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  1. Larry Deninson said, “hey, look at this magazine”
    I loved it! Congratulations and much success!!

    1. Thank you Jude, much appreciated. Larry’s great and we really appreciate all the support that Providence High has shown. In The Vision — Providence newsletter/magazine — there was a little write up on the few Providence folks that are involved with making Extol happen. Emily Grantz and JD Dotson write for us while Jason Applegate (me) is a managing partner and do advertising sales. So it’s nice hearing from you and for supporting Extol. Our next issue should be out around June 10th and it’s going to be a good one.

  2. I always enjoy your articles for the current events,culture and charity news– this last issues with a 1 year olds birthday party??? Really??? Remember FOCUS— just saying……

  3. I spoke to one of your photographers a month ago. He was taking drone footage of the demolition of Riverview Towers in New Albany. I got his card. I’ve lost it. Can you have him contact me? I own the office across the street. When I saw him filming the demolition, I told him that, since the end of October, when the wrecking crew first started, I had taken a 5 – 10 second video each day. I told him he could have them when the project was done. They scattered seed and spread straw today. I’d say they’re done. I calculate I’ve got 12 – 15 minutes of video. With a little editing, and 1.5X speed, I think you could have a very entertaining 5-minute time lapse chronicling the project, from 15-floors of concrete down to seeded earth. Interested?

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