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A New Life

Michelle Wells offers fashion and friendliness at Mariposa Consignments

By Remy Sisk

Photos by Christian Watson


PULL QUOTE: “We get new items not only daily but hourly.” –Mariposa Consignments owner Michelle Wells


In downtown New Albany’s eclectic cultural landscape, Mariposa Consignments sits nestled on Pearl Street between Market and Main. A unique boutique, Mariposa offers an extraordinary range of like-new, vintage and brand-new fashions that vary from high-end to completely affordable. The shop is owned by Michelle Wells, an experienced Southern Indiana retailer and style icon. After a dynamic career in fashion, Wells is more than content to be running her own store, happily serving the residents of Kentuckiana.


“My grandmother was a seamstress. She always made our clothes when we were kids, and I think that’s definitely part of how I became interested in fashion,” Wells said.


Growing up, she was encouraged by her family to get a job if she wanted to buy her own clothes (her first aspirational purchase at 14 was a pair of Jordache jeans). So, she accepted a position at a Paul Harris clothing store. From then on, Wells was immersed in fashion and has spent three-quarters of her life in the fashion and retail industry.


Several years ago while working as a manager for a furniture store chain, Wells realized she wanted to do something that made more of a difference in her local community. Consequently, she merged her passions and began operating Hosparus’s Spring Street thrift store. As the shop was relatively small and somewhat off the beaten path of New Albany shopping, Wells knew she had to take action to make this work. She formed relationships with other area consignment stores and greatly enhanced the stock at Hosparus, making it a viable destination for uncommon finds.


Wells’s efforts were successful; however, Hosparus eventually disbanded the store. But her work did not go unnoticed. In 2012, Laurie Jacobs, who opened Mariposa in 2010, called Wells and said that she wanted to move on with other ventures in her life. She knew Wells was good at her job and would ensure Mariposa’s survival. Jacobs asked Wells if she wanted the store at no cost. “She literally paid it forward,” Wells recounted. “She wanted it to continue and knew that I knew what I was doing since I’ve been in retail my whole life.”


Fast forward six years, and Mariposa is now a fashion staple of downtown New Albany, where Wells and her staff see new customers every day. After working for others throughout her life, Wells has found her place as a store owner and ushered in an era of growth at the shop, which is in no small part due to her business vision and ardent commitment to customer service. “My whole goal is for people to find something really unique, try a new fashion and not spend a fortune on it,” she said. “One of the things I strive for is old world customer service. … Going into the mall, you may not get greeted or you can’t find what you’re looking for or can’t find a salesperson anywhere – we hear that a lot from our customers. And here, regardless of if they’re spending $9 or $400, we treat them all the same – like old friends – and help them find whatever special treat they’re looking for.”


Her one tip for first-time and frequent shoppers alike: Come often. “We get new items not only daily but hourly,” Wells said. “We schedule consignments by appointment that are set up every hour, sometimes every half hour, and our goal – the staff and myself – is that it has to be out on the floor within 15 minutes.”


With repeat visits, customers will undoubtedly soon develop a diverse, singular wardrobe representative of their own style. And that comes from the top down. Wells’s own style has morphed over time, but she’s proud to wear her fashion sense with pride. “My own style has evolved over the years,” she affirmed. “It used to be probably more preppy and classic, you could say, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had the confidence to wear what I really, really love. I love vintage. My favorite piece is a 1950s housecoat that I wear as a dress. I just love wearing vintage pieces and mixing it up with current fashion or adding a little quirky touch to it.”


When customers walk into Mariposa, Wells utilizes this style confidence to encourage others to be open-minded and up for seeing pieces through a different lens – and that all starts with engaging with the shoppers. “You ask questions,” she said. “What is it that they like? And you try to get them to try something a little bit different or think of things in a different way.”


