February/March 2017

Future Doc?

Eva Bass is only 8 years old but don’t be surprised if she helps shape our future By Angie Fenton | Photos by David Harrison Eva Bass was 6 years old when she took an interest in the medical field. A serious interest. After watching episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” with her mom, Ysha, “She started asking me questions…Read More

Valentine’s Day

Former University of Louisville Basketball player Robbie Valentine talks about the hard facts and personal fouls he’s experienced off the court. By Steve Kaufman | Photos by David Harrison What could have been Robbie Valentine’s story gets played out hundreds – thousands? – of times every year. The product of a single-parent family – whether from…Read More

Bill Shannon: The Most Interested Man in the World?

by Grant Vance | Photos by Danny Alexander A priest and company walk into a bar. It’s a classic setup. To transcend cliché, let’s say it’s a pastor, painter, actor, spelunker, bird-watcher, philosopher and writer – in a coffee shop. The writer introduces himself, prompting and establishing the interview for these prolific characters. He asks his first question, anxiously avoiding excluding anyone…Read More