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April 12 • Jeffersonville

Photos by Bailey Boyd

Sapphire Boutique held its inaugural pre-derby fashion show and party on their back patio at the 326 Spring Street location in historic downtown Jeffersonville. The head-turning affair thrilled guests with the latest in spring, summer and Derby fashions.



Hats off to the best time of the year

Creatively inspired by Ben Franklin Crafts in New Albany

By Morgan Sprigler

Derby Season is upon us, yall! Now, I’m no BritniKnable from HeadCandi (if it’s even possible that you don’t know Britni, google her RIGHT NOW!).

But, I have discovered that I am capable of making a hat out of a paper plate. My little girls throughly enjoyed participating in this craft, so this idea is super-kid-friendly.

I can see you creating these for your Derby house party, displayed on a table for your guests to wear for the day. I can also see this as a craft station set up for children and adults alike, if you plan on throwing a Derby themed event, or just something fun to do at home with your kiddos. Some of these items you may already have on hand, although I always get mine from Ben Franklin Crafts New Albany.


1. Paper plates or bowls (solid white and sturdy)
2. Ribbon, flowers, feathers, rhinestones, etc
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Scissors3940


Poke holes (carefully) using your scissors evenly at both sides of your plate. This is where you will string your ribbon through, eventually, that will hold the hat in place on top of your head.


Using your hot glue gun, attach ribbon around the perimeter of the plate. Once you have completed this step, you can decorate your “hat” any way you would like. Attach a flower or two, add feathers or really anything your heart42


Once you are happy with your design and all of your glue is dry, cut a long piece of matching ribbon. Take the end of the ribbon and string it through the top of one of the holes you created in step one and through the bottom of the other hole. Pull the ribbon through so that you have an even amount of excess on both sides. Approximately 10 inches.


Place the hat on your head ( I like how it looks if its tilted to one side) and tie underneath your chin. Now, you are Derby party ready!

Wishing everyone lots of luck this Derby season! Go Baby Go!43


I Must Have Flowers

2By Morgan Sprigler

Always Umbrella Wreath

Oh, hello spring readers!

Raise your hand if this is

your favorite time of year.

I love all of the seasons for

myriad reasons, but spring

just feels so special. New

beginnings, new blooms, fresh, clean air (insert

deep yoga breath).

When thinking of my DIY craft for this issue, I

knew it had to be all about flowers. Flowers are

the best part of spring, right?! But with flowers,

must come rain, and with rain must come flowers.

Either way, I am looking forward to afternoon

showers, shining sun and a blooming landscape

after the winter we have just endured.

This craft can be used as a wreath for your front

door or can be placed in a pot for a beautiful

welcome into your home!1


Artificial Flowers


Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Clear Acrylic High Gloss Coating



STEP ONE : Rain Drops

For my fellow hot-glue-gun-fanatics, you will

love this part. Using a heated glue gun, squeeze

small dots onto the heads of all of your artificial

flowers. There is no wrong or right way to place

your dots. Just go for it! Once all of your dots

have dried, pull all of the glue stings off of the

flower (this is important for Step 2). You can put

rain drops on your umbrella if you wish.3

STEP TWO: Make It Rain

In order to make your flowers really look wet,

let’s spray them with some clear high gloss

lacquer. I laid my flowers on an old sheet

outside and sprayed my little heart out. The

more layers you do, the more of a wet look you’ll

achieve. You can even spray your umbrella. Let

dry (about an hour in the sun).6

STEP THREE : Arrange

I found it very simple to arrange my flowers

while my umbrella was already in place (either

hanging on your door or stuck into a pot with

soil). If your umbrella has a tie around the center,

unbutton it to give you a larger “vase” to work

with. Using your scissors, clip off individual

flowers and begin to place. Try mixing up your

flowers (if you purchased several different

styles) versus keeping them grouped together.