Mariposa is constantly stocking the shelves with new pieces. The best way to stay up to date is to follow the shop on Facebook, where photos of special pieces are frequent. For instance, Wells recalled, there was a recent time when she posted a dress online at 9:30 a.m. and not 20 minutes later, a customer, who’d taken an early lunch, bought the dress. If you’re seeking prom wear, keep an eye out January through March, and if your prom-goer finds her dress at Mariposa and lets the store snap a photo, you get 15 percent off the gown.


Regardless of what you’re looking for, however, you can be certain that at Mariposa you won’t just be able to explore a fabulous collection of fashions but you also will be treated as if Wells and her staff have known you all their lives.


And if you can only buy one thing, Wells said with certainty there is one item everyone should have in their wardrobe: “The best pair of shoes you can buy!”


Five Tips for Finding Your Signature Style

By Michelle Wells

  1. Figure out your body type.
  2. Find a celebrity who has your body type and whose clothing you like – not to copy them but to find the designer that makes clothing for your body type.
  3. Find your color palette.
  4. Wear what you LOVE.
  5. Invest in quality.




Falling For It

Photos by Christian Watson

Model: Brooklyn Schrink

All clothing and accessories available at Sapphire on Spring Boutique, 326 Spring St. in Jeffersonville • sapphireboutique.com • Use code FREESHIP for free shipping

The beauty of the fickleness of winter and fall often means wet, rainy weather one day, frigid temperatures and snow another, followed by beautiful, sunlit days reminiscent of early spring. No matter the elements, Sapphire on Spring Boutique in downtown Jeffersonville has the fashions to keep you fabulously styled.

Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio

Life-Changing Locks

Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio

Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio

Amie & Co. Hair Studio offers ‘revolutionary’ hair extensions


screen-shot-2018-08-20-at-3-50-36-am“This hair has literally changed my life,” says Amanda Brooke Jones, a beautiful brunette with locks that flow nearly to her waist.

Jones isn’t being flippant as she flips her tresses over her shoulder and adds, “I’m not kidding. Getting these extensions has been life-changing. … Sometimes all it takes is a little jump start, a little flicker. When you look good, you feel good. It sounds insane, but this hair – it was a catalyst for me. It was the spark that reminded me of who I am. It pulled that confidence and sass back to the surface.”

Hearing such glowing testimonials is the norm for hair stylist Amie Bradford, owner of Amie & Co. Hair Studio in Clarksville, ever since she started offering Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions (NBR) at her salon.

Many in the beauty industry tout NBR as the most comfortable, natural looking and least-damaging hair extensions on the market. And fashion bloggers have even referred to it as “revolutionary.”

Unlike other methods, the process, which typically takes about four to five hours and includes color and styling, does not involve glue or tape. Instead, extensions are sewn into the hair in rows using only thread and beads, which means removal takes only about five minutes.

The hair used is of “supreme quality,” says Bradford, and can last up to six months.

NBR is “fully customizable” depending on preference of length, thickness and even color, adds Bradford. “For every customer that sits in my chair, I personally customize their NBR experience.”

Amie & Co. Hair Studio

1521 Blackiston Mill Road






Letter From The Editor


Much Love. On a personal note, I’d like to congratulate my brother-in-law Billy Applegate and soon-to-be sister-in-law Jyl Hildreth on their upcoming nuptials. These two deserve all the happiness.

The Extol Team is excited to debut our 2nd annual Wedding Issue – but it’s so much more. Yes, you will find a number of pages dedicated to all things wedding, including a gorgeous fashion shoot shot at Hidden Hill Nursery in Utica by photographer Gretchen Bell with styling and creative direction from Miranda McDonald. But you’ll also find articles about art, food, philanthropy, crafts, camping, sports, businesses, events and a heartfelt tribute to one of our favorite interviewees on the very last page.

It’s a good thing we have increased our page count because you’ll probably notice the number of ads have increased, too. Thanks to the support of our advertising partners, we’re able to offer Extol for free throughout the region.

