locally-owned establishments now and take the hustle ’n‘ bustle out of this holiday season.

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-3-51-25-pmSapphire Boutique

Sapphire Boutique, which has locations in Jeffersonville and New Albany, carries the latest fashions, accessories and gifts for women and babies. Follow us on Facebook @sapphireonspring and Instagram @sapphire_boutiques.

Julie Gionatti is wearing a Pink multi color sweater dress by BCBG, Black button front rain dress by BCBG, handbag by Sondra Roberts.

Rachel Shipton is wearing a ruffle sleeve suede dress by Olivaliceous, Handbag by Sondra Roberts.

Both models wearing various styles and brands of jewelry.

326 Spring St., Jeffersonville


154 E. Main St., New Albany




Lavender Hill

At Lavender Hill, we strive to make our customers very, very happy. We offer daily deliveries to both residential and business locations. Our knowledgeable staff is here for you, be it a celebration, loss of a loved one, wedding or our favorite – for no reason at all. We’ll guide to towards the perfect florals or fine specimen plant, or pop into the shop to find the perfect piece of jewelry, scarf or artisan gift.

359 Spring St., Jeffersonville | 812.288.2388 | lavenderhillflorals.com



Whether you’re selecting a special gift, entertaining, or just need a little room refresh in your life, Madhouse is here to help. You will not be disappointed in the variety and uniqueness within this specialty shop that truly caters to any price range.

151 E. Spring St., New Albany | 812.924.7728 | madhousena.com


The Olivet

Locally owned and operated and situated in the beautifully developed Underground Station in the charming historic river town of New Albany, The Olivet is the only olive oil tasting emporium in the Southern Indiana area and offers the community a wonderful selection of ultra premium, extra virgin olive oils, hand selected from California groves, aged balsamic vinegars, whole spices and herb blends, Italian artisan pastas and sauces, handmade chocolates and truffles, a wide array of specialty and gourmet food items, and beautifully handcrafted, unique gifts. They also offer private tasting parties and specialize in custom gift baskets.

37 Bank St., New Albany | 812.913.4430 | www.theolivet.com


The Office Cigar Lounge

Kick back in big, comfy easy chairs and enjoy a cigar with your buds in the cigar lounge. There are hundreds to choose from in the huge walk-in humidor, as well as cigar and pipe accessories – plus we have a large selection of pipes and pipe tobacco – to keep you puffing and happy.

3700 Paoli Pike, Floyds Knobs | 812.993.0445 | www.theofficecigarlounge.com

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-3-52-18-pmACE Hardware

New Albany Ace Hardware is locally owned and happy to serve our community for more than 81 years. What better gift to yourself or someone special than a new grill! New Albany Ace Hardware offers a full range of grills – including Big Green Eggs, Traeger and Weber – and accessories – for the outdoor chef on your gift list. We also offer a variety of other items, just right for stocking stuffers and more. Plus, we receive new items every week. Follow us on Facebook by searching “Ace Hardware of New Albany.”

1905 Charlestown Road, New Albany | 812.945.6633. | www.acehardware.com & search “New Albany” in the store locator


MESA is a state-of-the-art, collaborative kitchen-classroom, featuring demonstrations by established and aspiring chefs from Southern Indiana and Louisville. The collaborative space offers cooking classes and demonstration, and also houses a bookstore, pantry, to-go cooking dinners, cookware boutique, aprons, toys for little ones and more. Stop by to pick up a gift for aspiring chefs of all ages or easily purchase a gift card for that special someone on our website.

216 Pearl St., New Albany | 812.725.7691 | www.mesachefs.com

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-3-52-44-pmHim Gentleman’s Boutique

Him Gentleman’s Boutique is a one-stop shop for every man. We provide all styles ranging from everyday casual to looking your best on a night out. Want to try a new look? Not sure how to work certain trends into your wardrobe? We are here for all your styling needs.

314 Pearl St., New Albany | 812.924.7441 | www.himgb.com

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-3-52-56-pmTop Shelf Tactical

Come and experience a different firearm retail experience. We are committed to the highest quality products, the most competitive prices and 100 percent customer satisfaction. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook – @topshelftacticalfirearms – for our weekly specials throughout the holiday season.

37 Bank St. Suite 7, New Albany | 812.725.1115 | www.topshelftactical.com

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-3-53-04-pmStrandz and Threadz

Threadz has many fashions to offer, including trendy clothing, scarves, purses and accessories, plus we carry gift items like signs, teas, candles, local items, seasonal items and more! Strandz is an AVEDA concept salon and full-service spa. So, you can complement your new outfit with a new hairstyle, blowout or add some highlights!

322 Vincennes St., New Albany | 812.945.5480 | www.strandzandthreadz.com

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-3-53-12-pmLL&A Interior Design

Celebrate Your Space!

247 Spring St., Jeffersonville | 812.282.6606 | www.leslielewisdesign.com


Express | Smith Broady Team Offers Service with a Smile (and Style, too)

acr47272001989632-2437943Smith Broady & Associates

1114 E. Tenth St. | Jeffersonville  | 912.941.0926 | smithbroady.com

Close-knit mortgage company relocates to Jeffersonville 

Sonya Broady vividly remembers when she and Leslie Smith decided to start up Smith Broady & Associates, a mortgage company located in Southern Indiana. “We opened in June 2008 in the middle of the real estate downfall,” Sonya said. “Everyone thought we were crazy.”

