August/September 2016


by STACY THOMAS & photos by ANTONIO PANTOJA Spend five minutes with Todd Sharp, and you’ll walk away knowing exactly who he is and where he stands. “I’m an exacting coach,” said Sharp, head coach of the Floyd Central High School Dazzlers and University of Louisville Ladybirds, both national championship dance teams. “Some years are easier…Read More

Episode 1: Off The Page with Extol featuring Todd Sharp

What happens when you’re featured on the cover of a magazine and have no idea what people will say about you? Todd Sharp, the subject of Extol’s latest cover story, gets candid with us off the page. Trust us, you want to hear what he says.   There’s always more to the story. Find out more…Read More


BY NICHOLAS SIEGEL | COURTESY PHOTOS In today’s busy world, it’s easy to become hypnotized by the fast-paced conveniences of modern technology and forms of entertainment that are constantly changing. As technologies progress, however, live theatre continues to thrive. One of America’s oldest continually producing theatres, Clarksville Little Theatre, 301 East Montgomery Ave. in Clarksville,…Read More