A Life in Progress


A Race for the Ages

By Ray Lucas As I grow older, I frequently have a reoccurring conversation about feeling like I’m at least 10 years younger than my actual age indicates. Whenever this topic of age comes up, it appears this is a common experience, as others agree they feel the same way. It seems most of us are…Read More


How Thomas Jefferson and King Kong Led to the End of My Child’s Innocence

By Ray Lucas  THIS SUMMER, my 5-year-old son peed on the president’s barn. We were on vacation and had stopped for the day at Monticello, the home of President Thomas Jefferson. While touring the historic Virginian plantation, we stepped into the presidential stable where my wife and I read about what an avid horse rider…Read More


Living Dangerously in the Shadow of the Lewis and Clark Bridge

By Ray Lucas LIKE MANY IN SOUTHERN INDIANA, I crossed the new Lewis and Clark Bridge shortly after it opened last month. I have always been a Lewis and Clark Expedition geek, and I think naming the bridge after these historic explorers was a fitting tribute to their connection with our area. Unlike the bridge travelers…Read More


A LIFE IN PROGRESS | A Fair and Balanced View of My Facebook

By Ray Lucas I have a co-worker who recently commented on a series of Facebook photos I have posted during the past year. “My wife and I were just talking about how your family takes all of these family trips to cool places.” He went on, “You guys are always doing something fun – I look forward…Read More



By Ray Lucas I HAVE READ scientific studies showing that some of the most stressful events in a person’s life include moving to a new home, a relationship break up and starting a new job to name a few. These stress scientists obviously never had multiple children all getting ready for school in the mornings,…Read More


A LIFE IN PROGRESS | A Shiny Red Midlife Crisis

By Ray Lucas Apparently, I have been in the middle of a midlife crisis and didn’t even know it. Who knew? I’m new at these things and honestly have never been overly self-aware. I got the first hint of this crisis from co-workers talking about my new auto purchase – a red Jeep Wrangler. After…Read More