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Money Matters | Are You Prepared to Handle a Personal Financial Crisis?

Michelle Floyd, CFP, Financial Consultant Are You Prepared to Handle a Personal Financial Crisis? Individuals who are married or in a committed relationship face the possibility they’ll end up managing finances alone at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the first time many experience handling complicated financial matters alone is during a personal crisis following…Read More


Money Matters | What to Expect as an Executor or Trustee

What to Expect as an Executor or Trustee Being asked to serve as an executor or a trustee for an estate is certainly an honor, but it’s also a considerable responsibility. And knowing and understanding those responsibilities can help you be prepared. Many people don’t realize what they are taking on and all the duties…Read More


A LETTER FROM JASON APPLEGATE: Candidate for Floyd County Commissioner

Sponsored Post: Since announcing my candidacy for Floyd County Commissioner, I have attended every County Commissioner’s meeting. I have gone to the County Council meetings (the county’s fiscal branch) and only missed one of those because I had a fundraiser I couldn’t reschedule. I also have attended Planning Commission and Zoning Appeals meetings as well…Read More


Ron Grooms: A Proven Leader

Sponsored Post During his tenure as our State Senator, Ron Grooms has worked with colleagues to pass truly balanced budgets, encourage economic growth, create jobs, increase education funding, promote better access to health services, combat the opioid crisis, and improve our infrastructure. Thanks to sound fiscal management by Ron and his fellow legislators, Indiana was recently…Read More


Elect Carrie Klaus to the New Albany Township Advisory Board

SPONSORED POST Carrie KLAUS is a local downtown business owner and resident, as well as the founder of SoINdivisible, an organization founded after the 2016 election to resist the Trump Agenda and promote progressive values. She is also a wife and mother of two. Carrie and her husband moved their family from the suburbs to…Read More


Money Matters | Debt Management Solutions

Michelle Floyd, CFP, Financial Consultant Debt Management Solutions Balancing debt repayment with investing goals takes some strategy and planning. Some consider investing as a first line of defense while paying down debt as a second. The debt dilemma The process for eliminating debt is anything but an easy-to-solve financial equation. Many people wonder if they…Read More


More than OK

More than OK On a cross country road trip, just wanting to get through the state of Oklahoma on a trip out west, we randomly pulled off the highway and into a state park to sleep. We had no expectations of the state and was in a hurry to get through it painlessly. Upon waking…Read More