August/September 2017



Montgomery Farms in Scottsburg has turned a 150-year-old farm and barn into a wedding site in the middle of nature. Sunsets are preferred. Rainbows cost extra.  BY STEVE KAUFMAN | FAMILY PHOTO BY TRINA WHALIN  Imagine a 10-year-old girl and boy who first met in the pumpkin patch at Montgomery Farms playing hide and seek…Read More


Brittany Wright-Humphrey & Gary Humphrey • 6.17.17

Photography by Ashley Walts We were introduced by Todd Sharp, who thought we would be the perfect fit. We were engaged three days before Christmas. Gary kept taunting me with the presents under the tree because I kept begging him to just let me open one early. He finally gave in and I had to…Read More


Christi Lynne Crecelius & Halee Niccole Crecelius 7.7.17

Photography by Katie Babbage  Christi: We initially came to know of one another – embarrassing as it is –on Tinder. I had just moved back home from living out in Sacramento for five years. I transferred army units from Indiana to Vallejo, Ca., so I could travel and experience something different after living in a…Read More


Julia Danzl & Josh Williams 2.17.17

Photography by Joseph Abell  We met many years ago when I was in high school and Josh was a retreat leader for the Providence retreat program. We lost touch over the years and met again at a retreat retirement dinner for the long-time program leader. Our first date was the next week and we never…Read More

Mahmoud “Allam” Ahmed & Carrie Foster Ahmed 2.4.17

Photography by April Martin and various friends I was working at a restaurant and decided to stay after work one night for a cocktail or two. He was at the bar, not-so-discreetly eyeing me down. A bit later, after some liquid courage, I asked him to join me outside with my friends for some drinks….Read More



By MANDY DETWILER | PHOTOS BY HOLEIGH V PHOTOGRAPHY  When Jacquelyn Koerber first met Alex McClure, it was love at first sight – for him. So much so that the then 23-year-old concluded the 30-year-old woman he’d just met was his perfect match, got down on one knee and proposed. “I, of course, laughed him…Read More