Let It Snow

Made By Morgan Snow Frames are a special way to save your memories By Morgan Sprigler The most wonderful time of the year is here, and do you know what that means? An endless array of crafting possibilities! When I was strolling through Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop in New Albany last week, I…Read More


Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop vs. Shipley’s Tavern

And the winner is…everyone   By D. Todd Applegate Photos by Christian Watson The latest Extol food excursion took me to two iconic establishments in Madison that you simply must try: Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop and Shipley’s Tavern.   Of the two, Hinkle’s is more well known to outsiders, but both are well known to locals….Read More

The team from
Starlight Distillery
with Dana and
Ted Huber

Recap: A Bourbon on The River Experience

Harvest Homecoming 2018 may be in the rear view mirror, but now is the time to make plans for next year’s Bourbon on the River Story and Photos by Miranda McDonald Even though Harvest Homecoming is one of Southern Indiana’s most anticipated annual events, I have to admit that I’d never attended it before this year….Read More


Exhale: The Romeo Era Has Begun In Bloomington

By Zach McCrite Follow @BigEZ on Twitter   “I’ve long subscribed to the theory of ‘the lower the expectations, the happier you will be.’ ”   If we are fans of the same team – you and I – then, I am the fellow fan that you hate.   I am the fan that will…Read More

Building a goat stable this fall
was a family (and friends) affair.

FamFitter | December/January 2019

FamFitter By Adam & Kristin Kleinert It’s that time again. We feel compelled to close the year with a little reflection, and, this time, we decided to ask the family to give us some feedback. In an effort to keep it simple, we posed two questions to be answered by each member of our crew….Read More


Extol Events Presents: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

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Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany   By Morgan Sprigler If you know me well, you know I love gifts. Gifts for any reason – especially thank-yous. But, when asked to create a business thank you gift for this month’s issue, I must admit I was a bit stumped. I knew I…Read More

Fitness Guru Rashna Carmicle of B.YOU Her Modern Fitness Boutique

The Business of Getting (or Staying) Fit

  By Angie Fenton We all know it’s important to take time for our health, exercise and eating right. There’s nothing new about that. But, what if we began to treat our bodies like we approach our jobs?   You wouldn’t miss an appointment with a client or your boss, right? Being late to an…Read More



Story and Photos by Eli Lucas Editor’s Note: Ray Lucas, our regular columnist, opted to give way to his son for this month’s A Life in Progress column. s a photography enthusiast, I love capturing images, but I feel it sometimes separates me from the moment. Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to Southern…Read More



By Morgan Sprigler I recently arrived back home from witnessing my baby brother marry his sweetheart and am feeling especially sentimental at the moment. Watching him smile ear to ear (literally, it looked a little painful) will be a vision etched in my mind and in my heart for a very long time. Because I…Read More