We are especially grateful to Mark Bliss of The Calumet Club and One Southern Indiana – along with all of our additional sponsors – for partnering with us on our Aug. 15 Wedding Issue Launch Party. We hope you’ll join us 5:30 to 8 p.m. that day for the free event. Details are on the page adjacent to this one.

As always, thank you for taking the time to enjoy Extol.


A Bridal Wonderland

Because wedding season is always magical, we revisited the classic fairytale of Alice in Wonderland to showcase this season’s bridal offerings. All you need is a touch of lace, some embellished accents and the simple use of your imagination to join Alice and the Mad Hatter at their tea party in Wonderland.

Photography by Gretchen Bell

Creative Direction & Styling by Miranda McDonald

Photographed at Hidden Hill Nursery in Utica

Photo Shoot Assistant: Jessica Malloy

Models: Chelsea Plamp, Abbie Purdie, Savannah George, Kesley Moorefield, Micah Cargin and Keoni Glory



Hidden Hill Nursery


1011 Utica Charlestown Road, Utica


Wedding Gowns and Hair Accessories

Laurel Wreath Bridal


203 W. First Street, New Albany


Bridesmaids Dresses

House of K Boutique


137 E. Market St., New Albany


HIM Gentlemen’s Boutique


314 Pearl St., New Albany



Koerber’s Fine Jewelry


3095 Blackiston Mill Road, New Albany


Hair and Makeup

Strandz & Threadz


322 Vincennes St., New Albany


Floral Arrangements

Nance Floral Shoppe

Designed by Brian Nance


624 Spring St.

New Albany


Dishes, Linens and Place Settings

Nance Events

Styling by Brian Nance


624 Spring St.

New Albany


Chairs, Table and Chandeliers

Lux Chair Company




Jenny Garner



Rookies Cookies & Cakes


310 Pearl St., New Albany



Local Love

screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-3-24-02-pmSouthern Indiana has no shortage of locally-owned businesses, and shopping at them can benefit our community as a whole. Spending money at an independent business versus a big box retailer means more cash in our local economy. And there are several environmental benefits too. Local shop owners are more likely to reuse materials and contribute far less to industrial pollution than corporations do. Plus – and this may be the best benefit of all – when you shop local, you’re supporting your neighbors, which feels really good.


Look from Sapphire on Spring:
Dress Romper with Shorts $42, Initial Plate Necklace $19.

Sizzle This Summer

Styling and Photos by Miranda McDonald

Model: Kristen Kirsch

This summer is all about making a fashion statement with your outfit choices. From playful prints on off-shoulder frocks to stand out accessories and bold button details, you are sure to turn heads with these trendy, summer looks.

FASHIONS FROM: Sapphire on Spring

326 Spring St.



Mariposa Consignments

222 Pearl St.

New Albany



Look from Mariposa Consignments: Vintage Dress $21.99, Yellow Necklace $12.99, Silk Scarf $14.99.

Look from Mariposa Consignments:
Vintage Dress $21.99, Yellow Necklace $12.99, Silk Scarf $14.99.

Look from Sapphire on Spring: Dress Romper with Shorts $42, Initial Plate Necklace $19.

Look from Sapphire on Spring:
Dress Romper with Shorts $42, Initial Plate Necklace $19.

Look from Mariposa Consignments: Vintage Audrey Hepburn Tee $6.99,  Red Skirt $14.99, Denim Jacket $16.99.

Look from Mariposa Consignments:
Vintage Audrey Hepburn Tee $6.99, Red Skirt $14.99, Denim Jacket $16.99.

Look from Sapphire on Spring: Floral Blouse $48, Hem Denim $39, Tassel Earrings $30.

Look from Sapphire on Spring:
Floral Blouse $48, Hem Denim $39,
Tassel Earrings $30.

Look from Sapphire on Spring: Lemon Dress $59, Lemon Clutch $12, Beaded Earrings $14.

Look from Sapphire on Spring:
Lemon Dress $59, Lemon Clutch $12,
Beaded Earrings $14.


