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By Morgan Sprigler Hello Fellow Crafters! I hope you are happy and healthy! The uncertainties COVID-19 has brought to our lives brought a new set of challenges for all of us, regardless of your circumstances. I am in the stage of life where I am attempting to raise two well-rounded, well-mannered little girls. If you…Read More


Made by Morgan Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany By Morgan Sprigler …Another one opens and just like that it’s Spring, bringing us a promise of sunlight, crisp air and fresh beginnings. To welcome the new season, I’m sharing with you a kid-friendly craft that incorporates a little education, too, and started…Read More

TO HAVE & TO HOLD (AND THROW) (category)

Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany By Morgan Sprigler Wedding Season is upon us and the DIY options are endless. Crafting for a wedding not only helps cut down costs but adds a personal touch that won’t soon be forgotten. Can you picture yourself and your soon-to-be being showered in flowers as you exit your ceremony as husband and wife? If…Read More


Hats off to the best time of the year Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany By Morgan Sprigler Derby Season is upon us, yall! Now, I’m no BritniKnable from HeadCandi (if it’s even possible that you don’t know Britni, google her RIGHT NOW!). But, I have discovered that I am capable of…Read More

Let It Snow

Made By Morgan Snow Frames are a special way to save your memories By Morgan Sprigler The most wonderful time of the year is here, and do you know what that means? An endless array of crafting possibilities! When I was strolling through Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame Shop in New Albany last week, I…Read More


Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany   By Morgan Sprigler If you know me well, you know I love gifts. Gifts for any reason – especially thank-yous. But, when asked to create a business thank you gift for this month’s issue, I must admit I was a bit stumped. I knew I…Read More


By Morgan Sprigler I recently arrived back home from witnessing my baby brother marry his sweetheart and am feeling especially sentimental at the moment. Watching him smile ear to ear (literally, it looked a little painful) will be a vision etched in my mind and in my heart for a very long time. Because I…Read More


By Morgan Sprigler It’s finally summertime, Extol Readers! Warmer weather is here and our kids are out of school. You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the fact that you have become the sole source of entertainment for your kids (and with the second fact that they will need a bath every. single. night)….Read More

I Must Have Flowers

By Morgan Sprigler Always Umbrella Wreath Oh, hello spring readers! Raise your hand if this is your favorite time of year. I love all of the seasons for myriad reasons, but spring just feels so special. New beginnings, new blooms, fresh, clean air (insert deep yoga breath). When thinking of my DIY craft for this…Read More