Have fun with this! Take your time and let the

creativity flow. (By the way, I found my parasol

on Amazon, because I was able to find exactly

what I wanted. You want to choose an umbrella

with a hook and not a looped string.)4

STEP FOUR: Everything is

better with a bow

Snip off a long piece of ribbon and tie neatly

around your umbrella, holding everything

into place. If your umbrella has a strap, tuck

underneath your ribbon. You can secure your

ribbon to your umbrella with hot glue if you feel

the need.5


Bridezilla Be Gone


The term “bridezilla” has become almost as common as the monikers “bride-to-be” and “fiancé.” (FYI: Bridezilla refers to a bride who is extremely demanding and difficult to deal with during the wedding planning process.) 

We get it – planning a wedding is stressful. Here’s how to stop yourself from becoming the next scary creature (aka bridezilla) planning a walk down the aisle:

Eat a balanced diet and make time for exercise — every day. 

Most brides-to-be are overwhelmed with fitting into their dress that they may be starving themselves into a crazed state of mind. Our bodies need food, so eat the right kinds to keep your mind and body in good working order. A balanced meal plan fuels your body and gives you energy.

Exercise is a great form of stress reduction, especially activities that incorporate mindfulness, such as yoga. Make time for exercise and think of it as a little much-needed “me time” instead of another thing on your to-do list.

Check yourself and check-in with others. 

Phone a friend, message your mom or schedule an appointment with your therapist. Find someone to talk to during this exciting time in your life. Having a person to vent to will help you avoid being overwhelmed by emotions.

Elsa and Anna had the right idea with their iconic song lyrics from the Disney movie “Frozen.” Make your mantra “Let it go, let it go” when it comes to things you cannot control. The weather, nope, out of your hands; the color of the floral centerpieces, yes, that you can control. However, if they end up being two shades lighter than your favorite lavender, again, let it go.

Post-wedding blues are a possibility. 

Many brides report an emotional letdown days or weeks after their wedding. It took months, maybe even years, to plan and the day went by so quickly. Some of the signs to watch for in yourself or a loved one are boredom, sadness, lethargy, loneliness and isolation. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, know that it’s normal. Try these tips to turn the blues into wedded bliss:

• Talk with your new spouse about your favorite memories from the wedding.

• Invite your friends over to share photos and stories from your honeymoon.

• Write thank you notes to those who really stepped up to help you even when you didn’t think you needed it.

If the feelings start affecting your life, talk to a professional. Norton Women’s Mental Health Services can help. For more information, visit NortonHealthcare.com or call 502.629.1234.

This article was written by Jennifer Evans, M.D., system vice president of Women’s Services, Norton Healthcare. Dr. Evans has more than 25 years of medical and surgical experience in obstetrics and gynecology. 


Eventfully Yours with Christy and Laurie | Episode 8: Tips for (Wedding) Trips

Wedding trips, either for destination weddings or for the honeymoon, are blissfully made easy with Bliss Travel. In this edition of Eventfully Yours, Christy and Laurie sit down with Mark Bliss, owner of Bliss Travel, to talk tips and what a travel expert brings to the table. When planning the honeymoon or that special destination wedding, you will be intrigued on just how many things you can make easy by reaching out to a real, live person instead of searching online.

Podcast Sponsors: 

Located in beautiful, historic New Albany, Indiana, Eventful 203 is a truly unique Meeting and Wedding Planning Resource Center focused on creating a relaxed and inspired way of planning your events.


Laurie Hagg | laurie@eventful203.com | 502.905.3054 | www.eventful203.com


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Mark Bliss | Bliss Travel | 1614 East Spring Street, New Albany, IN 47150 | (812) 949 1611 | markblisstravel@gmail.com


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Reel Biz | Lavender Hill | Extol TV

Welcome to Lavender Hill– a rustic florist local staffed and decorated unlike any other. Located in historic downtown Jeffersonville on Spring St., Lavender Hill is a full-service floral and lifestyle shop. Reel Biz catches up with owner and principal designer Carolyn Minutillo to showcase what’s worth celebrating.


Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

359 Spring St.


Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy and Laurie | Talking Music and Tasting Wine

A successful wedding playlist is hard to pin down. Do you play party classics, l ike the Electric Slide? If you aren’t paranoid of adding a cliche touch, sure. No matter if you want a pop-y dance vibe or a smooth indy atmosphere, these question will haunt an aspiring bride and groom more then they’ll realize. Guests will have a number of expectations, not to mention attempts at pandering to more specific tastes.

