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Secondary Drowning

Many parents are unaware of the life-threatening danger. By Erika Janes, R.N., Injury Prevention Coordinator, Norton Children’s Prevention and Wellness Imagine you are at a pool party with your young child. Everyone seems to be having a good time and you are watching your child from the side of the pool. You turn your head…Read More

Triumph over Tragedy

Dawne Gee recounts her blessings after a stroke Story by Lynn Choate | Photos by Danny Alexander Who would have thought you could find blessings beyond measure after a stroke? Dawne Gee did. And in true triumph-over-tragedy fashion, she is recounting those blessings every chance she gets. Just before Thanksgiving last year, Gee, 54, suffered what could…Read More

Top 10 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Derby

 Derby week doesn’t have to mean rich food, booze, sunburns and dehydration. Here’s how to stay healthy through it all.  By Kathy Campbell | Norton Healthcare Nothing says overindulgence like the Derby. But it doesn’t have to be rich foods, booze, sunburns and dehydration. Here are 10 tips to enjoy Derby and come out healthy on the…Read More

Extol Sports Benchmark Mile Presented By Norton Sports Health

  Click to enlarge. For printable PDF, please click here. {To register now, please click and you will be taken to our event page at} Join Extol Sports for the Inaugural Benchmark Mile, presented by Norton Sports Health. Set your benchmark time and a resolution to beat it next year. All participants will receive a…Read More