On the Road with Dave and Whitney

By Stacy Thomas

Photos by Tony Bennett


Three minutes into a conversation with Dave and Whitney Campbell and I already know they are a good time and have good energy. I also know they are Nashville and Indiana’s newest and biggest little secret in country music, and the word is quickly getting out.

The fun-loving, dynamic duo describe themselves as “a vintage-modern road trip with traditional country accessories along for the ride.” And what a ride it has been. Without a record label or marketing team, Dave and Whitney embarked on their own radio promotion tour, which coincided with their summer show tour, by “popping in” to radio stations across the country, “Loretta Lynn style.” One by one, city by city they introduced their single “Alibi” from their July 2015 four-song EP release by the same name. The tune entered the Music Row Breakout Chart at no. 179 upon its release. As a result of Dave and Whitney’s persistence, “Alibi” continues to gain airplay and new listeners and fans across the nation.

Their hard work is also paying off in their personal lives. The partners in music and business are also partners in life. After a chance meeting in Florida through mutual friends, they hit it off and wed in 2013. Although they recently moved to Nashville, Dave and Whitney are Southern Indiana natives. He hails from Seymour, the land of John Mellencamp’s Little Pink Houses; she’s from Hanover. “We have really good water here (in Southern Indiana),” Whitney said. “I grew up with warm, God-loving people where the corn grows. Life was good.”

And it keeps getting better.

For the holidays, Dave and Whitney will release their rendition of “Old Toy Trains” as a special dedication to country music legend Glen Campbell, who recorded the song for his 1968 album The Christmas Feeling. “We had a lot of personal motives for recording this song,” said Dave. Like Glen Campbell, “My family has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. We have a genuine admiration and respect for the character and artistic talents of Mr. Campbell. This song is simply beautiful, and we dedicate this release to his work and the influence he has made on our lives and careers, and the lives of others as he battles saddening health issues.”

“Old Toy Trains” and “Alibi” are available on iTunes and other major digital retail outlets. Catch Dave and Whitney on tour in Louisville and Southern Indiana through January 9. For more information, venues and tour dates, visit daveandwhitney.com.


Dave and Whitney’s 5 Resolutions for the New Year

  1. Volunteering in our local community. “Since we just moved to Nashville and we are out on the road traveling so much, we have not had the chance to get involved in our community as much as we would like.”
  2. Smile more. “We used to go down the road holding up a sign that said, ‘SMILE!’ just to see what people would do. We got honks, waves and smiles, but we did not do that last year. This year, we are bringing back the smiling.”
  3. Learn to say no. “Often, we put a lot on our plates and burn the candle at both ends leaving us exhausted. We are grateful to be busy but learning to say ‘no’ might also be a benefit.”
  4. Schedule personal time. “Although we are together on the road 24/7, we are usually working away from home. Scheduling personal time while scheduling our meeting and shows is definitely one of our New Year’s resolutions.”
  5. Whitney: “I resolve to give up my tendency to straighten a crooked picture on the wall at a restaurant or a friend’s house!” David: “I resolve to do the laundry and the dishes on impulse!”

A Quick Q&A with Dave and Whitney

Where will you spend Christmas?

“This year, we will spend Christmas with our Indiana families. Last year, we were in Texas. Since the family is spread out now, we take turns for Thanksgiving and Christmas.”


Have you ever gone caroling door to door?

“Yes! We have both been caroling with our church groups growing up. This year we plan to go with our families.”


What do you love and loathe about being on the road?

“We love getting to see all the beauty God has made right here in the USA. On top of that, we get to see it together. As for loathe, we have to sacrifice family, friend and home time. But, we do gain a new family along the way; we are always meeting new people on the road.”


What advice would you give to youth and aspiring musicians on a career in music?

“Persistence is king! Never give up. … There is always someone waiting to move into your spot once you give up. Dream it and achieve it by being persistent and consistent. It takes lots of hard work with not much time off.”


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