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Get Out This Spring

By Farrah Alexander As a Southern Indiana local, you know describing this area as “the sunny side” is little more than a cute tourism slogan. If it’s sunny, you better get out and take advantage because the next day very well could be rainy, frigid, swampy hot or just so intensely pollinated you can’t bear…Read More


I’m Embracing Flawed Motherhood and Rejecting Pinterest-Perfection

By Farrah Alexander IF YOU BROWSE the most popular pins on Pinterest, you’ll see a wide variety of things to do, how to look, how to live, how to parent, how to love and if you even attempt to do half of these things, I feel quite certain you will lose your blessed mind. Do…Read More


Give Back This Holiday Season

By Farrah Alexander  AS I’VE EXPLAINED to my two small children, different households celebrate different holidays during winter. Many households welcome Christmas and our home welcomes Hanukkah. I grew up in a house that celebrated Christmas, but as I became an adult I found myself on the path to Judaism. Because I don’t come from…Read More


The Paradox of Parenting in the Trump Era

By Farrah Alexander “Mom, do you like Donald Trunk?” my four-year-old son asked with a somber, quizzical expression. My son, with his limited knowledge of our nation’s current polarity, couldn’t have possibly understood what a loaded question this was. Although I’m pretty passionate about political issues, I tend to shield my children from civil discourse. At least…Read More


Hoosier Mama | In Parenting the Days are Long and the Years are Short

WHEN YOU BECOME A PARENT, you fall in love unlike any other time in your life. You meet your sweet baby and suddenly your entire world can be held in your arms and wears tiny diapers. The newborn smell intoxicates you. You could easily spend hours watching your child softly sleep, counting little toes and sneaking…Read More


The Personal is Political

By Farrah Alexander NO MATTER WHICH SIDE of the political fence you stand on, most would agree this election season has been divisive, heated and downright ugly. Across the country, we have had many awkward holiday dinners, mass unfriending sprees on Facebook, genuine friendships have become strained and the overall political climate in our country is…Read More


HOOSIER MAMA | Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

By Farrah Alexander Four years ago, I was a brand-new mom taking my brand-new son out of the house solo for the first time. I was still recovering from an intense labor and delivery and the newfound state of extreme exhaustion I never knew existed. My husband returned to his demanding routine of balancing grad school,…Read More


Hoosier Mama | Fall is Fabulous in Southern Indiana

By Farrah Alexander As soon as we flip our calendars to October and there’s a slight crispness in the air, people around Southern Indiana happily pull their Ugg boots over their leggings, anxiously wait in line at Heine Brothers for their pumpkin spice lattes and finally break out their coziest sweaters. It doesn’t matter if it’s…Read More