If You See A Robin In Your Yard Eating Cotton Candy – Don’t Shoot!

By Ray Lucas “Robins are special birds,” my grandma took great care to tell me one spring day as I wielded my new BB gun around the yard as a boy. “I really don’t want you shooting anything in my yard, and especially not a robin.” I had received a BB gun for Christmas the winter before,…Read More


The Paradox of Parenting in the Trump Era

By Farrah Alexander “Mom, do you like Donald Trunk?” my four-year-old son asked with a somber, quizzical expression. My son, with his limited knowledge of our nation’s current polarity, couldn’t have possibly understood what a loaded question this was. Although I’m pretty passionate about political issues, I tend to shield my children from civil discourse. At least…Read More


This is How I Roll | The Call to Crusade

By Grant Logsdon When I was nine years old, I wanted to volunteer to give back to my community.  I discussed with family where I could give back and we decided on The Crusade for Children. For those who don’t know, The Crusade for Children is a local charity developed in 1954 by WHAS TV….Read More


A Life in Progress | Sunday Morning Tech Lessons

LET ME BE CLEAR: I am not anti-technology. In fact, I’m an early adopter. I had a Mac in college when everyone still adored PCs. My first iPod had an actual wheel on it that you spun to find your music. As a kid, I had an Atari video game system that played only one game:…Read More


Hoosier Mama | In Parenting the Days are Long and the Years are Short

WHEN YOU BECOME A PARENT, you fall in love unlike any other time in your life. You meet your sweet baby and suddenly your entire world can be held in your arms and wears tiny diapers. The newborn smell intoxicates you. You could easily spend hours watching your child softly sleep, counting little toes and sneaking…Read More


This is How I Roll | Bumpy Roads Ahead: Enter Creatively

I am a strong advocate for accessibility. I believe this because accessibility, on a wide scale, helps everyone. Accessibility is an everyday problem, considering ultimate need for people to have accommodations. Sometimes you have to come up with unique and creative ways to get things done. Here’s a perfect example. Some friends and I went…Read More


This is How I Roll | Lessons Learned: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The best lessons I’ve learned in life are when I’ve been disappointed in someone or an unfavorable outcome. No one likes to be disappointed, but it does provide thought to issues and gives insight to situations. We all stress about memories of good or bad experiences, and this tends to shape our reaction in the…Read More


This is How I Roll | This is Why I Roll

By Grant Logsdon I’ve been so focused on what’s happening in the world, I never took a step back to explain my column title.  I chose This Is How I Roll because I roll through life in a wheelchair.  I know I’m in a wheelchair, but I don’t focus on the chair.  My wheels are…Read More


This is How I Roll | Staying positive in a Negative World

By Grant Logsdon It seems like more and more, with one terrible event after another, in our society it’s difficult to stay positive.  Whether it is financial hardships, the political climate or the stresses of raising children it is easy to fall into negativity.  Sometimes you have to take a long look at your personal…Read More


This Is How I Roll | Unity or Hate: The Ripple Effect

By Grant Logsdon The holidays are an important time to bring families and community together.  They are a time of peace and love for all mankind.  Although this is great, it would be wonderful if we had peace all year, instead of just during the holidays. We can change our world one person, one family…Read More