An Unexpected Look Inside Culbertson Mansion

The Culbertson Trifecta

Finishing the Culbertson Trifecta

By Stacy Thomas Editor’s Note: Last month, we featured a piece on the William Culbertson Mansion in New Albany. As our writer Stacy Thomas researched, she learned that there are two other mansions that also bear the Culbertson name. Here are some interesting facts about the other Culbertson mansions – which, with Culbertson Mansion itself, comprise…Read More


An Unexpected Look Inside Culbertson Mansion

By Stacy Thomas | Photographs by Tony Bennett If you have driven down Main Street in New Albany, I am sure you have seen the grandest of mansions – towering over 50 feet – with its warm, buttery pumpkin hue. The sign out front reads, “A Masterpiece of Victorian Artistry,” but I doubt you noticed….Read More