Money Matters


Money Matters by Eric Ballenger | Five Money Tips for Your College-Aged Child

When his daughter was looking at colleges, Dan Prebish, Director of Life Event Services at Wells Fargo Advisors, approached things a little differently than many parents. He raised the issue of college finances while on college tours, asking tour guides questions such as, “How much do you budget for meals outside of the dorm?” and…Read More


Money Matters ‘the poll’ | Investing 101

Please watch the below video for answer and/or listen to our podcast below: MONEY MATTERS PODCAST (12 min 49 sec., Podcast goes into more detail about why and how) Investing 101 PDF (written reference provided by Wells Fargo Advisors) If you would like more information regarding investments or tips information like the ones, please contact…Read More


Money Matters: The Podcast | Episode 3: Invest Early and Compounding

A Money Matter’s duo,  Eric Ballenger, Senior Vice President – Investments and Michael Grau, CFP®, RICP®, Vice President – Investment, start with the basics, Investing 101.  Its the moment when you realize that you must invest early, but why?  They explain how compounding works and how easy it is to set it and forget it. Invest…Read More


Money Matters with Vaughan Scott | Social Responsibility Can Pay Dividends in Many Ways

By Vaughan Scott Typically when we consider “Money Matters” we think about saving for retirement, saving for college, or other goals that we have set for ourselves or for our families.  However, more and more, we are having conversations with clients about how and what they want to do to “give back”.  And, we are…Read More


Money Matters by Michelle Floyd | Pay Yourself First

Fund Your IRA with Your Tax Refund While most of us don’t intend to short change our retirement savings, competing priorities and unexpected expenditures can often get in the way of consistent retirement saving. An easy way to help fund your IRA is to have your tax refund deposited directly into your IRA. Because this…Read More


Money Matters: the Podcast | Episode 2: The Year End

A Money Matter’s Trio, Vaughan Scott, MBA, CPWA® Managing Director, Eric Ballenger, Senior Vice President – Investments and Michael Grau, CFP®, RICP®, Vice President – Investment, comes to the table and discusses the end of 2016, what the new President may or may not cause, along with a local look-in. Money Matters: The Podcast is sponsored by Axiom Financial…Read More


Money Matters by Vaughan Scott | Patents and Trademarks and Secrets, Oh My!

Intellectual capital is one form of capital that must be evaluated, developed, and protected by businesses. As advisors to entrepreneurs and family businesses, my team and I include intellectual capital in our “next chapter planning.”  Intellectual capital is property that results from original creative thought, such as patents, copyright material and trademarks. But this type…Read More


Money Matters by Eric Ballenger | Considering Alternative Investments

  It’s no secret that the events and market volatility of the past few years continue to leave many individuals concerned about their investment portfolios. Despite what has proven to be a substantial market recovery, memories of the 2008-2009 market crisis and a number of ongoing global economic issues have prompted investors to seek investment…Read More


Money Matters: The Podcast | Episode 1: Eyes on the Horizon

In this inaugural episode of Money Matters: The Podcast, Vaughan Scott, MBA, CPWA® Managing Director – Investment Officer Axiom Financial Strategies Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, discusses Wells Fargo’s 2016 midyear outlook report “Eyes on the Horizon” with Extol’s Jason Applegate. Additionally, Vaughan also shares insight into Brexit and whether or not the next president of the…Read More


Money Matters by Vaughan Scott | People Power – Investing in Human Capital

As I talk with business owners around the region and across the country about the challenges they face today, workforce development ranks at the very top of the list consistently.  While it is tempting to throw one’s hands up and accept it as a “new normal”, several entrepreneurs and family businesses have long recognized the…Read More