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Welcome Home | Sweet Stuff

The Mint Julep by Murphy Homes Wins BDASI Home Expo’s People’s Choice Award BY ANGIE FENTON PHOTOS BY CIRCA PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY CIRCA Professional Photography, which is based out of Jeffersonville, specializes in architectural and wedding photography. Learn more at circaimage.com, porchlightpics.com or by calling 502.552.9143. And the winner is… We’ll get to that in a…Read More


50 Faces of Harvest Homecoming

There’s so much to love about the New Albany festival PHOTOGRAPHED & COMPILED BY JENNIFER MCNELLY, REMY SISK, JOSE APONTE AND ANGIE FENTON In honor of Harvest Homecoming’s 50th anniversary, the Extol Team hit the streets and asked 50 community members what they think makes the New Albany festival so special and why it continues…Read More


Celebrating Harvest Homecoming’s 50th Anniversary | Harvest of Gold

Compiled by Angie Fenton  Historical photos courtesy Stuart B. Wrege Indiana History Room | New Albany-Floyd County Public Library  Photo of Harvest Homecoming mural created by Wilfred Sieg III was taken by Tony Bennett  Photo of the Harvest Homecoming queens provided by Tyler Zoller Photography  ON THE NIGHT of Oct. 10, 1967, the community of…Read More