Life in Progress


By Ray Lucas I love the opening scene to The Andy Griffith Show where Andy and his son Opie are walking to the fishing hole, cane poles in hand, while the narrator whistles the show’s theme song. It’s probably one of the most iconic father-son scenes in television. The Andy Griffith character stands out for how…Read More

If You See A Robin In Your Yard Eating Cotton Candy – Don’t Shoot!

By Ray Lucas “Robins are special birds,” my grandma took great care to tell me one spring day as I wielded my new BB gun around the yard as a boy. “I really don’t want you shooting anything in my yard, and especially not a robin.” I had received a BB gun for Christmas the winter before,…Read More

A Life in Progress | Sunday Morning Tech Lessons

LET ME BE CLEAR: I am not anti-technology. In fact, I’m an early adopter. I had a Mac in college when everyone still adored PCs. My first iPod had an actual wheel on it that you spun to find your music. As a kid, I had an Atari video game system that played only one game:…Read More