Now, more than nine years later, there are five members of the Smith Broady team, and they recently relocated from their Blackiston Mill Road location in New Albany to a beautifully remodeled, homey office at 1114 E. Tenth St. in Jeffersonville.

“It’s been almost a three-year process to look for something and find a right price and location,” said Leslie, who shares the principal manager/co-owner title with Sonya. “We have succeeded because of our team. We are family. Now that we’re in our new spot, we’re hoping to grow even more.

Smith Broady & Associates

At Smith Broady & Associates, we keep the mortgage process Simple so you can focus on more important issues in your life. Our experienced loan officers will personally guide you through our five-step process:

STEP 1: Loan prequalification

STEP 2: Mortgage loan application

STEP 3: Mortgage underwriting

STEP 4: Final conditions

STEP 5: Closing

Every step of the way, your Smith Broady & Associates loan officer will keep you informed of their progress toward the closing date. With the large inventory of affordable homes on the market, this is a wonderful time for first-time homebuyers to purchase a home.

At Smith Broady & Associates, we look forward to earning your business and becoming your preferred mortgage company for all your home purchases. From starter homes to dream homes, we’re there for you.

“At Smith Broady & Associates, we’re all very passionate about what we do. We have a lot of compassion for those who thought they would never even own a home. … We do a lot of hand-holding with clients on getting their financing. And we just love what we do.”

Leslie Smith 

Principal Manager/Co-owner


“We are family first (at Smith Broady), work second. We want our customers to be happy, and we go to great lengths to make sure we take care of our customers and each other.”

Angela Ross 

Senior Loan Officer


screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-07-07-pm“I bought my first house at 19 and (obtained a mortgage through Smith Broady & Associates). It was like a roller coaster. It makes you grow up fast, but I’m really happy I did it. … Now I’m blessed to work here. And it’s so nice to have this new office.

Lacey Kimberlin 

Processor & Loan Officer Trainee


“What sets us apart? It’s our personal touch, feel, the way we hand-hold, and we don’t turn anyone away. We will give you a plan of action. We will tell if your credit isn’t ready right now, we will tell you what to do. … I had one young woman whose dad brought her to me. I told her if she paid a certain credit card down I could close her in 30 to 60 days. She said, “I already paid it down,” and cried and cried. It can be pretty emotional and rewarding.”

Sonya Broady 

Principal Manager/Co-owner

screen-shot-2017-09-25-at-12-07-21-pm“I joined Smith Broady & Associates in February. They’re an awesome group to work for and work with. We’re like a big family. My mother-in-law passed away in April, and the love and support they extended was beyond anything I’ve seen. The way they just go over and above for the clients – I tell everyone about that. The care that they give their clients, each individual is an individual.”

Rhonda Collins 

Assistant Loan Processor/Office Manager


Brittany Wright-Humphrey & Gary Humphrey • 6.17.17

Photography by Ashley Walts

We were introduced by Todd Sharp, who thought we would be the perfect fit. We were engaged three days before Christmas. Gary kept taunting me with the presents under the tree because I kept begging ashleywaltsphotography-5-5
him to just let me open one early. He finally gave in and I had to open a huge box followed by another and so on. I had an idea once the boxes kept getting smaller, and when I finally got down to the last box he was on his knee. Everything after that was kind of a blur! We celebrated by going to watch “The Christmas Carol” at Actors Theatre followed by The Exchange to have drinks with friends

I heard about Laurie Haag of Eventful 203 through a friend of mine and contacted her about helping me plan the wedding. Little did I know that she would be the backbone of the entire thing. I pretty much gave all control to her, which wasn’t hard for me to do since I was never really into the process of planning a wedding. She was so professional and literally helped me the entire step of the way. The wedding would absolutely not have been as magical without her.ashleywaltsphotography30

It was very important to us to keep everything local (and I mean literally everything) and include the city of New Albany. It was also important to us to have a photograph of Gary’s parents on a stand by his side since they are no longer with us.
Our ceremony was awesome. I don’t think it was longer than 15 minutes but it felt like 45. Once I laid eyes on Gary, it was hard for me to hold back my tears, but I was just so, so happy that all I could do was smile. One of the most memorable moments was walking down the aisle and seeing my husband-to-be put his face in his hands to try and stop from crying.

And then, it was time to get the party started. We literally danced the night away. My dad and I had a surprise dance. We started out with our song, “My Girl,” and the broke into songs by Usher, Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. It was a hit even though Dad forgot half of the moves. Gary and I both did a dollar dance, followed by the garter toss and bouquet toss. I also had all of my dancers and the University of Louisville Ladybirds out on the dance floor. I seriously don’t think we ever stopped dancing. It was truly the most amazing night of my life. It was everything I had ever hoped for and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I am so thankful for everyone who helped make that day amazing and to Waffle House for letting me eat cheesy eggs and bacon in my dress at 3:30 a.m.


Show Us Your SoIN Style

Do you want to be featured in SoIN Style or nominate someone else? We’re looking for guys and gals of all ages who rock a style all their own, whether eclectic or elegant, funky or fierce, classic or crafty. Send an email to extol@extolmag.com with details, contact information and, if possible, a photograph.


Model Brooklyn Schrink in a dress and accessories from Sapphire on Spring, which now has two locations: 326 Spring St. in Jeffersonville and 154 E. Main St. in New Albany.