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Fiduciary Finesse

Weathering 2020 with Axiom Financial Strategies Group By Laura Ross In these times of uncertainty, rapidly changing job situations, and the COVID-19 health crisis, we find our lives changing almost daily. How do you possibly plan for your family’s financial future? It can be an overwhelming thought, and one you might shove on a shelf…Read More


Extol Events Presents: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

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Money Matters | Help Protect Your Finances in a Natural Disaster

From blazing wildfires and floods to hurricanes and tornadoes, natural disasters make front-page news whenever and wherever they happen. Less headline-worthy are the financial repercussions that follow, which tens of thousands of people are dealing with right now. These types of tragedies are unavoidable — the most you can do is prepare to minimize the…Read More

Money Matters | Retirement Plans Can Be SIMPLE

Sponsored Post by Todd Harrett If you own a small business (or are self-employed), there are many retirement plan alternatives available to help you and your employees plan your financial future. One popular option for organizations such as sole proprietorship’s, partnerships, corporations, and non-profit organizations to consider is the SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for…Read More


Money Matters | Are You Prepared to Handle a Personal Financial Crisis?

Michelle Floyd, CFP, Financial Consultant Are You Prepared to Handle a Personal Financial Crisis? Individuals who are married or in a committed relationship face the possibility they’ll end up managing finances alone at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the first time many experience handling complicated financial matters alone is during a personal crisis following…Read More


Money Matters | What to Expect as an Executor or Trustee

What to Expect as an Executor or Trustee Being asked to serve as an executor or a trustee for an estate is certainly an honor, but it’s also a considerable responsibility. And knowing and understanding those responsibilities can help you be prepared. Many people don’t realize what they are taking on and all the duties…Read More


Money Matters | Debt Management Solutions

Michelle Floyd, CFP, Financial Consultant Debt Management Solutions Balancing debt repayment with investing goals takes some strategy and planning. Some consider investing as a first line of defense while paying down debt as a second. The debt dilemma The process for eliminating debt is anything but an easy-to-solve financial equation. Many people wonder if they…Read More


Money Matters | Elder Financial Abuse: The Silent Crime

  Elder financial abuse has the potential to impact all of us on some level. Whether you are protecting a loved one from becoming a victim or actively taking precautions to protect your personal estate, fraud and exploitation is a risk that grows as people age. It is important for individuals to understand the magnitude…Read More


Money Matters | Is Divorce on the Horizon?

A divorce is obviously an emotionally charged time for you and your family. You’re juggling a lot of arrangements and financial details. Most divorce attorneys suggest thinking about how to divide your financial responsibilities as early as possible ‒ particularly if you have shared debt. Look at shared debt. With the help of a mediator…Read More


Money Matters | Think Strategically When Donating to Charity

Planning ahead for taxes may help increase your charitable giving’s impact. A variety of strategies are available for incorporating tax planning into charitable giving. Your particular situation will help determine which strategy, or strategies, may be right for you. Estate taxes are unlikely to be an issue Although your primary goal in charitable giving is…Read More