Extol Events Presents: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

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Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany   By Morgan Sprigler If you know me well, you know I love gifts. Gifts for any reason – especially thank-yous. But, when asked to create a business thank you gift for this month’s issue, I must admit I was a bit stumped. I knew I…Read More

Fitness Guru Rashna Carmicle of B.YOU Her Modern Fitness Boutique

The Business of Getting (or Staying) Fit

  By Angie Fenton We all know it’s important to take time for our health, exercise and eating right. There’s nothing new about that. But, what if we began to treat our bodies like we approach our jobs?   You wouldn’t miss an appointment with a client or your boss, right? Being late to an…Read More



Story and Photos by Eli Lucas Editor’s Note: Ray Lucas, our regular columnist, opted to give way to his son for this month’s A Life in Progress column. s a photography enthusiast, I love capturing images, but I feel it sometimes separates me from the moment. Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to Southern…Read More



By Morgan Sprigler I recently arrived back home from witnessing my baby brother marry his sweetheart and am feeling especially sentimental at the moment. Watching him smile ear to ear (literally, it looked a little painful) will be a vision etched in my mind and in my heart for a very long time. Because I…Read More


No Lamar, No Problem?

By Zach McCrite LIFE IS ALL ABOUT expectations. We all have expectations about certain aspects in our lives. Whether it be who we marry (shout-out to all the ladies and gents checking out this sportsy column in the midst of this wedding issue), how much money we make, how good we expect to be at…Read More


Money Matters | Help Protect Your Finances in a Natural Disaster

From blazing wildfires and floods to hurricanes and tornadoes, natural disasters make front-page news whenever and wherever they happen. Less headline-worthy are the financial repercussions that follow, which tens of thousands of people are dealing with right now. These types of tragedies are unavoidable — the most you can do is prepare to minimize the…Read More


Money Matters | Retirement Plans Can Be SIMPLE

Sponsored Post by Todd Harrett If you own a small business (or are self-employed), there are many retirement plan alternatives available to help you and your employees plan your financial future. One popular option for organizations such as sole proprietorship’s, partnerships, corporations, and non-profit organizations to consider is the SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for…Read More

Can’t beat a summer trip to the creek.


By Adam & Kristin Kleinert Summertime is almost here. We Kleinerts are anxious to close out the semester, and everyone in the household is looking forward to a few mornings of sleeping past 6 a.m. Sitting at the dinner table together recently, one of the kids mentioned how quickly the break seems to go. The…Read More


A Weight Loss Journey I’m Afraid to Share

MY NAME IS ZACH MCCRITE and I am an addict. I’m the same sort of addict as one you probably know or are related to or might even be yourself. I’m no different from the guy who can’t kick the crack habit or the gal who just can’t stop smoking or the one who bellies…Read More