All That Sparkles

screen-shot-2018-06-05-at-3-52-15-pmSTORY & PHOTOS BY MIRANDA MCDONALD

(Including Parenthood)

Jacqueline Koerber knows a lot about jewelry. Her family has been in the business for over 30 years. However, the jewelry expert is also learning a little bit about motherhood as well after giving birth to her son.

The new mama recently sat down with us to talk about current jewelry trends, her new role as a parent and finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

How has motherhood been treating you?

Having my son is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Most days it is a balancing act of being a mom and business woman, but I always find a way to make it work.

Are there any pieces of jewelry you have purchased or been given since becoming a mom?

I like layering necklaces. Recently, I started wearing a choker with my son’s initial on it. When you are a mom, you are just so proud of your children, so you find yourself wearing pieces that commemorate them in some way. Besides my stack of rings, I wear this piece almost every day.

After celebrating your first Mother’s Day at the store, have you noticed any jewelry trends that are popular with moms?

Stud, diamond earrings are such a good piece for new moms. Not only are they practical because babies can’t grab them, but they start as low as $199, so they are also affordable. Stackable rings are also trending because they can add some flair to any look. When I was on maternity leave, I wasn’t dressing up and coming to work, so stacking on rings was a simple way to still dress up a look that was as casual as jeans and a tee. We have also seen that birthstone jewelry is popular. Cordova makes a beautiful birthstone necklace that you can stack different stones on for each child. It is simple, yet still classic and elegant.

We don’t want to leave out the dads. What are some gift ideas for Father’s Day?

Watches are always popular and practical. I really love our Shinola brand, because they have leather straps that make them versatile. They can be dressed up or down, and we have matching wallets as well. Also, we have cuff links from Tacori’s Retro Classic collection. The stones are unique, and there is so much detail on the silver. They really are perfect for a father that wants to make a bold fashion statement.


3095 Blackiston Mill Road

New Albany




Derby Trot & Shop




Join Sarah Jordan of Alpha Media April 14 in New Albany for Derby Trot & Shop powered by Bliss Travel. For just $25 you can sample your favorite wines and beers inside select locations, receive a signature glass and a shopping bag. The party starts at 2 pm in Bicentennial Park. Purchase tickets for the 21 and over event at www.bit.ly/TrotShop

(enter promo code SAVE5).



A Voice and a Face

Strandz and Threadz red dress, $50; cocktail ring, $9; fascinator, $15.

Strandz and Threadz red dress,
$50; cocktail ring, $9; fascinator, $15.

Sarah Jordan looks back and ahead on her career.
Story by Remy Sisk
Photos of Sarah Jordan by Danny Alexander
Styling by Miranda McDonald
Hair and Makeup by Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique
Clothing courtesy Sapphire on Spring Boutique and Strandz Salon & Threadz Boutique
Photos shot at Double Barrel, 147 E. Main St. in New Albany

If you’ve turned on your car radio at some point in the last decade, you’ve almost certainly heard the bubbly, vivacious voice of Sarah Jordan.

A true radio success story who has gone from intern to on-air personality to marketing director, Jordan has led a genuinely remarkable career, and her winning blend of superb talent and stunning personality makes her one of the community’s most revered public figures.

I first met Sarah when I was an intern at 99.7 DJX in 2011. As I began to work regularly with her, what always struck me most was her nonstop positive energy. She was always fully committed to helping me learn and gave me opportunities that I still credit as being highly impactful to my work today.

Strandz and Threadz lace dress, $49.99; fascinator, $19.95; butterfly clips, $3.50 each; gold necklace, $29.

Strandz and Threadz lace dress,
$49.99; fascinator, $19.95; butterfly
clips, $3.50 each; gold necklace, $29.

Personally, she always carried a contagious shine and lit up the room whenever she walked in. She and I would get overly emotional about reality TV contestants together and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the latest singles (and fashions) from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I learned so much from Sarah, and it’s no surprise to me that she’s risen to the heights that she has.

