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Local charcuterie board company brings flavor to the table. IT’S A TREND that’s been sweeping both coasts and taking Instagram by storm: stunning charcuterie boards filled with premium cuts of meat like prosciutto and capocollo, hand rolled and surrounded by blueberry goat cheese, brie, hummus, multi-grain crackers, fresh grapes and chocolate-covered strawberries. Thanks to Board…Read More


The Business Issue Q and A

ANDREW PRESTON Preston Arts Center 222 6th St. Jeffersonville 3048 Bardstown Road Louisville prestonartscenter.com 812.946.5353 What motivates you? While there is no single motivation, the greatest I have is sharing. I see sharing as a great spark for contact with others, for the exchange of ideas, for showing that we care for each other and…Read More


Banking On Success

A new day at The New Washington State Bank with CEO Jessica Carroll at the helm By Laura Ross Photos by Zach Schansberg FARMER’S WIFE. MOM OF A TEEN. ACTIVE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER. OH, AND THE NEW WASHINGTON STATE BANK CEO. JESSICA CARROLL IS BUSY. “I’m everywhere these days,” laughed the CEO of New Washington State…Read More

Blue suit available at Dillard’s; blouse and metallic shoes available at Stella’s Resale.

Business 101 – Fashion Up and Forward

From casual to kempt – and everything in between – here’s what’s hot this autumn. Photography by Clay Cook Styling: Miranda McDonald Model: Alex Duke Hair and Makeup: Anastasia Gerdes Assistant: Emily Frye, Sean Reagan