That’s where A Class Act Dj services enter the mix, laying on a track to ease the anxious planning blues. Join us as we discuss these potentially perilous times– served with a side of your favorite River City wine.

Kristy, the socialite. Laurie, the expert. Together, we dish about all things event-related. From the current trends to the when, where and how to have it — along with whom to use.

Eventfully Yours with Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag is brought to you by Eventful 203 and presented by Extol Podcasting.


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Located in beautiful, historic New Albany, Indiana, Eventful 203 is a truly unique Meeting and Wedding Planning Resource Center focused on creating a relaxed and inspired way of planning your events.

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When you have one chance to get your event done right, you need A Class Act DJ’s. A Class Act DJ’s will work with you in planning your event and will help make sure everything goes smoothly. With music for all occasions and tastes, they tailor what they play to your audience. With a playlist dating from 1929 to the present, they have the variety to “Play What You Say” and with the experience of 100’s of events, they can help you make sure everything runs smoothly.

Whether you are planning a Wedding Reception, Party, Class Reunion or Corporate Event, A Class Act DJ’s has the experience to make sure that everything goes just as you dreamed it would.

All of us at A Class Act Dj’s look forward to helping you make your event a complete success. Feel free to use our contact page to send as us questions, request a quote or send us feedback.

Call us today! 812-941-9411 | www.aclassactdjs.com

“We’ll Play What You Say”

In the unlikely event that you need a song that we don’t have, we can give you a user name and password and you can upload it here so we will have it for your event.

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Now open 7 days a week

River City Winery was established in 2009, and is nestled in the Historic Baer Building located in Downtown New Albany, Indiana.

Owner, Gary Humphrey’s vision to restore the Baer Building and help revitalize downtown New Albany has been a success.  Today, the winery offers 24 varieties of wine.  From sweet, dry and unique seasonal wines, we produce the best quality wines for everyone. The winemaking area is located in the buildings basement, where all of the wine is produced and bottled.  In 2013, Gary purchased Eagle Crest Vineyard, which has 22 acres located in the Indiana Uplands American Vitaculture Area (AVA).  Currently, there are 4 acres designated to growing Traminette, Chambourcin,   LaCrescent & Vignole grapes. We do offer wine tastings and wine cellar tours.

In addition to our wine, to make your visit more enjoyable, we offer a full service restaurant with creative entreés and  One section of the menu is devoted to brick oven pizza.  Kids are welcome and we also have an outdoor patio that is pet friendly.

** River City Winery Franklin, Indiana Tasting room will be opening in the Fall of 2016.

 Keryn McKittrick Keller
Marketing / Special Events

River City Winery | 321 Pearl Street | New Albany, IN 47150
812.945.9463 | www.rivercitywinery.biz

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Eventfully Yours w/ Kristy and Laurie | The I Do’s and You Better Nots of Wedding Etiquette

Sallie Plass of Etiquette Enrichment politely discusses proper protocol with Kristy and Laurie.  Who chooses the color and length of dress for the Mother and Mother-in-Law? If you do not intend to invite someone to the wedding can you invite them to a shower?  Find out these answers and much much more on wedding etiquette.

Kristy, the socialite. Laurie, the expert. Together, we dish about all things event-related. From the current trends to the when, where and how to have it — along with whom to use.

Eventfully Yours with Kristy Miles-Pearson and Laurie Haag is brought to you by Eventful 203 and presented by Extol Podcasting.

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Located in beautiful, historic New Albany, Indiana, Eventful 203 is a truly unique Meeting and Wedding Planning Resource Center focused on creating a relaxed and inspired way of planning your events.

Laurie Hagglaurie@eventful203.com | 502.905.3054 | www.eventful203.com


About our Guest:


Sallie Plass has trained with Maria Everding, president and founder of The Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, MO. Sallie is certified to teach business and social etiquette. She can give group presentations, dining tutorials, individual consultations, as well as customized programs that meet the needs or desires of businesses, universities and professional organizations.

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Sallie Plass

Sallie Plass