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A Jeffersonville Oasis

Story by Allison Jones | Photos by David Harrison Searching for the ideal place to call home can be daunting, but Nikki Coffman didn’t waver. “I wasn’t interested in a large house that would require a great deal of upkeep or extensive yard maintenance,” she said. A native of Southern Indiana, her roots were firmly…Read More


Triumph over Tragedy

Dawne Gee recounts her blessings after a stroke Story by Lynn Choate | Photos by Danny Alexander Who would have thought you could find blessings beyond measure after a stroke? Dawne Gee did. And in true triumph-over-tragedy fashion, she is recounting those blessings every chance she gets. Just before Thanksgiving last year, Gee, 54, suffered what could…Read More


Doing Derby SOIN Style | 2017

To the medley area that encompasses Kentuckiana, The Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest days of the year. It doesn’t matter if Seabiscuit is your All-Time favorite movie, or if you would really rather not deal with the traffic, there’s no avoiding the festivities and commotion once April hits and the road to Derby…Read More


Doing Derby

Model Kristen Kirsch (left) is wearing an Elan romper, $49; two chokers, $18 each; bead bracelet, $29; stone bracelet $22; gold stick with pink stone, $18; cork clutch, $59; and carrying a Betsey Johnson Cat’s Meow Purse, $78, all available at Sapphire Boutique, 326 Spring St. in Jeffersonville. Model Catherine Kung is in a Sugar…Read More


Future Doc?

Eva Bass is only 8 years old but don’t be surprised if she helps shape our future By Angie Fenton | Photos by David Harrison Eva Bass was 6 years old when she took an interest in the medical field. A serious interest. After watching episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” with her mom, Ysha, “She started asking me questions…Read More


Valentine’s Day

Former University of Louisville Basketball player Robbie Valentine talks about the hard facts and personal fouls he’s experienced off the court. By Steve Kaufman | Photos by David Harrison What could have been Robbie Valentine’s story gets played out hundreds – thousands? – of times every year. The product of a single-parent family – whether from…Read More


Bill Shannon: The Most Interested Man in the World?

by Grant Vance | Photos by Danny Alexander A priest and company walk into a bar. It’s a classic setup. To transcend cliché, let’s say it’s a pastor, painter, actor, spelunker, bird-watcher, philosopher and writer – in a coffee shop. The writer introduces himself, prompting and establishing the interview for these prolific characters. He asks his first question, anxiously avoiding excluding anyone…Read More


The Face of Hope

Story by Steve Kaufman | Photos by Danny Alexander John Bostock has brain cancer, so why does he feel like the luckiest man alive? Nobody should have to say “glioblastoma” without the words tripping awkwardly out of their mouths. It’s a tough, tongue-twisting word, made all the more twisting by what it represents. In the…Read More


B.YOU: Building a Better You

Story by Steve Kaufman  |  Photography by Steve Squall | Photography Assistance Provided By Shepherd Ahlers B.YOU her modern fitness boutique coming to New Albany, lifts people off the ground, literally and figuratively.  There always seems to be something new in the world of fitness, but B.YOU Her Modern Fitness Boutique is here to stay and…Read More



By Grant Vance | Photos by Tony Bennett Meet Edward “Duke” Roggenkamp Jr., a 95-yearold World War II veteran who is still standing, despite the dour reality: According to the Veteran’s Administration, World War II veterans are dying at a rate of approximately 492 a day. This means there are approximately only 855,070 veterans remaining of the 16 million who served…Read More