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Secondary Drowning

Many parents are unaware of the life-threatening danger. By Erika Janes, R.N., Injury Prevention Coordinator, Norton Children’s Prevention and Wellness Imagine you are at a pool party with your young child. Everyone seems to be having a good time and you are watching your child from the side of the pool. You turn your head…Read More

Journey of a Pain Sufferer: Part Three

Since I first saw the pain management specialist, and changed my diet, the mysterious and unexpected jolts of pain have disappeared. So far. By Steve Kaufman Those searing pains that come out of nowhere, periodically disabling my shoulders or hands, elbows or knees, legs and feet – those have pretty much disappeared, thanks to Dr. Cassaro…Read More

Top 10 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Derby

 Derby week doesn’t have to mean rich food, booze, sunburns and dehydration. Here’s how to stay healthy through it all.  By Kathy Campbell | Norton Healthcare Nothing says overindulgence like the Derby. But it doesn’t have to be rich foods, booze, sunburns and dehydration. Here are 10 tips to enjoy Derby and come out healthy on the…Read More

Going Under The Needle – 32 To Be Exact

Extol’s Editor tried out Vivace at Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa and walked away a believer By Angie Fenton I turned 42 on Jan. 20, but well before that milestone, I’d already decided Botox and fillers weren’t for me. Yes, I have plenty of friends who love the results – and they do look amazing –…Read More

Journey of a Pain Sufferer | Part 3

Cut out sweets? Here’s why certain kinds of sugar aggravate your system. While others simply taste good. By Steve Kaufman In my previous update, I mentioned that Dr. Michael Cassaro of Painless Living is a strong advocate of less pain through smarter eating. “There are a lot of treatment interventions in medicine,” he said. “Surgery,…Read More

Journey of a Pain Sufferer: Part Two

Pain is not always a matter of who you are or what you do. Remember that old adage: You are what you eat. By Steve Kaufman In November, I began telling you about my journey with everyday pain, a journey that would take me to a pain medicine specialist. First, though, I brought the subject…Read More

Building A Dream

Photos by Tony Bennett Extol staffers JD DOTSON and ANGIE FENTON have decided to compete in the men’s and women’s physique categories of the Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships in October 2017. An avid runner, JD is already in good shape but will need to build muscle and control his sweet tooth. Angie, who gave birth…Read More

Journey of a Pain Sufferer: Part One

By Steve Kaufman I’m going to a medical specialist for my chronic aches and shooting jolts of pain. Will I get relief? Might you get relief, as well? I wake up every morning in pain. Whether it’s the familiar dull throb of my lower back, muscle pains in my calves and thighs, some sharp pain…Read More


Marc Salzman is a Louisville cosmetic surgeon whose life “transformations” go beyond pretty and vain. By Steve Kaufman | Photos by Antonio Pantoja Dr. Marc Salzman discovered early on in his career that one of the rewards of being a physician is saving lives, either through diagnosis or treatment or surgery. And he acknowledges that, in choosing…Read More