Letter From The Editor

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of Extol Magazine – now a multimedia experience! In these digital pages, you’ll find the features you’ve come to expect from us, those that highlight the Southern Indiana people and places that deserve celebrating. But, you’ll find so much more. Since a majority of our print issue distribution locations are…Read More

Letter From the Editor

All good things must come to an end. That’s just one the realities of life. But a conclusion isn’t necessarily negative; it often simply means change. This issue marks Extol’s fifth anniversary, a milestone that couldn’t have been reached without the support of our advertising partners, readers, staff, businesses that carry our print publication and…Read More

Letter From The Editor | October/November 2019

When the Extol Magazine Team opted to make this edition our third annual Business Issue, we spent hours in a meeting debating what that means today. For some of us, the word “business” conjured up images of professionals in classic attire working for corporations and companies in cubicles and windowless offices still utilizing faxes and…Read More

Letter from the Editor | August/September 2019

I love my husband so much. It’s that “when I see him across a room talking to other people and watch how he makes others feel good and laugh, I am so proud he’s my partner and grateful that he makes me feel that good, too” kind of love.  On the other hand, I also…Read More

Letter from the Editor | June/July 2019

It has been a thrill watching The Juice Box Heroes evolve over the past several years. The Southern Indiana-based cover band now commands packed audiences that have numbered more than 5,000. Lead singer Dan Farmer is the focus of this issue’s cover story. His tale from how he went from cage fighter to frontman for…Read More

Letter from the Editor | April/May 2019

WHO’S READY FOR SPRING? This annual issue is always one of my favorites because of the excitement that’s palpable in the air. Derby, warm weather and the beckoning of new beginnings always seems to bring out the best in all of us. I am also excited about this edition because of the numerous Southern Indiana…Read More

Letter from the Editor | December/January 2019

By Angie Fenton INSTEAD OF FILLING our final issue of the year with suggestions for resolutions and steps to take in the New Year to create a better version of you – as so many publications do – the Extol Magazine Team wanted to deliver a bit of year-end inspiration and tales of redemption. Steve…Read More

Letter From The Editor

The Extol Team is excited to debut our 2nd annual Wedding Issue – but it’s so much more. Yes, you will find a number of pages dedicated to all things wedding, including a gorgeous fashion shoot shot at Hidden Hill Nursery in Utica by photographer Gretchen Bell with styling and creative direction from Miranda McDonald….Read More

Letter From the Editor | June/July 2018

By Angie Fenton    The Extol Team is thrilled to have Lydia Sprigler as the subject of our featured cover story. The winner of MESA’s Kid Baking Contest, Lydia wowed the judges with her sweet skills and will be the guest of honor at our launch party, which is 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. June…Read More