She’s been in radio for 12 years, and most listeners were first introduced to her when she was the night show host on DJX. When she became a mom, she transitioned to day shifts and worked mornings on 102.3, another of the five stations clustered under Alpha Media Louisville. Now, she’s the marketing director of all five brands, which include 99.7 DJX and 102.3 Jack FM as well as B96.5, Magic 101.3 and G105.1.

Sapphire on Spring blue dress, $86; fascinator $32.

Sapphire on Spring blue dress, $86; fascinator $32.

Jordan is keen to note that as she has gone from a wife to a first-time mother to now a mom of two, her career has simultaneously grown and developed. “When I was pregnant with my son, I was still doing nights on DJX, and I kept thinking that that was not going to work being a mom, and then I transitioned to doing a daytime shift and that worked better,” she remembers. “And so, as I’ve grown up as a mom, I do feel like my job has matured as I’ve matured – now in this level of management where I am with my two kids versus where I was when I just started having kids and was still a night show host on DJX.”

Regardless of her position, however, her passion for her industry has never faltered: “My favorite thing about radio,” she says, “is that it changes every single day. The landscape is constantly changing, mostly due to social media. Every day, we have to keep up with the latest technology, what’s trending on social media and what’s trending in the music world. So, every day is something different, and that’s my favorite thing about radio because just when you think you’ve figured it out, it changes the next day.”

Sapphire on Spring maxi skirt and crop top combo, $36; fascinator, $50.

Sapphire on Spring maxi skirt and crop top combo, $36; fascinator, $50.

Off the clock, Jordan spends as much time as she can with her husband as well as her two beautiful children. Currently, the crew resides in Jeffersonville and is actively building a house in Floyds Knobs. “Southern Indiana has always been my home – that’s where I grew up and where I went to high school and now my husband and I have lived here since 2009,” Jordan says. “We decided we wanted to raise our kids in the New Albany Floyd County school system, so we’re building back up in the Knobs now.”

Although Jordan is eminently ingrained in the culture of Louisville, she insists her love for Southern Indiana is strong and indeed emphasizes her appreciation for getting to split her time across the two states. “I like the small-town feel of Southern Indiana – I think it’s because I grew up there that it feels like home to me,” she enthuses. “I love Louisville, I work in Louisville and I probably spend more hours of my days in Louisville, but I like that I can cross the bridge and dance on both sides.”

Although Jordan is always busy – whether at work or at home – no time of the year is more demanding than Derby season, which is rapidly approaching.

Jordan has always relished Derby season and was actually a Derby princess in 2009. But this year, she’s going even further into the whirlwind by serving on the Kentucky Derby Festival board. Her work with the radio stations has her grooving around town already, and being on the board ensures it’ll be hard to find an event she won’t be attending.

But she’s up for the challenge and is sure to not only show up, but show up in style. “Obviously, I’m excited to figure out what to wear to the track because it’s always a task, but at the same time, one of my favorite things is pulling together hats and dresses and jewelry and evening gowns,” she maintains. “There is nothing like it.”

As far as her favorite event of Derby season, Jordan insists she can’t pick just one but does assert that one of the greatest experiences of the week is actually one of the less glamorous: “If you ever have the chance to be on the backside of Churchill Downs during Derby week, watching the sun rise between the Twin Spires and seeing those Derby horses practice for their big two minutes of fame – the sound of the hooves, it’s chilly, it’s damp, the sun’s rising, it is perfect.”

Although visiting the backside in the early morning may be a highlight, Jordan emphasizes that it’s more about the energy of the week than anything else, living through the hum of Derby week and embracing its nonstop excitement.

“When it’s Derby week, there’s a buzz in the city,” says Jordan. “I don’t care if you are walking down Fourth Street Live!, if you are you are at your house, if you hear airplanes flying in the sky or are you’re stepping on to the track. There is a certain energy that is around this entire city, and I think it’s because it knows it is being watched by the entire world for that one week.”